The Survivors (raglak and swaron) Chapter 23

Hey ppl. I am back with 23rd chapter. Sorry for not replying to your comments. Thanks Ammu for your wishes. This part will contain flashback and raglak.

Flashback Precap : sun rays melt everything on Earth’s surface. Swayam and Sharon are saved by chance. Allied with Lakshya, Ragini, Mishty, Ishan, Jake and Gia. They reach a building via underground tunnels. Sharon’s leg injured.

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Chapter 23
Swayam and Lakshya were shocked to find the remaining hikers missing .
Lakshya: maybe they wentook in direction of flames to help us. Afterall we really took a couple of hours.
Swayam gave him an approving node. Both began looking for others, shouting their names. They yelled till they weneed hoarse. Swayam was filled with pain tiredness and sleep but he kept searching as he knew Lakshya too felt the same.

After some time
Swayam: I think we are searching in wrong place.
Lakshya: and how do you explain that?
Swayam: well if the others saw flames they would run away from it and not towards it to say hello you death.
Lakshya: from my experience with Ragini, she is definitely not the personly who would be scared of death and show back like cowards and not savery her companions.
Swayam: but you need to remember that she isn’t alone. She has the responsibility of Sharon and two civilians (kartik and naira).
Lakshya : so what you wanna prove?
Lakshya knew the answer but wanted to test his student. How much he had gained by staying with him for one year.
Swayam: as our plan was to go towards the headquarters, I believe that Ragini led the group there knowing that if we remain alive, we will reach there.
Lakshya : OK let’s go towardsthe headquarters. We don’t have maps but I know the direction.
They two started walking towards the unknown.

It had been a month for the group that took refuge in building. Sharon’s leg was healing but the marks of burns were still visible. The general round of introduction was over and the group came to know that Jake and Gia were engaged and their marriage was fixed two weeks after it. Lakshya, Ragini and sometimes Swayam used to go to other floors to take food stuff and other necessities. That day Ragini and Lakshya went on top floor to search. Ragini opened the window as the room in which they were was conjusted. As she did so she caughtthe attention of a man and woman on motorboat. The duo went to find others,only to find that the others were discovered too. Due to water level, the building floor was just a few feet away from the boat. The man took out two knives and threw one of them towards Gia. She would have been stabbed in stomach but Jake shelled her,sacrificing his life.
Man: don’t think I have just one knife left. There are many weapons in store. Now the talk of business. By the look of you, I say u have a stackey of food up there. Now if you want your lives you be safeeling thanhandover all the food stuff. You can keep some for yourself. (Pointing towards raglak) you two. You will come down with all the food otherwise see dead bodies of you other friends. Lakshya looked at Ragini. Their eyes connected. Both knew what was going in each other’s mind and nodded.
Precap : more raglak. More present.

So this was the episode. I know this much raglak is less but there will bexplain more in coming episode ?comment all the silent readers. It is the medium of knowing how good my ff is.

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