#shivika OS *First Night* by #annie

Hey guys this is —–ANNIE—– I’m up with a shivika OS… DO GIVE IT A TRY
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So guys this is an OS on shivika on current Shaadi track…{marriage} I’ll be starting from pool side scene of shivaay and nagini {ops sorry ragini} where shivaay owe and apology
“you’re kidding right?” Ragini’s voice cracked while her smile flew away and tension covered her face
“ragini I know…I’m at fault but you know, that was the reaction to annika’s action I didn’t mean that…I thought you’ll understand as I told you before” shivaay tried calming her
“do I look like a toy to you? Whenever you want you just announce anything you want and late give me lame excuse ‘just to make annika jealous’” ragini shouted while tears formed in her eyes
“I’m sorry ragini, I know my doings and acts are stupid but I’m just like that only…I thought you’ll understand being my good friend” shivaay tensely held her hand
“it’s okay I was kidding…” ragini smiled “in fact I’m ready to act like your partner…” added ragini and walked off before shivaay could say more…

“weird girl…first got emotional over it and now…she wants to help me? what’s wrong with her?” thought shivaay…

———-next day

(directly moving toward story without any extra scenes)
“oh my maata…come henna applier…apply it to my DIL first” pinky ordered excitedly
“no aunty it’s annika’s mehndi so let her get it first I’ll get it later” ragini faked her goodness
“no nagini, I mean ragini I’m okay with it if aunty want you to get it first than you should get it first” annika said while looking at shivaay…
“oh my maata don’t try to be so good…ragini is right you should get it first” pinky taunted annika while looking at shivaay
Gauri moves and bumps into the girl and mehndi falls all over ragini’s face
“what the hell? Can’t you see and walk you ruined everything” ragini shouted while glaring gauri
“excuse me slow down…it’s an accident and don’t you dare to talk with my wife like this ever again” om calmly shut ragini up…
“pinky…how can you talk with you TO BE BHABHI like this?” pinky scolded
“she’s your to be DIL and shivaay’s to be wife but nothing to us…” om said and walked off…
Ragini walked off too to wash her face…while annika and shivaay just looks at eachother…
“till than annika you get this mehndi applied?” pinky said
“no mam there is no more mehndi…let me mix it again and it’ll take time” girl explained
“whatever do it fast” pinky rolled her eyes and walked off
Annika went to her room and drank the juice which she left…
——-shivaay’s room
Ragini was sitting there calling someone when shivaay enters and she hides something under his bed sheet
“what you’re doing in my room” shivaay questioned
“nothing I just came to wash my face; I hope you didn’t mind?” ragini lied
“no it’s fine actually mom was calling you so” shivaay informed her while trying to look at bed…
“yeah sure I’ll check on her” ragini smiled and left the room
Shivaay immediately moved toward bed and lifting little the bed sheet found tablet of her and started checking it…
“what the wuck? Honeymoon package? Why the hell she’s even booking it when she knows that we aren’t getting married and it’s all just fake” thought shivaay and checked further by going into gallery messages…
Shivaay was shocked seeing all
“so you got to know everything?” ragini’s voice shocked him and he dropped the tablet
“you… liar” shivaay shouted
“shivaay…shivaay…shivaay…why are you shouting? Don’t stress your throat much…I knew one day or other you’ll know it so…” ragini smiled “i love you…shivaay singh oberoi will you marry me?” added ragini and proposed him
“are you out of your mind? Don’t you know that I love annika?” shouted shivaay
“common I know that’s why I’m asking you to marry me now only otherwise” she stopped
“what otherwise” shivaay yelled while clutching her arms
“otherwise…I’ll kill your love” ragini laughed sarcastically…
“and you think I’ll let you do that?” shivaay glared her angrily
“I know you’ll stop me…but let me tell you if you want to save her than marry me because the more you’ll delay the more she’ll be harmed” ragini smirked
“what do you mean?” shivaay twisted her arm
“stop hurting me otherwise you’ll lose annika…wanna know what I did?” ragini grinned
“tell me what you did?” shivaay loosen the grip
“I added poison in her juice” ragini smirked “and don’t think you can save her by taking her to hospital because anti-dot to that poison is with me only” added ragini
“what the hell do you think of yourself I’ll kill you if anything happens to my annika” shivaay yelled at her
“stop yelling and go arrange everything otherwise get ready to say goodbye to your annika” ragini grins
“okay I’ll marry you give me the anti-dot” shivaay calmed
“no! first marriage and then anti-dot…I guarantee you by giving her anti-dot she’ll get fine as if nothing happened”
“get ready I’m marrying you” shivaay stormed out of room wiping his tears off…

