Suvreen Guggal 10th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 10th September 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 10th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts of with RC telling Rohan to order some fabrics… RC says whats going on in the office… Rohan says Ira is doing meetign with the vendors RC says Ira will do the best deal… RC wants to talk to Ira but she has left the office after hte meeting has been done… RC says to himself Ira knew that he wanted to talk to her but she left like that wihtout saying anything RC is stressed… RC says Ira is avoiding him he needs to talk to her to sort things out.

RC throws newspaper at Suvreen and asks her to explain what is this? Suvi admits to RC she was designing for Magic as Pepper she tells RC she needed the money she has family problems and she has to return RC money too… RC says to Suvi to make a choice either Iris or Pepper… RC says your fired!!! Suvi says no sir no… it was all a dream… RC comes and asks Suvi why she is in the paper… who is this Pepper? Suvi point out the girl with a wig is Pepper she points at Soni who was wearing the wig that day…RC says how he didnt see Suvi at the pub that day Suvi says she went to pick her cousins then she went with Yuvraj to see the board Suvi says its a veyr big thing for her she is very thrilled and happy. RC says Yuvraj has a bright future ahead of him.. he then says Suvreen why are you standing there? Suvi says she went to meet the band then she dont know what happened RC says he was asking becuase he wants to meet Pepper he likes her sense of designing… Suvi says she has to make an important call RC leaves.

Suvreen point of view she says why is RC sir so interested in pepper why did I say Soni is pepper.. Suvi says RC sir wont understand her even if he does Ira Mama wont I dont to get fired.. I just want to pay RC sir 50,000 rupees that he had given for Papa bail… Suvi then says if I give all this money to RC sir he will say where did all this money come from?… she says this Pepper chapter is causing a lot of trouble for her.

Ira complains about the Mumbai roads its so much traffic.. Ira cant get on time to the meeting… she remembers RC flashback… Ira rings RC she tells him she had to leave becuase of the meeting… Ira says she needs to talk to RC… RC invites Ira for breakfast she agrees… RC is happy that Ira is going to talk to him… he then says if Ira had stopped talking to him god knows what would happened.. RC then says he doesnt want to lose Ira.

Suvi is talking to Yuvi and Soni telling them what happen in office…Suvi says she will end this Pepper chapter and tell the truth to RC … Soni says to Suvi not to do this RC just mentioned that he wants to meet Pepper he didnt say he wants you to fix an appointment.. Suvi says the way he was talking it looked like it she the says she doesn’t want to hurt RC feelings.. Yuvraj says its about time Suvreen leaves Iris.

Suvi says what? Yuvraj says her own label is very popular so she doesnt need to work in Iris… Suvi says she doesnt want to leave Iris its becuase of Iris she has all the resourcers to do Peppers work…she says she loves Iris its not only a brand for her Iris recongnised her work gave her opportunity she doesnt want anyone to point at her loyalty… she wont leave Iris… Suvi says RC likes Peppers work… Soni says if your mentor is saying that you should be happy and continue the work.. Suvi says Peppers workload will increase and it will be difficult to manage both… Soni says why dont you make someone Pepper and make her meet RC.. Yuvi says good idea and by this you wont have to think about what RC feels about you Yuvi then says Pepper… Suvi says she doesnt want to lie to RC it will hurt his feelings after when he finds out… Soni says she will be Pepper and meet RC,.. Yuvi says RC has already seen Soni at the party.. Soni says so her phone was in page 3 and RC thinks she is Pepper… Suvi says no this is serious she needs to close Pepper chaper before all complications increase… Suvi then says do you think Pepper label will be sucessful? Suvi says I have to lie to RC.. Yuvi says to forget about RC and relax… Suvi says she has to go Preeti isnt in office what if someone rings on Pepper line… she runs to the office… Suvi says I thought Yuvi and Soni will understand but they dont I have to get out of this Pepper situation.

Geeti Sister rings Pepper and says she wants Pepper to design her sisters enagement outfit in 24 hours as its her sister enagement on the weekend… she says she will pay extra charges… Suvi says sorry she wont be able to design the dress.. Geeti sis says take my number and ask Pepper… Suvi takes down the number.. Suvi is shocked about Geeti enagement that she hasnt told anyone yet.
We see Samar talking on the phone to Karan Kundra he says to him where is he? he needs to meet him.. just then Karan comes to Samar car… Samar says how did you get to my car.. Karan says his taxi was near so he came… Karan says there is scientific solution for everything there is no supernatural thing… Samar says you’re still the same still giving lectures he then says to Karan how come you are going to the US? Karan says he got scholorship for music course… he tells Samar to come for party with all the gang Samar says he has work then Karan says when hes back then they will go to party.

Precap- Suvi sees Geeti taking drugs from some guy

Update Credit to: Anam

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