Siddhi Vinayak 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Shankar doubtful of Rudra’s involvement in the drug case

Siddhi Vinayak 28th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prachi is crying in her room thinking about her ill fate. I got a husband who just has a surname Kundra and nothing else. I thought I will become the Heroine of Bhojpuri Cinema but he wont let me! She is clicking a selfie of herself when she finds the video in which Rajvir was blackmailing someone. I will see how he will refuse to do the film with me now!

Next morning, everyone is at the dining table. Siddhi notices Rudra looking for something and asks him about it. He says my bracelet is missing. She asks him if it is the same bracelet that he came back here to find. It was the last memento of your childhood right? He nods. I never parted with it! She shows it to him. He wonders where she found it. Does she know that I went to her room? Siddhi says it might have fallen down when you came in my room. Rudra nods. I came to meet Vin. It might have fallen that time only. She says Vinu told me that you were with Vinu last night. He instead asks her questions. I take it off whenever I go for a bath. You might have come to my room at that time. She says I dint come to your room. I found it in my room. He keeps saying the same thing back to her. I came here in this house because of this bracelet only. This is my identity. I will neither say nor hear any jokes related to it! He walks away in a huff.

Inspector checks the bail papers and releases Manjari. Vin is still thinking as to who wants to trap Ma and why. Manjari hugs Shankar and cries. Shankar says don’t know who kept those packets in your bag. Manjari is sure it is Siddhi. I cannot take her name though or she will spill the beans. They all head home.

Vin is on call and demands to find out who did this to Ma. Siddhi comes there with an aarti thaal to welcome Manjari home. Manjari is angry with her for rubbing salt to her wounds. Shankar notices Rudra standing there and goes to him. Where were you when police came here? He replies that he was waiting in the restaurant where Ma had decided to meet me. Manjari seconds him. Shankar says when you were going together then why dint he go with you. Why did he leave early?

Manjari asks Shankar what he means. Rudra says he feels I am the one who put drugs in Ma’s bag. Shankar says I dint mean that. Rudra does not buy it. You may think that I was in jail since childhood and it would be easy for me to access drugs and stuff like that. I would like to remind you that every member of your family has spent some time in jail. You all pray to Bappa but follow Shri Krishna ji when it comes to jail. Vin tells him not to say all that but Rudra says why does he (Shankar) always points fingers at me. Why he always taunts me and no one else? He walks away angrily. Manjari is all the more angry with Siddhi as Rudra also taunted / scolded her in front of everyone. Siddhi notices her angry stare and thinks why she was looking at her like that.

Shankar is upset with Rudra’s behaviour but Manjari is sure a son cannot do something like that to his own mother. Shankar is positive Rudra is the only person who can do it. He can access drugs easily. She refuses to believe it. If you think it is someone from our family only then it can be anyone. It can be Gauri, Prachi or even you! He gets upset but she points out that this is exactly what Rudra would have felt. He vows to find out the culprit Manjari decides to teach a lesson to Siddhi!

Vin is upset with Rudra for speaking like that to Papa ji. Siddhi somehow calms him down. He notices the bags in the room and apologizes to her. She tells him not to do anything like that. Ma was in problem and needed your help. You did what a good son would have done. I don’t mind it where I am when you are with me. You are my honey and moon. They smile sweetly and share a hug. He promises her he will take her out at a really beautiful place. First of all I have to find out who is behind this. She too is thinking the same.

Rajvir is irked with the work and complains before Prachi. She tells him to focus on the performance playing on screen. He is shocked to see his video. She threatens to show it to everyone. You will be sent to jail then. He tries to manipulate her but in vain. He stops her and snatches the phone out of her hand. He deletes it. Your game is up! She cries for a second but then laughs. I have copies of this video. How many will you delete? He asks her what she wants. She asks him to let her become the heroine of his Bhojpuri film or she will show it to everyone. He gives in. Delete these videos first. She refuses to part with them till she wins Oscar in Bhojpuri films.

Manjari vows to show Siddhi her place. She gulps down her drink. Siddhi comes there with food. Manjari knows she isn’t concerned about her at all. She throws the food away. Siddhi is taken aback to see her behaviour. Manjari pulls Siddhi’s hair and talks to her badly. You think I will be scared if you will keep drugs in my purse? I wont spare you now! Siddhi tells her to understand but in vain. Manjari refuses to trust her. Siddhi twists her hand. I was in the Chawl more than you. If I come to those terms then I will show you down better! I respect you as you are Vinu’s mother. Manjari raises her hand to slap her but Siddhi holds it in time. It will be better if you stay in your limits or I will make sure you are not able to show your face to anyone. I want you to be in jail for forever but not like this. Your actions are enough to send you behind bars. I will not fall so low. Manjari tells her not to lie. Who kept the drugs in my purse then? Siddhi says I have no idea but this is Bappa’s hint. It was only a trailer. I will show you the rest of the picture. Get ready to spend your entire life in the jail where you couldn’t spend a night!

Precap: Vin tells his mother he is sure some family member kept drugs in her bag. Manjari tells her that she met Siddhi on her way out. Vin gets thinking. He notices Siddhi going somewhere and follows her. Siddhi meets Gauri who assures her that she will keep this to herself only. Vin asks them what they are talking about.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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