My savior My Love – Savitri Devi -epi 18

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Recap-Pragya troubles Vikrant alot n finally when Vikrant proposes her she insults him this enrages him n he attacks her with stone but Kabir comes in between n gets hurt Vikrant doesn’t see him latter Vikrant is arrested n media covers news

Epi starts with pragya finding her way through crowd she is panicked
she calls out-Kabir Kabir Kabir

Pragya notices him standing in one corner blood is dropping from his mouth

Pragya rushes to him
Pragya (angry n tensed tone)-Abbhee what was need to come in between I was managing na everything ooohhh my god
look at this u r so badly hurt

come here let me wipe it

she uses her handkerchief n wipes blood
kabir looks at her

pragya-paagal ho tum seriously u have hobby to hurt urself

kabir-so what u wanted me to do watch u get hurt I just cannot see u in pain

Pragya looks in his eyes she gets lost

She hugs him
pragya-I too cannot see u in pain u r my best friend n spl to me

They hug

sochh naa sake plays in bg

Sanchi is smiling seeing news tears drop from his eyes

Veer goes close to her he keeps his hand on her hand

Veer-Sanchi tears on such a good time

Sanchi-Veer this is tears of happiness

Veer gently wipes tears
Veer-I hate these u r eyes shd just spark with happiness

Sanchi n Veer look deep in eachother’s eyes

phir mohabat plays in bg

Gayathri n Anand r watching news
Gayathri (tensed)-I just hope Kabir doesn’t watch this news
First only god knows where is Sanchi

Anand-Gayathri y u wry,our men tried alot to find Sanchi n they told that jaya n her taxi met wd accident so naturally both Sanchi n jaya might be dead n Kabir I will handle him he will be surrounded by so much wrk that he will forget who Sanchi is

Gayathri-Anand I dnt know am getting vry worried

Anand guys Gayathri-Dnt wry am there na

Kabir n pragya enter jaya’s ward
Sanchi is glad to see them she hugs them

Veer-Kabir how u got hurt? let me see
Kabir-nothing veer its small injury
Pragya-Hero bankar Hamari jaan bachaaiii

Veer thanks him n hugs him

Veer-Anand Malhotra seems to be very smart we need to be vry careful,
Kabir u shd make Anand feel that u r in London
He shd have no doubt otherwise our plan will fail

Kabir nods

Pragya-Bhai fail toh abh Anand aur Gayathri Malhotra ki life hogi
so here we start mission Gayathri n Anand

All 4 hold eachother’s hands

Pragya-Kabir put this sim in ur phone my friend has made this it has ur London no feeded now whenever Anand Malhotra calls u he will feel u r in London infact if he traces ur phone also it will show diff places of London

Veer-Woooowww Pragya I never knew u cd be so intelligent I thought u to be brainless

Pragya runs behind veer to beat him
while Kabir Sanchi smile

Veer hides behind Sanchi

Veer holds his ears-sorry sorry pragya I cannot run more sorry

Pragya smiles-Its ok but there is one prob according to our plan am from Singapore par humara accent toh pura desi Hindustani
Bhai toh has that natural accent

Kabir-no prob I will train u n make u perfect NRI

Kabir is shown making Pragya talk in accent n style
He teaches pragya to walk in style
He shows her some videos

kabir-pragya now I will show u how to eat food with this

Pragya-y shd I eat food with these sticks I can manage with fork

kabir-Because u r from Singapore not china

see try it this way

Pragya tries but food falls she gets upset
Kabir comes n holds her hand n make her eat
they have intense eye contact

Sanchi is explaining Malhotra house layout to veer
sanchi-This was ma’s room n this my room

Sanchi gets upset n teareyed

Veer- u faced alot in this room but I promise now there will be only happiness in this room in this entire house

Sanchi smiles

Precap-Veer n pragya sit with Gayathri n Anand
pragya-am soowie but I donot like Indiaan fooood pluhzee can u get me something Italian or may bhee thai.

  1. awesome… loved sanveer moments…

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    superb cant wait anand gayatri band bajao mission sanveer soooooo cute love you Rushi next post soon

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    Awesome nd I missed u too guys

  4. wow……..simply amazing………..this time, we got to see the bro-sis moment between praveer, & it was just osm………..luv u a lot…….& this one’s specially for u anand & gayatri-Khallas song(movie-Veerappan)……..haha……….

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    Fab epi dear..loved it a lot..waiting for your next

  6. It’s amazing update soon

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