Suhani Si Ek Ladki 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Menka playing Amitabh’s song. Suhani starts dancing and everyone join her. Soumya comes and dances with everyone. Dadi is happy seeing Yuvraaj and Soumya dancing. They all stop seeing Dadi. Yuvraaj says Menka started playing music and we all danced. Suhani says sorry. Dadi scolds her and asks her to do her work well. Suhani says don’t worry, all the work is done, I made the Chappan Bhog too. Dadi asks Pratima did he tell about cow. Pratima says I forgot. Dadi says what? Whose puja will you do now, Suhani or Ramesh? Suhani says I will get the cow. Dadi says do you know what cow type comes here. Suhani says its Gowardhan puja. Yuvraaj says you just tell what type of cow you want. Suhani will get it.

Dadi says white cow and taunts Suhani. Rags and Menka smile. They sign each other and leave. Ramesh gives Sharad the Karele juice. Yuvrraaj pulls his leg and asks him to have it. They all make him drink it and smile.

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Suhani goes to find the cow. Radhe meets Rakhi who is also going to see cow. He says its my festival as my moon has come out in morning. Rakhi says fine, do one work. He says he will just work, 1000 times, say it. She says make the cow have this Prasad. He flirts and Rakhi stupidly smiles. He makes the cow have the Prasad. Krishna comes there and asks Rakhi what is she doing. She gets tensed and looks to see Radhe. Radhe disappears as she turns back. She says I was doing puja. Krishna asks who was with her. Rakhi says no, who will be here. He holds her hand and takes her home.

Radhe says I m James Bond and praises himself. He sits in cow dung. Yuvraaj and Sharad are also finding the white cow. The man tells Suhani that he has grey cow, not white. She says no, I want white one. Sharad tells Yuvraaj that there is only black cows. Suhani calls Yuvraaj and asks him about cow. He says we did not get it, I will call when I get it. She sits there and sees a white cow. She runs to the cow and says she wants the cow for Gowardhan puja. He says you can take it for Rs 2000. She says we can get in Rs 1000 too, but then agrees. Rags and Menka make Pratima scared of Dadi’s anger for Suhani, if she fails to get the cow.

Suhani comes and says she got the cow. Pratima gets relieved. Dadi comes there and asks about the cow. Suhani says I got it, its outside in garden. Dadi says lets do puja now. Pratima says Yuvraaj is on the way, we will start puja after he comes. Rags and Menka get upset. Rags and Menka see the white cow. Menka says Suhani did magic. Rags says how did she find white cow. She tries removing the cloth. They are shocked to see black mark on its face. Menka says it has stain. She smiles and says I will tell this to Dadi to get Suhani scolded. Rags stops her and asks her to think. She says she will show Dadi at final time.

Everyone gather for the puja. Menka says its hot, so I asked Ramesh to fix fan here. Suhani says you did good. Menka acts and says I m your best friend. Dadi asks Ramesh to get the Chappan Bhog. He gets the plate. She sees it and smiles. She does the Gau puja. Suhani says its white cow, the man took Rs 2000. Yuvraaj says thank God we got the white cow. Rags sees Suhani and Yuvraaj smiling, and thinks how Suhani opened fan and made everyone laugh as her wig flew. She opens the fan and the cloth flies. Dadi is shocked seeing the black mark on the cow.

Everyone did not know this and is shocked to see it. Rags smile. Suhani says I did not see its face being in hurry. Rags says Suhani, Dadi said cow should be white, you cheated Dadi, so you have hidden it by cloth. Suhani says sorry Dadi, I did not see this mark. Rags says you mean you did not make the cow wear this cloth. Suhani says no. Dadi says you did this to hide it. Rags scolds Suhani and says you lied to Dadi. Suhani says she is not lying, she never lies. Dadi says shut up, you have made it an issue, why did you take responsibility if you can’t fulfill it. Suhani says no. Dadi scolds her.

She asks why does she always get wrong, did her parents teach her this, you ruined the puja, its abshagun. Suhani says what abshagun, its Gau puja today and the cow is here, its white cow as you wanted, it just have black mark, it does not mean it’s a horse. She says even moon has a stain, even then people see it and keep fasts for husband’s long life, and think the milk comes in our house, we don’t know its from black cow or white cow. Sharad smiles. Dadi taunts her saying she is dark stain on their house, and she does not know importance of white color. Suhani gets upset. Dadi says if you are here, its because you are Yuvraaj’s wife, if I know who chose you here, I will kick that person out. She looks at Pratima. Yuvraaj says Dadi please, don’t scold Suhani so much, she does not know this, she did this to keep your wish. Dadi says you cover up her mistakes, what else you did till now. Yuvraaj and Suhani look at each other.

Menka tells Rags that Dadi knows Yuvraaj knows Soumya, shall we tell her that Pratima did this mistake. Soumya and Suhani have a talk about being Birla bahu and its benefits.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. seriously yaar i hate this dadi.. she is such a nonsense..

  3. That botox queen I just hate her she is soo mean to suhani

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