Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 17th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 17th April 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 17th April 2013 Written Update

Mohan driving looking for Megha. Mohan sees a taxi on the road and thinks it is the one Megha is in. He overtakes it to find that it is another taxi.

Megha tries to make her call from her phone but it does not work. She asks for Munna;s phone but he refuses saying he only has incoming. Megha asks him to stop at the next PCO. She spots a PCO and asks him to stop. Munna doesn’t stop and she asks why he did not stop. Munna tells her that this car won’t stop anywhere. Munna says you wanted to meet your son in Jhansi right so this car will stop there only.

Navi tries to call Megha but the phone rings. Aarti asks Navi to check with Beera. Navi says I don’t trust Beera as I am sure Beera himself gave the courier to Megha. Beera

comes there and Navi accuses him of trying to save Dada. Beera says he is not trying to save anyone. Beera says Dada is my family. Navi says Addu is my brother and the one who went after him is my mother and if something happens to them because of your family then I won’t remain silent. Beera says he leaving the house. Beera packs his bags and is about to leave when Renu stops him. Jiji asks Beera if what Navi is saying is true. Beera doesn’t say anything and takes blessings from Jiji. Renu tries to stop him but he leaves anyway. Navi says she thinks Megha is in some trouble and she is going to Jhansi.

Beera is walking on road and Navi’s accusations reverberate in his ears. Beera in all these days I have started understanding Navi at least a little bit. There is a man shouting asking people to board a bus to Jhansi. Beera boards the bus. Navi comes running and gets on the bus. She gets a ticket for Jhansi. She walks to her seat only to find that she is sitting next to Beera. Both are shocked to see the other. Beera curses his fate. NAvi accuses him of following her. Beera says I left the house first. Beera says I am going to Jhansi to prove that my Dada is innocent. Navi says we’ll see.

Megha asks Munna what he wants and asks him to stop his car. Munna asks her to stop shouting as the car would not stop. Munna’s car runs into a barricade and Megha takes the opportunity to run out. Munna revers the car and starts following her. Mohan’s car comes and intercepts Munna’s car. Mohan shouts at Megha’s name and she stops running. Mohan comes out of the car and runs to Megha. MM hug and Munna watches this in anger. Mohan asks Megha if she is ok. Megha tries to point towards Munna’s car but finds that it is gone. Mohan says he ran away. Mohan takes Megha to his car.

Navi gets a call from Mohan and she is about to pick when she notices Beera. Beera says if she wants privacy then he will open the window so that she can jump out Navi picks up the call and it is Megha. Navi is relieved to hear her voice and asks to stay with Spiderman and not to leave him. Megha agrees. Beera asks Navi why she did not tell Megha that she too is going to Jhansi. Navi says Spiderman would have sent me back. She asks why he is so interested. Beera asks her to open her eyes only then she will see clearly. Navi says she is seeing everything with absolute clarity. Navi has FB of Beera.

Megha says she doesn’t know what happened. She says she came to ask for help but looking at Addu’s letter I lost my patience. Mohan says it is ok and asks her to remember Addu wrote that letter 12 years back. Mohan asks about the Taxi guy. Megha says the guy kept calling me “mai” and kept asking a lot of questions about Addu. Megha says he did not want to stop the car and she wonders if he is following them. Mohan assures her that all will be well. Munna is shown following MM.

Precap: MM in a dhabba. Mohan tries to feed Megha but she takes the roti into her hand and eats it. Munna arrives at the dhabba in the rain and watches MM.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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