Mr. Perfect (Swaragini) episode 10 (Shocking Decision!)


Days pass by. Okay now its the day of marriage!!!! In all these days, Swara has fallen in love with Sanskaar, her true love!!! She starts to change herself suitable for Sanskaar!!! And coming to Sanskaar he was surprised seeing Swara changing herself but he don’t want Swara to suffer by losing her favorite things because of him whereas our Shona decided to propose Sanskaar after the marriage…………………..

Okay okay coming to wedding point!!!

The wedding hall is very well decorated with orchids.(Of course Orchids are my fav) It was looking just like heaven on earth. (I’m not expressive. Sry) The groom is seated in his places and the pandit is enchanting the mantra. Our cutie Sanskaar Maheshwari was flirting with his cousins. Yeah of course he himself is a greek god . He was wearing a royal blue and gold combination sherwani which will make any girl to fall for him. But our Shona is no more less.

A group of ladies are coming along with Kavitha(bride). They are bringing her. Then suddenly, a girl ran to her and caught her hand giving her assurance and of course it’s Swara. She was wearing a royal blue color lehenga with gold coating. She was looking awesome. Sanskaar who was flirting with girls was mesmerized seeing Swara even Swara was blushing by seeing Sanskaar.

The marriage went on.
San : Hi Shona!!
Swa : Hi Sanky!!! Ur looking dashing!!!
San : Thanks and that’s so sweet of you!!
Swa : No mention (Swara was waiting for Sanskaar to compliment her but he was not bothering her.)
Swara herself : See how much attitude!!!! Mr. Attitude wala akdu!!!!

Swara was trying to get Sanskaar’s attention but he left from there. Swara was at a verge of crying but composed. Even Sanskaar observed her but he don’t want Swara to suffer because of him!!!!!

At bidaai,
Kavitha was crying and hugging each and every person. She went to Swara.
Kav : What happened Swara??? Is Sanskaar not bothering you???
Swa : How do you know Di????
Kav : By seeing ur sad face!!!! Don’t worry maybe work pressure!!!
Swa : I don’t think so.

After 2 days,
In GM,

Ayush calls Sanskaar that everyone are waiting for him!!!!

Sanskaar goes with Ayush. Everyone are waiting for him!!!
San : Kya huya papa!!! Kuch kaam hai kya????
Dp : Ha beta come and sit
Sanskaar sits and : Okay now say papa!!!!
Dp : Actually we are now talking about your future!!!
San : Future??? What do you mean???
Shek : We want you to marry Swara!!!

Sanskaar was hell shocked whereas Swara was happy. Everyone are expecting his answer as an yes but….
San : Mom dad!! I can’t marry Swara.

Everyone are hell shocked.
Dp : What are you talking Sanky???
San : Yes papa!!! I can’t marry Swara!!! She isn’t my type!!! I don’t mean that!!! It mean I’m not suitable for Swara!!!

Dp : Are you gone nuts??? For your same Swara completely changed herself!!! Now you…..

San : Papa see even I don’t want to hurt her!!! But you only observe now she may have changed for me but in future she can’t adjust with me and even I can’t adjust with her!!!

Dp is very angry on Sanskaar.

San : You all don’t know how it will be when we adjust for others and how much we will fall in our life!!! And Papa I can’t adjust with Swara and Swara can’t adjust with me.

Dp (bursting anger ) : How can you say with that much clarity???

San : Papa listen Shaadi happens between only perfect people and my decision doesn’t changes!!!

Sanskaar leaves. Swara was Shattered in tears but don’t want to force Sanskaar!!! She can’t believe that she lost in love but was trying to be strong but can’t stop her tears. Every one were consoling Swara.

In Sanskaar room,

Sanskaar was packing his bag to leave India. He was in a hurry and was not even feeling guilty for what he did with Swara as he was thinking he was not suitable for Swara!!!


Sry for late update as I went to USA for a trip. I have a lot of works to complete So, I may update the next episode maybe after a week.

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