Sukor- Dard wala Love (Chapter-5)

Sorry for this late update. I went to USA in my holidays and returned 4 days back. So , no time. And I have a lot of pending works left over so, I can’t give an early update. Sorry!!!

After 2 days,

In RM,
Our youngsters (Suraj, Vivaan and Aarav) are packing their stuff and are getting ready to reach airport.

Ana : Vivaan did you packed all the necessary things???
Viv : Yes mom!!
Ana : Okay come, your Brothers are waiting for you!!!
Viv : Yes mom!! Did Imli came???
Ana : Yes beta she’s waiting for you and if your questionaire is over let’s move
Viv(Excitedly): Yeah!!!

Both moved to the hall,
In hall, Imli, Suraj and Aarav were talking. Vivaan came and everyone left.

In airport,
Everyone reached the airport with their friends except Chakor.
Imli : Come let’s move!!!
Rani : Wait!!! One minute!!!
Aarav : What happened, Rani????
Rani : Oh actually there is a surprise for you!!!
Suraj : Now we don’t have time for any surprises!! If you want to show any surprises, now it’s not the time so let’s see afterwards!!!
Rani : Wait Suraj!!! She’s coming!!
Imli : Who’s coming??

A girl was seen in blue jeans and black sleeveless top with her luggage searching for someone . Of course she’s Chakor!! Chakor pointed Rani and hugged her. Everyone are shocked to see their bond.
Suraj : Oh so your special guest is Radhika!!!
Rani : Not Radhika but Chakor!!!
Aarav: Oh Chakor!!! What Chakor???? Are you serious???
Rani : Of course I’m serious she’s Chakor!!!!

Everyone were shocked by the sudden confession of Rani. But our Chakor who was very happy seeing her buddies can’t stop her emotions . She immediately hugged Imli even Imli reciprocated.
Chakor : I missed you all a lot!!!!
Imli : Even we!!! And by the way why didn’t you said about this before???
Rani : Because of her stupid fear that you will be so much angry with her about that departure matter???

Imli : Chakor!!! (She pulled her ears)
How did you thought that your Imli will be angry on you for that silly reasons???

Chakor (innocently) : But Imli you’re very sensitive from childhood na so I thought you will fire at me!!!

Imli : And how can I fire you idiot????

Imli again hugged Chakor.

Viv : Oh Imli matha at least give me a chance to at least see our Chakor clearly!!!!

Imli angrily pouts but Vivaan didn’t bother as Chakor is important now.

They both hugged.
Viv: You don’t know how much Imli missed you!!!

Chakor (seeing Imli) :Even me!!

Chakor : How’re you doing Aarav??

Aarav : I’m fine but I didn’t like this Radhika Verma in middle of our friendship!!!!

Chakor : Of course you may not but I should appreciate her for the work!!!

Aarav : You still didn’t change Chakor!!!

Aarav and Chakor side hugged. She met all her besties. But before Chakor can go to Suraj, they went to the aeroplane. This irked Suraj.

In Aeroplane, Chakor got her seat beside Suraj, Imli -Rani, Aarav – Vivaan. Chakor got shocked by this but she was happy as she got a chance to speak with Suraj. Chakor was trying to speak but Suraj was avoiding her.

The journey started. After sometime Suraj only finally started speaking.

Chakor : I’m really Sorry Suraj!!! I should……….
Suraj : Stop your nonsense!!!! You don’t know how we all are missing you!!! And you, is this any game for you !!!!
Chakor : I’m sorry!!! (Keeps an innocent face)

Suraj got melted by seeing her face and forgived her. They both were talking about their lives.

Suraj :How are aunty and uncle???
Chakor ‘s face became pale.
Suraj : What happened Chakor???? Anything happened to them???

Chakor (slowly): They died in a car accident!!!!

Suraj was shocked. He don’t know about them. If he know about them, he wouldn’t have asked her about this.

Suraj gave a hankie to Chakor and said he hate crying.

Chakor : You will never changed your attitude Suraj!!!!
Suraj : Never!!!!

Both laughs at a time!!!!

Chakor POV : Thanks god for bringing some happiness in my life!!! Please let this trip be an adventure with lots and lots of fun!!!!

The end.


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  1. Thanks for the update! Loved it! The friends reunion was great and Sukor convo was nice, even when he’s doing a nice thing, Suraj has to act rough. Can’t wait for the next update.

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