Do Dil Ek Jaan 11th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 11th June 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 11th June 2013 Written Update

1st part was about antara and her familly shifting to their mama’s house…Ishan was continuously asking why did they came hear!!No one was eable to answer him.he was all confused.The goons came toward Raghu were actually non other than his friends.

Heartouching conversation between Mother and Daughter (Geeta and Antara)..!!Ishan came to Antara and asked her about his cricket bat!! Antara told him to wait till morning but he was becoming stubborn…so antara gave him the bat…he was so happy and excited that he went outside…Antara didn’t noticed him to go..!! Ishan eventually landed on garage where raghu was present with his two frnds..!!

On the other hand Antara became worried after not finding ishan and she searched for him everywhere at last he found Ishan in garage…she scolded Ishan for coming there…she was about to sweep up from that place but her shoe lace got stucked in some vehicle part and she was unable to get free on her own…raghu was coming towards her and she was worried/scared.

-Episode Ends

Precap: Precap was so sizzling…!!Raghu was at Antara’s room’s window to return Ishan’s bat!!and again another eyelock..

Update Credit to: FlamingDesire

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