“When something new starts in one side. Then there’ll be an end on the other side”.

Bela has a perfect life and a relationship (that’s what she thinks). When her best friend advised her to take a break from her relationship and concentrate on her carreer. She was in two minds whether to focus on her relationship or to take a break and concentrate on her career. She chose what her heart says and decided to do a film.
The very next day she was reading scripts and she got selected for 2 movies. One movie in Telugu and another one is a bilingual in both Telugu and Tamil. When the director and producer announced about their movie and heroine to the media. Most of the channels and newspapers had got a new topic to increase their TRP.
When Sid saw one newspaper which had the heading as “Has Sid’s rumoured girlfriend put an end to their one year relationship and decided to concentrate on her career against her boyfriend, is this an announcement of their break up or they parting ways?” He was fuming in anger. Even though both Bela and Sid had never announced their relationship in public they was always surrounded by cameras and their so called personal life is not so personal and people knows that their famous stars are indeed in a relationship and some of them wants Bela and Sid to get married and start a family.
When Bela returned back to her flat, she was surprised. Because her always busy boyfriend Sid canceled his shoot and was waiting for her in their place and she knows it’s not a good sign because he had no time for her. Even before Bela went to change her dress he blocked her before her room and started his questions.
Sid: Bela, I don’t believe what the media talks about. But I do believe my manager. He told me that you’ve signed two new films. Is that true? Or a lie? Tell me the truth. I don’t have enough time to talk about these shitty things.
Bela: Seriously? Sid, when you had time for me? You always take me for granted. Do I look a toy to you? Why you even wanna know what I’m doing ? If I did something in personal life I’m responsible for your questions but what I did now is my professional life and I’m not answerable to you for that. Got it?
Sid: Oh! Like that. Since when you had the courage to talk against your boyfriend?
Bela: Ok. Let me put this straight. Even, I heard about your closeness with that kannada heroine what’s her name? oh Pooja?
Sid: Oh! Just cut the crap the Bela. If you wanna do the movie then no problem for afterall you will earn more money. But, just remember don’t give all the money to your organization. Cause my parents will never accept that. And one more thing “No kissing and hugging” don’t say the script demanded crap. Cause, I know about the branded heroes.
Bela: I’ve no time to think about your parents. Infact, I don’t even wanna see your face for one month. I’m going abroad for the shooting. Also, We’ll never stag together hereafter. It seems as if I’m the only one who wanna stay in this relationship not you. So, I’ve decided to take a break from this abusive relationship. Ok Bye.
(Saying this Bela leaves their flat even before hearing Sid’s reply)
Sid: (After Bela leaves) Go Bela. Where will you disappear from me. You can’t escape from me.
A guy is standing in the balcony of his luxurious apartment. But, he’s quiet angry because his ex girlfriend is shouting at him from the other side of the phone.
Karishma: Inspite of all the warning and my emotional blackmail, you went on a date with that b*t*h? How could you Mahir? Can’t you see I’m angry on you for putting an end to our 6 months relationship. And you’ve already started dating with some random b*t*hes? Where’s your moral and virtues have gone now?
Mahir: Let me tell you one thing. We are no longer in a relationship and on top of that what should I do? Run behind you? I’m not your mom’s puppy. (Saying this Mahir disconnected the call and blocked his ex girlfriend’s number)
Mahir: Oh god! Why you always wanna test me. I just want a good girl with golden heart. I can’t bear any more nameless relationships. I just want to fall in love with a woman and marry her. Anyways, I’m getting late for the shoot. I’m must rush in this traffic. wonderful.
So, what do you think about Bela and Sid’s relationship?
Is Sid’s way of treating Bela is good?
Are they any faults on Bela’s side?
Do you think Bela is lacking in decision making? Taking a break from her abusive boyfriend is a right decision of Bela? what do you guys think about the episode?
Whom you guys want as Mahir’s ex girlfriend? Karishma Tanna? or someone?
Guys, do express your views.
Do you have any doubts regarding Bela or Mahir. Comment below.
Thank you. Have a great day! Criticism is accepted but not bashing.

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