The Buddy Project 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 10th June 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 10th June 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Kiya on her bed with a book trying hard to think what is Piddi good at
Kiya calls the camera: it cant be possible he isn’t good at anything, there must be something, do you remember what he used to do at school
Kiya goes to fb of school when once Piddi made a rap of Banga and all the students cheering for him
Kiya calls the camera: that was funny
Kiya again goes to fb when once Piddi made a rap for her
Kiya calls the camera: Rapping is a talent, she can make Piddi rap in the music video, infact she can make his rapping an integral part of the music video
At Panchi’s house JJ consoles her saying its okay but Panchi says its not okay she is scared of the shadows of the rejections which she faced in her life in the past, JJ explains to her she doesn’t need to be scared of the shadows as where there is shadow there is light too

Panchi still a nervous wreck tells him she doesn’t know all that but right now she is hell scared, JJ asks her to tell him what is she exactly scared of, Panchi tells him that she feels when she goes to stage tomorrow she will be blank and she might forget her whole speech and if she does manage to say something she will say everything rubbish, Panchi goes on that she might not be able to sing and people might mock her as she’s over-weight, Panchi tensed asks JJ why did he select her as JJ watches her
JJ asks her if she’s done or does she have anymore fears, Panchi frustrated replies nothing and runs away to her room as JJ and her mom calls after her
JJ tells Panchi’s mom that she will be fine he will talk to her, Mom nods still tensed

Shubh drinks the class of milkshake and tells KD it was good and says to him first milkshake and then chocolate, he asks KD what is the matter, or is he planning to make him lie to Baba again, KD tells him to sit and says that his web designing business has started off well, the client he has right now is going to refer him to two other clients, and then he will buy a new video game for Shubh, Shubh exclaims happily
KD tells him but he has to promise him something, he should keep this as a secret, Shubh agrees to keep it as a secret and asks for another gift from KD, KD asks what, Shubh tells him that he is going to watch tv after 10 tonite and asks him to not tell about it to Baba, KD thinks for a while and replies ok and Shubh hugs and kisses KD in excitement, KD gets him off and says like this he doesn’t need to say anything as Baba will find out himself, KD then hugs and kisses him back and tells him to leave

KD goes to his cupboard and takes out the money he collected to give to RV, he tells himself he will soon return all the money to RV and forget his past and he hopes even Kiya forgets the past
Omi’s Chillar boys brings some sleepy boys to the room where Omi is sitting on the bed with his kurta’s lying on the bed, Omi looks at the sleepy boys who get scared and immediately start dancing and singing, Omi calls them ‘Anarkalio’ and tells them to stop dancing as he didn’t call them for that, they asks him why did he call then, Omi says he wanted their opinion
All of them look at him stunned, Omi asks they will give their opinion right they all reply yes, he then straightens out the kurta’s and asks which colour will suit on him, one of his chamcha says that’s the only small matter, Omi hits him and says it isn’t a small matter but its because of the college reputation as he is going to be a supporter from their college for the Vista contest
The chamcha argues that only last year Omi said that all this clothing fashion dhakkan’s do they don’t need to do all that they just need to show their talent, Omi looks at him and syas he will explain he asks them all to sit and starts off with a poem, he ends it saying both the years are different, the boys asks what is different this year
Omi thinks what is different and goes to his Panchi dreamland

On the other hand Panchi is crying in her room, JJ comes and tells her to stop being a crying baby, he takes one of her pillows and tells her to think of it as her first fear, he sits beside her and asks her if this pillow is looking at her with big red eyes and is her biggest fear what will she do with it, Panchi looks at him confused
JJ tells her if he was in her place he would have punched it until its utterly destroyed, JJ tells her that is what she needs to do tomorrow, she needs to look for her fear, face it and then bravely perform and make her fear loose, Panchi shakes her head, JJ still tells her he knows she can do it
JJ then asks her to try it right now, he puts the pillow in front of her and tells her its her fear and its scaring her what will she do, he keeps instigating her until she finally starts punching it and rip it all off crying out