———in hall
Everyone was sitting waiting for mehndi…
Shivaay arrived and looked at all and then annika his eyes get filled with new layer of tears
“I’m marrying ragini right now…” shivaay announced and everyone stands up…
Annika looked at him with tears in her eyes and stumbles while gauri hold her shivaay looks away “no questions prepare now” shivaay walked off while om followed him
“bhabhi don’t worry omkara ji will talk with him” gauri assures her while annika runs to her room crying
——after sometime in hall
Ragini and shivaay arrives while all were waiting for them…
“bade bhaiya think again” gauri stops him
“gauri I’ve think well” replied shivaay looking at annika…
Ragini and shivaay sits in alter and priest starts chanting holy mantras and asked them to stand for rounds
Pinky ties their knot and they start taking rounds…
Annika’s tears were flowing seeing them but she wasn’t leaving…ragini was smirking seeing her while shivaay was looking at her concerned…
Annika stumbles holding her head and shivaay speeds up in taking rounds…
“he thinks he can save her the more she’ll get jealous the more her blood will burn and there will be more effect of poison and game over b4 marriage” ragini smirked thinking

Priest asked them to switch their positions and they did…
“why I’m not able to see anything clearly” annika thought while started coughing
“what happened are you fine?” asked gauri while holding her “water” annika muttered and shakti passed her the glass “where is omkara ji why he isn’t here?” gauri thought while making annika drink water but she wasn’t able to drink due to high coughing “let me help you” vikram moved but gauri stopped him
“what is wrong with you billu…can’t you stop this marriage for a minute look at her” dadi shouted
But he didn’t stop and his eyes were filled with tears.
“Shaadi is complete now sit and fill her partition and make her wear MS” said priest
Annika looked up at them with her red blood eyes still coughing…
Shivaay fills the partition of ragini’s hair
Annika removes her hand from her mouth when she feels something on her hand
“blood?” gauri shouts
Annika looks at her hand and then at shivaay while coughing
Shivaay immediately makes ragini wear MS “give me the bottle?” shivaay held her hand
“here it is” ragini gave him the bottle while smirking
Annika looks at them and faints shivaay runs and catches her b4 she could fall
“hey open your eyes annika” shivaay shouted while crying
He sat down on floor with her head in his lap and made her drink the anti-dot…
“annika now please open your eyes” shivaay tapped her cheeks but she didn’t open her eyes… “take out the car khanna” shouted shivaay while lifting annika “if anything happens to annika I will kill you ragini” shivaay warned her and left the mansion while rest followed him…

