Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shlok and Astha seeing the bus leave. He says lets go and ask them, when will the other bus come. They go back to the Dhaba. Renuka comes home and cries after knowing about the bank fraud. Jyoti sees her and asks her what happened, are you fine. Renuka says nothing, you go. Jyoti says swear on me and Sid, tell me. Renuka says you won, I was wrong, you will get chance to taunt me now. Jyoti asks what. Renuka says the bank man was fraud, he run away with everyone’s money, go and tell Sid that I did mistake. Jyoti says why will I complain, you did not do it intentionally, forget it, I promise I won’t tell Sid, go to your room and rest now. Renuka says I taunt you so much and you are supporting me. Jyoti says you are Maa and its your right, I will get water.

Renuka thinks Jyoti is not so good as she looks, she will tell Sid. Sojal comes to Varad, and asks him why did he lie to Baba, and whats going on in his mind, you stopped me from calling Shlok and Astha to stop them, why did you let them go, you love Shlok and Astha so much. Varad says I became selfish. He says don’t tell anyone, no one can understand the pain I m going through, but what I m doing, I want your support. She asks how can you be selfish, this is not possible, you think about others without any hope, what is this selfishness to get far from them. Varad says he is also hurt, but he is being support to Niranjan now, he is seeing the son in me, he wants me to become Shlok and I feel I wanted this to happen. She looks on.

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He says when Shlok was here, I was nothing to him, but now, he is valuing me, he is trusting me now, and I did not realize this feelings before. Sojal says but…. Varad says you tell me, how can I not get selfish, both sons should have got the love which Baba gave only to Shlok, I did not know whats that love, and when I m getting it, you tell me how to let it go. He says I tried all my life to be something in Baba’s eyes, I always wanted to see pride in his eyes for me, but this did not happen, you know this, you always taunted me on this, when I got this place today, what problem you have. Shlok went to find his identity and made me get my identity in this house, if you want, I will find them and get them back home, but I will lose my identity, no one cared where I work and when I come back home, Baba did not worry for me till now, he does not care if I m hungry, if its Shlok, he makes him eat by his hands.

He says after so many years, I got the lost respect and love which I should get, how to let it go now. He says I want Baba’s love, if you love me, you will support me. Sojal cries. He leaves. Astha and Shlok see few ladies in truck and they don’t have entertaining people. Astha tells Shlok they will help us, and asks the lady to give them lift, and she will entertain them, we sing very well. The lady agrees. Astha convinces them well. Astha and Shlok get into the truck. The lady asks them to start singing. She says what are you seeing each other, come on sign. They give the dhol.

Astha says they are asking to play dhol. Shlok says go and sign now. Astha says my husband plays dhol well. She asks Shlok to sign if they want to go to Mumbai. Shlok says Astha sings well and asks her to play the dhol. Astha starts singing. She sings so badly and Shlok says wah wah…… The lady shuts their ears. She stands and is scared seeing the truck moving. Shlok sings the song Ab tu bata jo ho pata…….tere bina lamha lamha jeeyenge kaise……………..

He holds Astha and they have an eyelock. They start dancing. The ladies enjoy their performance. Mahiya………….. mere mahiya…………..plays……………. she kisses him on his cheek. Shlok looks at her and asks for a kiss on his lips. Maine khudko tujhme, tujhko mujhme karliya hai shamil…………….plays………….. They have a romantic moment, imagining themselves to be alone on the truck. Shlok holds her and they look on romantically. Tu hi mera hosh bhi……. Plays…………. He goes to kiss her and she gets shy and moves away. He goes to her and draws her closer. Bekhudi……………….plays………………. They smile and he holds her hand making her close.

She hugs him and they close their eyes to experience peaceful love. They come out of their dream, as the lady throws flowers on them, saying get up Heer Ranjha, Mumbai has come. Astha and Shlok walk on the roads hands in hands. Mumbai city is shown. She says stop Shlok, I m tired of walking, my head is aching by hot weather. Shlok asks her to stay here, till he comes. She talks to a stall vendor asking for place to leave. The lady says you want broker? Astha says she wants place. The lady says she will show the room, she can take it if she likes. Astha says fine, let my husband come, we will come.

The lady says come and see, else many people will come, I can give it in Rs 3000, you said you are new here, come else it will be your loss. Astha thinks its good city and helpful people, don’t know when will Shlok come, I will go and finalize, I can surprise him that we got a house. She says lets wait for my husband. The lady says you are newly married, so you don’t want to be away. She says we will come in 5 mins come. She tells someone that she is getting a bird, be ready. Shlok comes back with water and does not see Astha. He asks the man did he see a blue saree lady. The stall vendor says she went with a lady to see home. Shlok asks which way. The man says that way. Shlok rushes to find Astha. Astha goes with the lady.

Varad talks to Niranjan about the files and he wants his sign. Niranjan gives him the signing authority and Varad looks on stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Finaly sholk reach mumbai.varad you so bad today.

  2. Today’s episode was soooo niceeee…….

  3. Yesterday i told varad is a crooked minded.. And that is true..why astha is bahaving like an abnormal person..pls shlok save our astha

  4. now the serial has become too boring…

  5. hw varad can be sooo bad……i cant imagine…..
    she tells someone that she is getting a bird…wht does that mean??

    1. sorry i have to say this
      you dont have a good general knowladge if you are an indian you must know the meaning

      1. actually change….. i am indian …but am living in abroad since 18 years… i dont knw much about indian system

    2. It means that woman is taking astha to pimp.

    3. N square im sorry for embarrassing you if you r living abroad you dont know the meaning

      1. its ok :)…i undrstd the meanin ….ma frnd told abt that


  7. sorry but i have to say this
    you dont have a good general knowladge

    1. oh like u will everyone will the meaning of nd wat is tat indian idiot change

  8. I think this searial is going to boring.may be i’ll stop watching the show for some days.oh god,when will interesting things come?

  9. i think varad did great both shlok and varad can get their own identity.but somewhat story is not a father loves only younger son?not even care for elder son????

  10. Aastha is number one airhead

  11. I know varad character in this way. The serial comes to boring.

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