Suvreen Guggal 11th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 11th June 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 11th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts off with Yuvraj ringing the bell outside Suvreen flat.. Suvreen is in Maddys flat she is worried she says what shall I do now? If Yuvraj sees me in Maddy house it won’t take him long to turn from Yuvraj Singh to Hulk shes says what shall I do? We see Yuvraj still standing outside with roses in his hand he says khulja sim sim then he says Topper are you still angry with me? Open the door he then says beautiful girls like you shouldn’t be angry or else you will get frown marks on your face that too permanent ones… Suvreen sees the window open she says I have no other way now desperate situation desperate measures…

Yuvraj is outside still and says mein jantha hoon mein ghadha hoon, galthi bhi saari meri thi, idiot hoon mein idiot (loudly) please open the door I’m sorry topper please.. we see Suvreen jumping from the window.. she comes to her flat she has a scratch mark on her arm she says how will I explain this mark now.. she says I have to tell another lie now then to cover up that another 100 lies… Yuvraj keh andar keh loverboy ko abhi jhagnah tha 24 hours keh baad… she goes to open the door.. outside Yuvraj is banging the door he says Topper don’t come I will wait here all night for you from today this is my permanent address all my pizzas will be delivered here as well… open the door topper… he lies his head on the door..Suvreen opens the door and he falls on her.. (Yuvreen eye lock) Yuvreen both laugh

Suvreen says you came to say sorry and in that to problem Yuvraj says not sorry big sorry Suvreen says are you forgetting something? Yuvraj says no I have my phone, my wallet, I haven’t forgotten anything Suvreen gets upset and walks away.. Yuvraj goes after her and kneels down presents her roses and says I’m sorry Topper, sorry you had to be embarrassed because of me, sorry I punched your boss, sorry I’m a idiot, sorry I overreacted, sorry I carved mines and your name on your front door with my key. Sorry mein ghada hoon. Suvreen says one minute what did you do with the key? Yuvraj says I was standing outside for ages so what was I supposed to do had to do something.. Suvreen pinches his ear and says promise me no more punching and no more writing names on the doors… Yuvraj says Promise Promise… Yuvraj says I promise I will behave maturely and I promise I won’t overreact… both Yuvreen smile at each other… Yuvraj then says now take the flowers my knees are hurting… Suvreen takes the flowers she says you are weird first you bring me such a nice dress, you didn’t come to pick me up and then in the party we were at different corners and then when we met it was high voltage drama, how long will all this go on?

Yuvraj says Topper there has been a big misunderstanding because of this I overreacted so much, I met Soni today the misunderstanding cleared, you were thinking I had brought you the dress but I didn’t.. Suvreen says what? So who brought the dress… Yuvraj says Maddy brought it.. Suvreen says I’m so sorry I thought you had brought the dress, I didn’t know Maddy had brought it… Yuvraj says no more sorry now everything is cleared now so why should we waste time in discussing it… Yuvraj gives Suvreen a mobile phone he says this is the gift that I had brought for you.. Suvreen says that was broken.. Yuvraj says I replaced it.. Suvreen says thank you I really needed this.. Yuvraj opens his arm and says aur iski Suvreen hugs him (Yuvreen Hug too cute) both Yuvreen say sorry to one another.