———–in hospital
“doctor please look at her she’s not opening her eyes…please check her” pleaded shivaay “please save my annika” shivaay added
“he pulse is so slow and dropping…take her to ICU” doctor ordered the nurse “what happened to her?” asked doctor
“she drank poisonous juice we gave the anti-dot but she isn’t opening her eyes” explained shivaay
All were shocked listening to shivaay
“I think you gave it late that’s why it isn’t working” doctor said while walked to ICU
“shivaay vikram is here he will take care of her your comeback to home ragini will be waiting” pinky said
Shivaay didn’t paid any heed to her talks “can you just shutup pinky? Can’t you see how much serious annika is” dadi shouted at pinky “why are you shouting at me mummy ji? What I said is correct why should we care for her? Who is she?” pinky answers dadi “choti maa ji can’t you stay quite? I’m warning you if you say anything more about annika bhabhi I will forget who you are” warned gauri
“oh my maata now you’ll answer me? low class girls have no manners one did drama of drinking poison and other is supporting her” pinky blamed them “shutup everyone just shutup can’t you stay quiet for a while mom?” shouted shivaay with cracking voice…
“why should i? why you’re here come with me…your wife will be waiting for you…leave this cheap roadside girl vikram will look after her” pinky said “dare you to call my bhabi cheap again and see what I do to you choti maa” om spoke coming to them “where were you omkara ji” asked gauri while holding his hand “I was just completing the work which shivaay left incomplete” om told while looking at all “what work? And why are you in priest?” questioned dadi while all took a look at his dress “I’m coming from a marriage…I did someone’s marriage” om glared pinky “stop glaring me…why you’re glaring me? what I did?” pinky fumbles “as if you don’t know?” om frowned “what are you trying to say? Say it clearly” pinky asked “you’re the reason behind bhabhi’s this condition” om blamed pinky while all looked at her shocked “but om poison was given by ragini only” shivaay said “yes I know but this situation arrived because of her and she created it only” om pointed toward pinky “what do you mean?” asked shivaay “actually” b4 om could say something “excuse me” doctor interrupted “we need blood B+ anyone of you?” asked doctor “yes I’m B+” vikram raised his hand “no need to give I’m B+ I’ll give her blood” shivaay walks off with doctor…
“omkara ji ragini gave poison to bhabi?” asked gauri “yes gauri…she forced shivaay for the marriage by risking annika bhabhi’s life she had that anti-dot shivaay asked me to arrange fake priest and I myself became one and perform the marriage ritual…now she is in home but she doesn’t know about all this…I’ve locked her in a room”
“how dare you blame my bahu and lock her in a room?” pinky yelled at him “stop it choti maa after listening to what she did with annika bhabhi you’re still caring for her?” om glared her “I don’t care about annika…whatever ragini did was because annika wasn’t leaving shivaay she’s isn’t wrong at all” pinky defended ragini “let me clear it to you ragini will be sent to jail soon…if you’ll interrupt or take her side you’ll also go with her” om warned her
“you can’t do this I’ll see how you do it…taking this cheap girl’s side you all will regret” pinky threatened
“you can’t do anything now we aren’t scared of you whatever you could do you’ve done now it’s our turn I’ll see how you separate them this time” om challenged her “what’s wrong with you? Why are you talking like this om” asked shakti “haven’t she told you yet what she did with your son?” om said in a taunting tune looking at pinky “what do you mean by his son? He is mine too!” pinky interrupted “if you’re forgetting let me remind you that you don’t consider him as your son” om taunted her while looking away “why you don’t consider him as your son pinky?” asked shakti holding her arm “oh I think she haven’t told you yet right choti maa?” om glared her angrily “what’s going on here? Who doesn’t consider whom” asked shivaay coming to them “nothing shivaay” said pinky smiling “how’s she” added pinky “why you’re so worried about her suddenly?” asked shivaay with doubt “after all she’s in danger” om muttered “did you said anything” shivaay tapped om’s shoulder “no…nothing” om shooked his head in no “she is fine now” smiled shivaay “doctor said after few minutes I can meet her” added shivaay “what we should do now of ragini?” om reminded him “I’ll kill her” shivaay fumed “but for now ask khanna to bring police and arrest her for harassing and attempt to murder charge” added shivaay “how can you do this shivaay she’s you wife” pinky stopped shivaay “for this cheap girl you’re sending her to jail” added pinky “mom she isn’t my wife I never married her in real that was all a plan to get anti-dot from her” sighed shivaay “and tell me why you hate annika? What she did to you? She never did anything bad with you so it’ll be better If you too don’t misbehave with her I will not tolerate anyone whoever will badmouth about her” added shivaay as walked off to ICU “are you happy now?” om taunts her and walks away “I don’t know what kind of MIL you’re Jhanvi maa is far better than you she is best…don’t know when you’ll realize annika bhabhi is the best for bhaiya” gauri walked away mocking her “what have you done pinky? Why everyone is hating you?” dadi questioned her “nothing mummy ji they all hates shivaay nothing else” pinky made faces “you will never change they can never hate shivaay I’m sure you’ve done something” shakti correcting her walked away with dadi

————-in ICU
Shivaay sit beside annika’s bed on a stool while she was laying on bed un-conscious with many machines attached and oxygen mask on her face
Taking her IV attached hand in his he caressed it and kissed it “I’m sorry…I did all to save you” tears fell “I can never even imagine in my wildest dream to marry anyone else than you” looks at her “after you provoked me to throw you out of mansion” caressed her face “I came to know it now that you deliberately did all to make me throw you out…when you did and I threw you out…I was broken annika” tears starts flowing “I never thought that I’ll ever fall in love or believe in love but because of you I fell in love and started believing in that” kisses her hand “you changed me a lot…from stone to soft and sweet” looks up “I was shattered when you ruined everything…I started hating myself for loving you” sobs “I wasn’t even able to hate you annika” wipes his tears “I promised myself to live for family…I stopped living for myself…mom used to force me to marry but I never listened as I wasn’t able to forget you” smiles “and how that was even possible when I used to see you daily” touches her hand on his forehead “yes I used to see you from far…I don’t know why…that was for love or hate but I used to” cries again “I wasn’t ready to give your place to anyone…I wasn’t ready to share my bed with anyone else than you” moves closer “tough I knew you’ll never return as I’ll never forgive you and even you’ll not owe an apology” smiles “still I had a hope you’ll be back…no idea how” kisses her hand “I burned in jealousy because you got engaged…I was angry…somewhere in the corner of my heart I had a feeling that you can’t betray me and get engaged to anyone” sigh “but your 3 months ago drama overpowered that corner and made me believe that you really got engaged” smiles “than you came back in mansion…I got happy but you started the drama of FADAK and in my ego I never accepted that and announced my engagement and all happened in ego…but then provoking game came in-front and you didn’t tell me annika” cries “this all happened because of me but you’re equally responsible if you haven’t hid the truth this wouldn’t have happened” wipes his tears “but now I’m calling it off I can’t afford to see you suffering more…tough truth is needed to come-out so the real culprit could be punished…but for now you are more important 1 marriage cost your health don’t know what 2nd will cost so it’s better if I call it all off…” kisses her forehead “I’ll cancel it now only” he walks out of the room…

