Sukor tension wala muhaabat episode 10

Hey everyone its been a long time since iv updated this ff so here is a mini recap of the story sukor go in the same university they fall in love not knowing each other they return to azaadganj and find out who they r but still follow thier passion sukor graduate and secretly get married suraj teases chakor about alcohol and tries to romance with her sukor share a kiss…

Sukor close their eyes but chakor pushes suraj of…chakor;why dont u kiss that bottle of alcohol u brought with u infact why don’t u retake ur phere with the bottle! And i do mean that i hate u? chakor moves backwards whilst suraj moves towards her sukor stare into one another chakor falls on to the bed and suraj slips ontop of her..suraj stares deeply into chakor and tucks her hair in he comes closer and kisses chakor on the cheek (mahiya plays..)chakor hugs suraj both smile…suraj (whispers) would u like to try some i mean last time u went wild?? chakor gets pissed of and pushes suraj…chakor;everything for u is a joke im seriously going i hate u suraj! Go and enjoy life with alcohol u clearly dont need me…suraj grabs chakor and hugs her…suraj;so ur saying u can live without me…chakor;yes i can i dont need u?suraj kisses chakor neck…suraj;but i need u..chakor;u dont u seem happy enough with alcohol…suraj;but i dont need that ur my intoxication…suraj removes chakor earrings…chakor;yeah right all day uv been mentioning it and now im ur intoxication? suraj slithers his arms around chakor and holds her…suraj;shall i prove it to u? chakor;well iv seen enough i need to leave suraj twists chakor and grabs her waist…chakor pushes suraj but suraj pushes chakor towards him…

he lifts chakor in his arms…chakor(feels hesitant and shy) suraj walks.towards the bed and makes chakor sit down…chakor looks away to aviod eye contact…suraj moves towards chakor he grabs her towards him and starts to undress her…chakor;what r u doing?? suraj;today im gonna show my wife how much i love her even though she hates me? suraj goes closer to chakor (and whispers) i know that u love me…suraj lays ontop of chakor…chakor turns around suraj starts to kiss chakor back and makes his way up to her neck chakor can feel his body ontop of hers and feels the intensity of this kiss suraj grabs chakor arms and turns her around (mahiya plays) suraj smirks and leans foward towards chakor lips…chakor gets shy and moves her head towards the other side…suraj kisses chakor checks chakor stares at suraj and puts her arms around his body and closes her eyes…suraj slithers his arm down chakor thigh and grabs it tightly he pushes it up towards his leg and kisses chakor…chakor holds suraj in a tighter grip with one hand and with the other she holds the blanket tightly…suraj starts to remove his clothes…suraj grabs chakor arm and holds tightly against the edge of the bed..chakor feels the intensity and hugs suraj…she slowly claws her nails around his back whilst he tightly makes out with her passionately…chakor;suraj i…love you…? suraj (whispers into chakor ears) my jungli billi i love u to…

sukor hold hands and suraj glides besides chakor whilst she rests on his chest suraj wraps his arms around chakor after they finshed (consumating)suraj;so dp do u still hate me?chakor looks up towards suraj whislt she still lays in his arms…chakor;dp? Suraj;of course your my dhram paathni…chakor;oh so dhram paathi if you drink again then maybe my love will change to hatred…sukor laugh…suraj;so dp we should get our own place now i mean we r married…chakor;ur so excited about the future iv bet u have got it all planned right…suraj;dp u know me so well? obviously i planned it like i planned to marry u tonight and it worked but for the future i want a little child and our own place..
Chakor;dont u think its to soon for a child? i mean u only just got me…suraj;well im not talking about now i was talking about maybe in a yrs time but for now having u is more then i can ask for…suraj smirks he kisses chakor and falls asleep…chakor;mr rajvanshi has planned his life already? but what about mai?baapu??today was the biggest day in my life i married without my family knowing and suraj to our families will not be happy with this how can we keep our marriage a secret?chakor worries and lays on suraj chest….

Sorry guys for same precap but i added abit more i was gonna write the full epsiode but decided to dedicate this episode to sukor

Precap sukor find out that thier rishta’s have been fixed suraj with tina and vivaan with chakor will sukor reveal that they are married…tejswani notices scratches on suraj back whilst imli notices marks on chakor neck what will the outcome be…

  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Loved sukor romance.Interesting precap. Hoping sukor get out of the mess soon

  2. Rehmat

    superb so hot amazing keep post regular I was waiting for your ff lovely

    1. Tiippu

      Thank u so much glad u enjoyed it

  3. Amazing update! Loved Sukor romance, their talk about their future is so sweet. Will Teju find out? Can’t wait for the next part.

    1. Tiippu

      Thank u tejswani will get really suspicious

  4. Sukorian

    finally u updated thx. How sweet waiting for next

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