Crazy Stupid Ishq 10th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 10th September 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 10th September 2013 Written Update

The story begins with the Police Officer 1 saying if Punnu is conscious now and Anu replies not yet and that they were just taking him to the bathroom, then Police leaves saying that he’ll come later to check on. Then they all decide to leave Punnu into the room and they try to sneak out, but the Police catches them. But they make an excuse saying that they needed Punnu’s medicines but the Police sends them back into the room again. When they return back into the room, Punnu’s body has been lost. The police comes to check on Punnu and later, both Ayaan and Anu decides to tell them the truth that Punnu has been dead and now they can’t even find their body.

They everything all the truth to the Police, and both tries to say that they killed them. But surprisingly, Punnu comes from back and all are shocked to see him alive. Everybody becomes confused that what’s happening, then Ishaan comes telling everyone that we just made you all April fool. Then Police again starts asking Punnu what happened the other night, and he tells this long story that he had ordered so many food items and had been drunk and then don’t know what happened. Then Police leaves thinking they are all crazy.

They finally reached their offices and are all fine now. In the office, Ayaan talks like a boss to all that from today till two next weeks we have to only work on our Album launching, he divides the work to all. They also have a Ganesh Chaturthi pooja Later, Ishaan and Shanaaya again discusses their plan on how to not get Anu and Ayaan together. They begin their plan.

First, shanaaya has to go to Ayaan’s office and nobody should know about this. But while she’s going their Mannu distracts her and starts flirting with her. But the plan had to continue so instead, Ishaan decides to go to Ayaan’s office instead her, but yet here as well, Punnu jee stops him. And he asks where he is going to, and Ishaan makes up an excuse and starts talking non sense about Punnu’s marriage. Then Punnu forces Ishaan to show him those girls that Ishaan was talking about for Punnu’s marriage.

Then finally, Shanaaya reaches Ayaan’s office and she tries to mess up with Ayaan’s computer, while she’s trying to do that, she hears Anu come in, so she quickly hides under the desk and is surprised to see his computer on and him being somewhere else.

PRECAP: Shanaaya says to Ayaan that if Anu loves you then she would feel jealous seeing you with someone else right and Ayaan says yes, then Shanaaya says that but if she doesn’t feel anything when you’re with some one else, then obviously something is missing.

Update Credit to: SapnokiRani

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