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  1. good surprise thanks.

  2. …….Yes. .bahut bad news hai IshRaRuh fans k liye. …par IshRa ruhi ko ..apshagun k paas Jane nahin denge. ……….IshRa milkar uss apshagun ko. ..3 time bhi hara denge. ……iss bar toh aaise hare gi apshagun. …phir kisi bhi ..custody k bare mein sonch me se bhi dare gi. …….

  3. please so suhani si ek ladki

  4. Yhm’s TRP will go down if they continue like this

  5. Now that Niranjan is blackmailing Samrat for money till 4 pm. Samrat will again have someone kill Niranjan to get rid of him from telling all about Samrat.

    At the beginning Ishan didn’t want to marry anybody but Urmi and what happened now – going against Urmi. Men can forget so fast.

  6. Where is MATSH

  7. Urmi deserved happiness. Ishan supposed to forgive Urmi. please don’t make Urmi go through hurdles in her married life.


  9. Kya cha raga hai yhm main thode rights toh ishita ke pass bui hone chahiye related to ruhi bakwas chal rahi hai raman ki toh and court bhi kese manega agar ishita ki permission nahi hair toh….

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