Satrangi Sasural 7th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 7th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pralhad at first offers Vihaan a drink. Vihaan says no and tells him also not to drink. VPralhad says ok. Then he bashes the moms that if they were angry they could have slapped how could they send back the bride.He tells him not to leave his rights in business

At the breakfast table lata ridicules Vihaan by calling him ghar damaad and saying now oil will also come on loan. she also says who chucks such a good girl out of the house. After Lata goes Pralhad tells Vihaan thats why I was telling you not to let go of your business.

Vihaan leaves his breakfast half eaten and goes to office

He meets Neelima . He hugs her and says he made a mistake and asks her to accept Arushi. Neelima gets very emotional but remembers what Dadi had said about professionalism and custs him short and tells him to behave professionally and to meet her in the conference room. Vihaan gets hurt

At the house Dadi says its quiet late and why has Vihaan not returned/ Geeta says that I wish I could go to office and not to Vihaan. Neelima enters just then and gives then Vihaan’s resignation. Dadi tells her to reject it and ask him to do notice. She says emotions should not come into business and that she will go herself to attend the meeting

Geeta says its all that girls fault. Vuhaan never ever lied. This girl has taught him all evils. He cant stay without us he couldnt have resigned on his own. This girl must have told himto do so

Pralhad is shocked to know that Vihaan resigned. Vihaan says if they have chicked me out of the house and their heart then I dont want anything. He tells Vihaan that emotions dont fill a stomach and that arushi is his responsibility. Also the world looks down upon those who depend on wives income. Vihaan says he has the capability of starting again from scratch and he need not call him lamchor

Neelima calls up Vihaan and tells him he has to do a three month noyice . She feels very emotional but controls herself . Vihaan feels hurt but Arushi concoles him and advises him to continue as even if moms are angry they are their responsibility and personal and professional life is differentv . Vihaan says he is proud to have a life partner like her

Vihaan and arushi go to eat Panipuri and Vihaan spots lot of money in his wallet and asks if she has put it there. He says he doesnt like it and doesnt want to be a burdem\n. arushi said my family is not a burden for me and she jokes that once he starts earning she will extort all the money out of him through shopping like a typical wife. Vihaan feels a little bette. As they turn back they see Priyanka nd she says I am glad that ypu are happy in his married life

At home Priyanka tells everyone that Vihaan is happily enjoyinhgh his life and we are going hungry. Neelima also says he has forgotten us.She says he has become blind in her love. Narmada says why are you putting all the blame on that girl. Vihaan is not a kid he knows what he is doing/ Dont take his side for no reason

Arushi decides that she will make everything like before again

Update Credit to: Gitanjali

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  1. Hurry pls

  2. What ‘s the matter with these women,can’t they just quit bothering Arushi.She did nothing that horrible therefore she cannot be forgiven,Each and every one makes mistakes but an apology should be enough.Vihaan has a right to stand by his woman and let them know that Arushi is his wife and he will be with her no matter what the repercussions will be.If you have to resign do it and start a fresh.Do not leave your wife.Vihaan I applaud you for standing up for what you believe in.Good guy.

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