JJ watches her and tells her well done, he tells her she is ready for her contest tomorrow as it doesn’t seem like her fear will accompany her and even if it comes back then she should show her fear how she deals with it, JJ was about to leave when Panchi calls him and hugs him
Avi is busy deciding on his jacket, Avantika notices from behind and watches smiling, Avi turns to see her and asks her where was she as he wanted to talk to her about so many things, Avantika eyes the things on his bed, Avi asks her what, she takes the stuff and says lucky jacket lucky watch lucky socks she is sure whatever he is wearing inside is also lucky
Avi gives her a warning look, she laughs and asks what is the occasion as he wants so much of luck, Avi says their college is in the Vista contest and its very important for their college for Panchi to win this contest, Avantika sarcastically exclaims ‘really’ and asks him when did he started loving the college so much, Avi replies he always did

Avi then says he had to say something, he tells her he cracked hi good samaritian task and all with her help and her tip, Avantika exclaims happily, Avi asks her to tell now where did she go so late at night, Avantika comes up with an excuse that she went to have some fresh air and tries to change the topic but Avi asks her to not to avoid his questions
Avantika hesitates and says there is something, Avi shouts out he knew there was something, Avantika tells him everything is at the initial stage and nothing is concrete and when it is she will tell him, Avi gives her the looks and she tells him not to give those tough looks, she tells him she will tell him for sure and hugs him while messaging someone
Avantika calls JJ as he leaves Panchi’s house, she asks him if the student problem is solved, JJ replies he thinks so, they get out of words and then Avantika says that she had a good time at the club, JJ says he enjoyed too and that is why he wants to meet her face to face, Avantika says they almost met but np she will decide the next time they will meet and she will also decide the place, JJ asks when, Avantika tells him to be patient and says when he is not going to expect at all then

JJ to the camera: what a randomness queen, she didn’t even say bye, but she is quite crazy
Panchi in her room gets a best of luck message from Avi
Panchi to the camera: she has to face another fear of hers tomorrow, she cant hide it anymore, she has to tell Avi and Omi that they both were helping her for the contest
Panchi thinks about their fights
Panchi to the camera: Atmost what will happen they will just fight, that’s it

Panchi imagination of what might happen: Avi comes to the dressing room and asks Panchi if she is al set, Panchi says yeah and thanks Avi for helping her out in the Q&A round for the contest and if he wouldn’t have been there it wouldn’t have been possible, Omi hears it all and claps and says she has also turned out to be like the Dhakkans, Panchi tries to talk to Omi, but he asks her to see if the knife she stabbed at his back is broken or what, Avi shouts out who is he calling a backstabber, Omi pushes him off and says he is talking to her, he asks Panchi why did she lie when he taught her hindi and helped her with it and also took her as a friend, Panchi asks him to let her explain everything and give her a chance, Avi stops her and asks Omi he trained her, Omi says yes he did and if he talks another time then he will surely put him under a train, they were about to fight when Panchi stops them and tells them that they both helped him in this contest, Omi tells her he never thought she would do something like this and tells her he broke his trust and leaves, Avi tells her he agrees with Omi for the first time, she doesn’t deserve his friendship and he leaves from there

Panchi to the camera: if she tells them the truth she will loose both of their friendship
Panchi again goes into fb of their fights
Panchi to the camera: She wont lie anymore, this is betrayal, she will tell the truth to both of them

Precap: RV irritated says he doesn’t want to read all this, Rukmini shouts off why would he want to read it as mother laguages are read by uneducated people only and he is a master so he would want to read and speak English only, RV blasts off that he knows his hindi is bad which he can correct but she will take ages to learn her English pronunciations, he shouts out she thinks only she ca take out people’s mistakes, Rukmini screams him to shut up, RV shouts back to her to shut up and get out

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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