Yuvraj says Soni is a true friend she is doing a lot for us… Suvreen says what is Soni doing she isn’t even home.. Yuvraj says ghar minus Soni is equals to privacy he pulls Suvreen to the sofa and Suvreen says candle light dinner Yuvraj says where do you want to go? Suvreen says Kitchen to make food.. Yuvraj says why? Topper but she doesn’t listen and goes to kitchen Yuvraj looks around the house and he finds a candle and take it to the kitchen and lights up the candle.. Yuvraj says candle light dinner most important job he has done you make the dinner… Suvreen says Soni hasn’t brought any groceries again noodles today she noodles tomoto herbs is it ok.. Yuvraj says I like india food but anything that has been made by you.. Suvreen says noodles are form Kolkata .. Suvreen gets the pot and Yuvraj cuts the noodle packet both Yuvreen make dinner…Yuvraj cuts the onions… both Yuvreen have food fight with noodles and they mess up the whole kitchen…then both come in the living room and mess it all up..both have pillow fight throw cushions around.. Yuvraj swings Suvreen around… both Yuvreen lying on the floor and are laughing.. Yuvraj says how come there is a scratch mark on your arm… Suvreen says I don’t know, she then says noodles are all finished will you have orange juice… Yuvraj says no shall I order Pasta… Suvreen says yeah order Pasta I will clean the room or else Soni wont trust me.. Yuvraj pulls Suvreen to him… Suvreen says Soni will never take me seriously I tell her everyday clean the room anyways cleanliness is equal to.. Yuvraj interrupts and says Impossible Suvreen says what impossible she gets up… Yuvraj says always cleaning up take some time out for him as well he kisses her hand Yuvreen background tune plays in the background both Yuvreen look at each other lovingly.

Just then the doorbell rings Suvreen says Soni has come then she says Soni has key who is it? Did you order pasta yet? Yuvi says no not yet… Suvreen gets up to open the door and Yuvraj says he will order the Pasta… Suvreen opens the door it’s Samar he says Suvreen Guggal both Samar and Yuvraj give angry look at each other.. Samar then says Guggalji you are forgetting something my house keys… Suvreen is shocked Samar then says why are you so hassled my house keys are with you right.. Suvreen says to herself why does this happen to me? Samar then says Kanthabai leaves my house keys with you.. Suvreen nods and goes to get the keys… Samar says thank you so much and leaves.

Yuvraj looks at Suvreen seriously and says from tomorrow you will change your maid… Suvreen is shocked and upset.. Yuvraj laughs and says I was joking you can keep Maddys keys, or his maid everything is ok no one can every come between us no one (agree with you Yuvi Yuvreen forever) he then says this interruption was brought to you by bai he laughs Suvreen says this doesn’t even qualify to be a joke… both Yuvreen laugh… Suvreen goes she will go and make something… Yuvraj says I’m ordering it then he says she’s going to clean up for sure.
The next day we see Suvreen she leaves breakfast on table for Soni she says I’m going to be late Soni comes home finally she is very upset… Suvreen says you are here finally why did you come so late you should of called me.. I’m going now make sure you eat breakfast I’m getting late bye we will talk when I’m back

Now we see Mama Guggal she says how come there is more money in the bank account Suvi mere bacha has sent money she then says how will I hide this from you Papa.
We see Iris Jolly is giving instruction to Geeti Vikram and Rohan regarding some wedding in Udaipur where they will be designing for it… Geeti looks at Vikram seriously she isn’t very happy.. Jolly tells everyone to get to work.

We see Suvreen and Alisha talking to RC regarding the designs… RC is very happy with the designs and information Suvreen has chosen he says very nice and all the information you got on Madhura is correct very impressive.. Suvreen says thank you sir she is very happy Alisha says Sir I have attended many award functions we should design new glamour collection for Madhura.. RC says whatever other people do we shouldn’t do that on a red carpet it’s the celebrity personality that works and it’s the designer’s job to enhance it for an example Aishwariya Rai gown would look out of place on Vidya Balan and Vidya Balan Sari will look boring on Kareena… Suvreen says Madhura Naik is a bold actress so she isn’t stereotypical so I think carefree glamour is the word for.. Alisha says sir I have done my research new fashion is butterfly work and flower work.. RC says thats right as a designer either your follow trend Suvreen interrupts and says Trend set karna. RC says Correct.. Suvreen is very happy and Alisha is angry.

Precap- Soni tells Suvreen Jatin cheated.. both Suvreen and Soni get drunk

Update Credit to: Anam

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