——-in lobby
“have you informed khanna?” shivaay questioned “actually shivaay vikram freed ragini and both ran away” om informed “what the wuck? But why the hell vikram helped her?” shivaay fumed “I’ll send them both behind bars” added shivaay and walked off doing his usual hair signature step “couldn’t you just hide this? Always giving tension to my sons” pinky shouted at om “stop shouting at my husband real tension will began when your truth will be revealed” gauri shouted at her and holding om’s hand pulling him with her walked off “I’ll see who tells truth” pinky muttered and left

———in doctor’s cabin
“doctor when can we take bhabhi home?” om asked “actually she’s fine but she’s having some difficulty in breathing…she isn’t able to breath without oxygen…due to lots of coughing and poison damaged liver a lot but thankfully not much…so it’s just that if you can arrange oxygen cylinder for a day in home than you can take her home” doctor explained “we will arrange you just make discharge paper ready” om told and walk out shooking hands with him

———meanwhile in ICU
Annika was sleeping when someone entered and removed her oxygen mask and ran out om who was going to ICU with gauri bumped into the person covering face…
Person left without looking “gauri go check bhabi I think she was ragini” om ran toward the direction where person left and gauri ran toward ICU alerting nurse…
Gauri entered to see annika losing her breaths and immediately puts her mask back “nurse call doctor” shouted gauri and few minutes’ late doctor entered and checked annika “she is safe you saved her by putting mask on right time papers are ready take her home” doctor said and walked away…

————in lobby
Running person bumped into pinky and they both fell on floor…pinky sees her and then at om “choti maa don’t leave her” om shouted “run ragini” pinky pushed her and she ran toward the main door om tripped and fell while cursing pinky “don’t worry om” shivaay said “she can’t run away from here now” added shivaay
Om looked up to see police holding vikram and ragini “thank GOD” sighed “finally she is arrested” added om smiling “omkara ji” gauri came running “we can take her home” informed gauri “om why you were catching her” shakti questioned “because she removed the oxygen mask of bhaujai” gauri tells
Shivaay turns toward ragini “if you weren’t women I would’ve slapped you till now” shivaay fumed seeing her “no worries” gauri moved and slapped her hard “wish completed” smiled gauri
Nurse came with annika on stretcher and took her in ambulance shivaay sat in ambulance only while other family member left in car “choti maa try remembering…few months ago nearly 7 8 you did same with annika bhabhi…we will not take you with us…so that you won’t create mess in her enter in OM” om walked out taunting her and all left toward OM leaving pinky there…
———in ambulance
Annika gets conscious and gets happy seeing shivaay by her side but soon his marriage flashes in front of her eyes and she gets sad… “annika that was drama” shivaay whispered “why” annika signed through her hands “to save you *tells her everything which ragini did what he got to know and what he did after that*” shivaay smiled and annika smiles in return…
They reach OM and annika was taken in on wheelchair gauri did her arti and they both entered…together
“I want to marry annika now” shivaay told everyone “it’s fine but she’s isn’t fine” om pointed “I know…but we aren’t divorced yet so I’ll be adorning her neck with her MS again and filling her partition again” shivaay explained and moved toward alter and bringing vermillion he filled her hair partition while gauri brought MS and he again adorned her neck with MS while everyone clapped…
“wow you again trapped my son in your traps well done you left to come back only” pinky clapped while blaming annika “mom she did nothing I married her only” shivaay defended “but black magic was of her only…you faked promised me that you’ll not return again in his life right” pinky clenched on her arm while she winced in pain “mom what are you doing…you’re hurting her” shivaay pulled her and freed annika’s arm… “you’re seeing she is hurt but you’re not able to see that I’m hurt” pinky questioned “mom why you’re hurt” asked shivaay “because she braked her promise she promised she’ll leave you forever than why she returned?” pinky asks annika “choti maa you’re getting emotional we will talk later” om tried holding her “no! what she think I’ll not tell shivaay that he is najayz? {illegitimate} I’ll tell annika…” pinky leaned to her “why aren’t you saying anything now? Oh! Mask I’ll help you” pinky removed her mask “now say” said pinky while annika starts breathing difficulty
Shivaay puts back the mask and pushes pinky back “so I was thinking right” shivaay shakes his head “you blackmailed her over this fake truth?” shouts shivaay “what do you mean did you know this?” asked om “no…I mean I got reports of DNA…that was of mahi and mine…POSITIVE…I knew it that annika did this…but I wasn’t satisfied so I did the test again but this time with maa’s DNA…and still POSITIVE” shivaay laughs “we were apart from eachother because of a lie” tears fall “and all because of my own MOM” shivaay hold wheel chair of annika “where is mahi” asked gauri “in Delhi I sent him there” answering this shivaay walked away…

