Sukor saacha pyaar episode 7

Recap chakor agrees to stay with suraj as he has promised to free every1 from bundua giri imli kills her child and tries to put the blame on chakor suraj comes bk drunk learning the child is dead imli tries instigating suraj against chakor whilst he is in drunken state…

imli olv chakor thumhari kismat achi nahi hai (chakor u destiny is not good) imli smirks…vivaan;imli!how did it happen how did i lose my child?imli cries and hugs vivaan…imli;i was coughing and went down for some water and chakor came she pushed me and i lost our buchua vivaan baabu…vivaan;chakor? vivaan takes imli and looks after her…chakor;mai baapu if u believed me i wouldnt care if the whole world was against me…suraj bangs the door open…suraj sees imli everywhere telling him that chakor killed thier child…chakor opens her eyes and sees suraj is really drunk…suraj;stop ur sobbing u killed my bucha and now ur showing fake sympathy…chakor;i didnt do anything…chakor gets up and leaves..

But suraj holds chakor back and pulls her bk by him…suraj;u really think im gonna believe u…chakor;i dont care if u believe me or not but im leaving and u can’t stop me…suraj;im ur husband i can stop u i have every right on u…chakor;what rights!this marriage is a joke and i dont accept it…suraj;then tonight il make u accept…suraj pulls chakor dooris of…chakor;what are you doing! Chakor starts to hesitate and walks bk suraj steps on chakor duppta and walks towards her…chakor;stay bk otherwise il call the police…suraj;no one will come.suraj grabs chakor he touches her face chakor tries to push suraj of…chakor;suraj stop ur not doing good…suraj pushes chakor to the bed…chakor gasps in pain suraj leans ontop of chakor and holds her arms…

chakor screams…chakor;stop i didn’t do anything i didn’t harm imli! Please let go of me…suraj sees pain in chakor eye’s…chakor olv iv never felt so weak in my life im the same person who was fearless nd now im surrounded by this trauma? chakor faints…suraj olv what am i doing? chakor is innocent her eyes r not lying to me suraj fades and gets unconscious…imli olv by now chakor must be dead? iv made suraj and vivaan against her! Chakor u think ur number ek il make sure i make ur life help i swear on my buchua’s life i will never forgive u? chakor shivers…suraj wakes up with a heavy head…chakor(weakly)i didnt do anything suraj wakes up and sees himself laying besides chakor he sees chakor clothes ripped…suraj olv oh no have i done somthing? suraj tucks chakor in and sits besides her…suraj takes chakor hand…suraj;chakor i know ur innocent im sorry for what i did last night? im ashamed of myself? how can i fall so weak! Suraj avoids looking at chakor and leaves…chakor opens her eyes she holds the blanket tightly and cries (chakor hears suraj) chakor;i will never forget what u did to me u made me feel powerless?i can never forgive u for this…chakor runs to the bath and takes a shower chakor has flashbacks of suraj ripping her clothes chakor scrubs her body…chakor;i never felt so dirty and filthy…chakor changes her clothes and heads downstairs…tejswani;chakor beta im happy u decided to fulfil and accept this marriage tejswani makes chakor sit besides suraj…suraj tries aviod looking at chakor as he feels guilty…suraj olv?what have i done… i need to confront chakor..suraj;me nd chakor need to go to the baasti for some work…chakor;im not going anywhere with u…suraj;dont u want to see ur biggest goal achieved freeing u baasti…chakor remembers the deal and gets up to go with suraj…ranjana looks on…ranjana;chakor where is ur sister? chakor doesn’t answer…tejswani;anyways today is chakor moodikhay and suraj take chakor to buy a nice dress afterall all eyes will be on my bahu…suraj and chakor leave…tejswnai;bijli decorate the haveli as in the evening a post marriage ritual will be held…tejswani olv il perform all the post marriage rituals whilst that cheapster bahu of ranjana will only look on as ranjana will never accept her…tejswanismirks and leaves…

ranjana olv iv got to get rid of that imli…suraj drives chakor to the baasti and hands her the bundua contracts…suraj;read through them so later u dont doubt me r u ready to give up ur azzadi…chakor;listen to one thing mr suraj rajvanahi im ready to stay with u my entire life to see every person in azaadganj free but get one think clear in ur thick head that thier will never be a relationship between u and me and after what u did last night u have no idea how much i hate u…suraj grabs chakor wrist…suraj;i admit what i did was wrong and im sorry ok and u should be thankful as suraj rajvnashi never apologies…chakor;are you apologising or giving me a taunt chakor gets out from the car and calls all the villagers…chakor burns the bundua contracts everyone hugs chakor…villagers;chakoria ki jai chakor is a angel?for us first she got a beast like kamal locked up and now she has changed suraj baabu we r final free centuries of slavery torture has ended! Chakor olv seeing everyone free today makes me realise that seeing everyone happy is makes me happy…suraj olv this is perfect for me so the baasti supports my work and dont get lured in vivaan…suraj;i promised chakor everyone azaadi but i have new contracts these r my rules not kamal narayan rules these r suraj rajvnashi rules everychild will attend school and im opening a new factory of making school books for children everyone will get paid by weekly rates and after ur hours u are free people and chakor u can read these before u think im lying…chakor is shocked to learn suraj is telling the truth…chakor olv this is perfect for the baasti but why is a beast like suraj thinking…tbe villagers trust chakor and sign new contracts suraj smiles and returns to his car…

kaustri;u all may be fooled but we wont work under chakor rajvanahi husband…bhavan slams the door. ..chakor olv mai baapu i didnt do anything! Chakor sits bk with suraj…suraj takes chakor to the shopping centre…chakor;this is not the way to the haveli where r u going! Suraj;didnt u hear what mummy said…chakor frowns…vivaan holds imli and carefully brings her down…tejswani;bijli perfect the haveli is decorated this ritual will be the best azaadganj has ever seen ranjana notices imli…ranjana;vivaan what happened?vivaan;imli lost her child.ragini is shocked…tejswani olv atleast she cant use her paap against my beta…vivaan;mom why is the haveli decorated…ranjana;tejswani jee is hosting a moodikay for chakor?vivaan;then imli should get ready to its hers to…tejswani;stop this rasaam is only for my bahu ranjana can plan her own imli will attend as a guest and so will the rest of ur family u can take or leave my invation…

Precap the ritual of chakor is conducted imli fumes vivaan fumes to learn suraj has freed everyone from bundua giri

  1. Sukorian

    great update Suraj act was bad but he see his mistake glad ever1 is free but I think there is still something fishy. Hate Mohanlaal fam ?

    1. Thank u glad u enjoy it the manhoorlal family is evil

  2. hate hate hate imli core of sukor.loove ir writing di. plz di update soon
    thanks for long update and cute one.

  3. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Glad that suraj didn’t go far & realized chakor’s innocence. Suraj is changing but not completely. Loved tejaswani. Nothing to say about chakor’s parents. Waiting for the moodekhai ritual of chakor, imli will burn in jealousy

    1. Thank u I’m glad u enjoyed it whilst imli will try humiliating chakor will receive praise

  4. Rehmat

    lovely hope chakor forgive suraj amazing I just hate imli vivan hope we will sees soon sukor romance

    1. Sukor romance will be shown soon

  5. Amazing update. Happy that Suraj freed the villagers. Sukor’s hatred is decreasing. Looking forward to the next part.

    1. Thank u glad u enjoyed it

  6. Hurry up and update!

    1. Tiippu

      Sorry somthing came up il update

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