The Survivors (raglak and swaron) Chapter 22

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Chapter 22
“We are attacked”, hearing these words , the mob stopped beating Swayam and Lakshaya. Everything was blank for the two. Swayam could feel just pain in his body . Even at this painful situation some questions popped into Swayam’s mind. Attacked by whom? Why this statement attracted everyone’s attention?
As an answer to these questions, the manew who got this information spoke,” We are attacked by the insanes. ”

The two prisoners understood that the group of infected had attacked. Own there would be fight among two groups consitting of brain dead members which can be very dangerous. Lakshya looked at his friend and gave the look confirming the plan. Before the mob could get over the shocking state, the two were on their feet. They took out two burning logs from the bonfire and using it as weapon to scare the mob, ran away in the direction which they hoped would gunderstand them to other members of the group.

By now the battle had started and the nightsky was covered with screams and smoke from fire. From the corner of his eye, Swayam witnessed many horrific ways of death. They two boys kept near the fire which had now spread in the forest to avoid becoming the target of the infected. Swayam was just following lakshya who had the sense of where they were going, and had a hard time keeping up with him. Their bodies had become extremely warm due to heat of fire.
At last they reached a place away from the ‘battle ground ‘ ad where fire would take some time to reach. Swayam collapsed due to mixture of tiredness , pain and heat while Lakshaya sat on the ground. After the two boys’ breath was normal they looked around themselves.
Swayam: do you have anyou idea how mUchida we have to walk to reach them?
Lakshya frowned at him.

Lakshya : we are at that place only.
A waveven of familiarness crept over Swayam. This was the place where he had left Sharon. But there was no sign of her, Ragini or even kartik ando Naira.
Precap : searchino others. Separation track started.

Author’s note: sorry for a short update but my exams are going on and I am writing in between them. So please do comment.

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