“he knew it?” pinky mutters and gets a tight slap on her face and looks up to see dadi fuming “I feel ashamed to call you my bahu” dadi walks to her room “I never thought you’ll fall so low to call your own son illegtimate just to make annika go away from her you need mental checkup” shakti pulls her in car and drove to hospital “I think what we wanted is done” gauri sighs “it’s our time” om mutters “what?” gauri widens her eyes “I mean rest we should rest” om changes it and they both walks in their room
——–in Shivika’s room
Shivaay lays annika down on bed…and sits beside her “don’t think much…I really mean this marriage and I really love you…let’s forget past and enjoy the present? And plan FUTURE” shivaay stretches the word future with a wink annika hugs him and hardly mutters “I LOVE YOU TOO SHIVAAY”
———————– after 2 weeks in night in Shivika’s room
The room was decorated with red and white fairy lights and lots of candles were lighten up in the room rose petals on the bed with a tray of wine and 2 glass…
Shivaay was sitting in black kurta pajama on his couch…annika enters in her black suit with a calculator in her hand…she was shocked seeing the room decorated and last same scene of night few months ago were flashing in her mind and she blushed “I haven’t done anything yet and you’re blushing” shivaay moved toward her snatching her calculator “what you were thinking” asked shivaay in his husky voice leaning toward her throwing calculator “I was thinking nothing” annika moved back and shivaay pulled her toward him and locked the door “you know why I have decorated this?” shivaay kissed her neckline “i…I, don’t know” stammered annika…
“really” shivaay said in his husky voice kissing her earlobe…annika closed her eyes and felt the warmth of his breaths and shivers ran down through her body and she held his arm tightly “you know first night” shivaay smiled moving back annika opened her eyes and blushed… “go wear it” shivaay passed her the box “this is little lengthy than previous one” added shivaay while chuckling…annika blushed again and walked toward washroom…
“wow” mutters shivaay seeing her when she came out “stop staring…I’m feeling shy” annika turned her face to other side while shivaay moved toward her “you’re looking hotly beautiful” shivaay lifted her chin up to face him “don’t be shy from your husband” shivaay kissed her cheek and she hugged him “I’m nervous” annika whispered “I can understand” shivaay reciprocated and leaned lowered kissing her neck …she closed her eyes and he got apart and kissed her forehead…and moving down placing kisses he reach near her lips and capturing them in his he started kissing her…after a while she responded and kissed back…while kissing she opened her eyes and looked into his and sharing an eye lock they kept on their passionate kiss…after few minutes they got apart to catch some oxygen and blushed seeing eachother soon shivaay scooped her in his arms and walked toward bed placing her down he got on top and leaned toward her face and started kissing her again and she responded with same passion and again after few minutes they got apart and shivaay kissed her forehead and she kissed his…soon he turned off the light and candles shies away seeing their proximity…he showered his all love on her and she showered her all love to him…all the petals…all the candles were witness of their TRUE LOVE that night…and they slept off after a pleasure full hours of LOVE…

—————in morning
Annika wakes up and sees shivaay sleeping…she blushes remembering the last night they spent…
She gets a video message and checks it {it was message of om but video was of shivaay the confession of him in hospital which was recorded by om}
She smilingly kisses shivaay’s cheek and he wakes up with a broad smile on his “good morning annika” “good morning shivaay” she tries to go “you’re much more beautiful than I thought” shivaay says and she shies “ufff let me go” annika walks off to washroom covering herself in blanket and shivaay follows her and enters the washroom “I won’t mind repeating” shivaay smirked “I’m hungry let me get fresh” annika pushed him “lets save water?” shivaay moves toward her “NO!” she pushes him out and closes the door…
So this is it I hope you’ll enjoy this… do comment please positive or negative both are welcomed whole heartedly
*ignore grammatical and spelling mistakes please*
This is annie signing off bye, everyone sees you soon…and will try to respond as soon as possible…

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