Suvreen Guggal 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 10th June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Suvreen and Soni. Suvi says wake up to Soni but she doesn’t care what Suvi says.. Suvreen takes Sonis finger and puts it into hot coffee. Soni screams and gets up.! She says are you mad?? Suvi laughs.and then they are drinking coffee. Soni looks at the clock and asks are you ready before the time?? Soni looks shocked. Suvi says yes coz today is a special day. She says that she will design for a star. Suvi wants to tell this to Yuvraj too. Soni takes the phone and wants to call yuvraj but Suvreen takes the phone and says that she doesn’t want to talk to him till he says sorry and realize what he did. Soni asks you really don’t want to talk with him? Suvi answeres if he says sorry then I’ll talk to him.! then Suvi says that she will be late so she goes.. and

then Soni takes the phone and calls Yuvraj.

In the office. Rehan gets angry at Ira. They are talking about Jolly. And then Jolly comes. Jolly says that he doesn’t want to work with him’ and then he goes.
Suvreen looks at Alisha, she is talking on the phone. And then Alisha comes, she asks are you researching for Madhura? Suvi says yes. She says nice shoes..
Soni and Yuvraj are sitting in a coffee. Soni asks him whats ur problem? Why are you angry?? She weared ur gift, you must be happy. Yuvraj thinks: oh.. the dress! (he thinks that she doesn’t know that it was a gift from Samar)

Jolly throws all the clothes. He looks very angry he says: how are the dresses’. And then Ira comes. Jolly says: howz this design?? I don’t like them.!
Yuvraj says thank you to Soni. She asks why? He says thank you coz you have made me realize that I’m a very bad bad boy..! Yuvraj starts laughing.. Soni asks what happened? Yuvi says that Suvi was thinking that he has gift the dress for her. Soni asks you didn’t gift the dress to her?? And then she says: it’s maddy’s gift?? So that’s why you punched him! She laughs too. He says one thing was good, I’m punched him!! Soni says that she will explain it to Suvi.. Yuvraj stops her and says that he made her angry so he can make her happy again. please don’T tell anything to Topper.
Back to Jolly and Ira. She touches his face and says do you remember? when we were kids you have looked after me. Ira wants to make him happy again. Jolly laughs. And then after a while Jolly agrees to work with them. Ira hugs him and goes. Jolly talks with himself: I know you love rehan but I won’t let it happen. I won’t let the Iris company to be Rehan and Ira’s, the company IRIS will be mine and Ira’s company!

Geeti asks to Rohan: Is this design nice or this? Vikram asks Suvreen: Howz the design for Madhura going?? Suvreen looks at Alisha.. she is doing something on her iTab. Suvi thinks: She is chilling on her iTab.. we are in the same team, why is she doing alone? Alisha looks at Suvreen and smiles.. And then Pritty comes she says good news.!! She has blue cards on her hand. It’s the salary. They get happy. Suvi opens it.. the card falls down. She gets very happy.. she hugs pretty. And then pretty goes gives the cards to everybody but not Rohan. He asks where is my card? She says that she could have forgot his card on the desk, he should take his card. And then he goes. Suvi calls pretty and asks is everything ok? Pritty says that everything is ok and then she says that she has to talk to RC and then she goes.. while she goes rohan says thanks but she doesn’t care! Suvreen talks to herself: I got my first Salary.. I can send moneys to my parents.. they would be proud of me. Andt hen she calls her mom.

In Delhi. The phone rings. Suvi says that she will make surprise and she says that she should not tell to puppa and then she hangs up. Mumma gets confused. Puppa comes and asks who was it? She says that it was suvi. He asks is everything ok? She says: Suvi told that she will make a surprise.. he gets confused. And then he goes..

In the office. Suvreen goes online to the bank. And then she wanna go but Alisha asks where are you going? We have a lot of work to do.. how can you go now?? Suvi says that she send the designs to RC already.. (Alisha’s face is too funny.. ) and then suvreen goes.. she smiles.!! suvreen thinks: Today is the perfect day.! I got my first salary. I send money to mumma and puppa online.! And Alisha wanted to make chopsey on me but I made her chopsey.. YAYY..!! It’s not perfect now.. it will be perfect when yuvraj realizes his mistake.. then it will be a perfect day!

Suvi goes to her house.. she is searching for her keys but she can’t find it. She forgot her keys at home and then she calls Soni.. but Soni is not at home.! While Suvi punches the door Samar comes. He says I didn’t know that you are liking to punch anyone like your boyfriend.. he asks why are you standing outside of the house?? Suvi says that she forgot her keys and Soni is not there.. Samar says that she can stay at his house.. he says that he goes out so she can stay there. Suvi says no but he throws the keys of his house and says nice catch again! And then he goes.. suvi goes to his house. She goes inside of his house.. he has a lot of HD’s. Suvi says that his house is really nice.. after a while she sees some pics of some kids. And then her phone rings.. it’s Yuvraj. Yuvi asks where are you? She says I’m at home why? He says open the door.. I wanna talk to you. She gets tensed. Yuvi has roses on his hand and thinks: Everything will be fine topper. Please open the door. Suvi is on tension.

Episode ends!

Precap: Suvi goes to the door and sees Yuvraj standing outside of her house. Suvi says what can I doo.. she looks really tensed. Yuvraj is still knocking on the door.

Update Credit to: nazomel

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