Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani asking Lata will she get doctor tests done or shall I force you for it. Lata says she is fine. Suhani insists. Dadi and Rags plan to unite Yuvraaj and Soumya, and smile after sending Suhani to her Maayka. Sharad tells Pratima that they have to find out the planning Dadi is doing. Pratima says yes, I don’t find this good. He asks her not to worry, and gets Snoopi. Dadi comes and says puja is going on here, and asks him to take Snoopi out. Suhani calls Yuvraaj and asks did he get his headphone. He says yes. She asks about the juice. He says same as ever. She asks is he angry on her. He says Dadi will scold you if she knows I got late because of you. She asks him to go to puja. He asks about Lata. She says she is fine, she got ill in my and Bhavna’s worry. She says fine, go to puja, else I will annoy Dadi. She says she worries for him and asks him to take care. She ends the call.

Pratima asks Ramesh to take Snoopi outside. Dadi asks her to send Sharad as well. Soumya comes smiling. Pratima asks Sharad to leave. Dadi acts sweet to Soumya and sits with her smiling. She asks Yuvraaj to sit beside Soumya, shocking Pratima. Yuvraaj looks at Soumya. Suhani talks to the veg vendor and says she is staying at her mum’s place as she is unwell. She thinks about puja at home. She sees Krishna there and is shocked. He says he has to talk something important about Soumya. She asks what is it, whats left now to talk. He says if someone is asking for a chance to save the marriage, won’t I get that one chance. She says what chance, what is he saying. He says he was jobless and got angry on Soumya, now he is realizing his mistake.

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She says its not about job, but of mentality, to keep your wife under our feet. He says a person needs time to change, I m trying, talk to Soumya once. He folds hands and requests her to please talk to Soumya about him. He leaves. Sharad tells Snoopi that he is worried for whats going on inside. The pandit thinks Soumya is Yuvraaj’s wife and asks them to do rituals as husband and wife. Pratima says Soumya is not Yuvraaj’s wife. The pandit apologized. Pratima says her elder son and bahu have this right to do rituals and sends Rags and Saurabh to do the rituals. Dadi gets angry.Rags hides the sindoor box while everyone is praying. Dadi looks on and smiles. Sharad says he has to find out by doing something.

Suhani sees a small temple in the market and sits to pray. She lights the diya. Dadi asks Yuvraaj to get sindoor from the house temple. Suhani does the puja. Dadi signs Menka and she goes to open the fan. Dadi smiles. Suhanai prays for her family’s safety and all problems to end. She prays Soumya and Krishna’s relation to have love again. Yuvraaj brings the sindoor plate and Menka opens the huge fan to make the sindoor fall on Soumya. Sharad looks on and sends Snoopi to fail Menka’s plan. He throws the ball and Snoopi runs. He bumps into Yuvraaj and the sindoor plate falls on the ground and some of it gets on Soumya’s face. Everyone is shocked. Sharad smiles seeing this.

Suhani prays for Yuvraaj. Menka gets angry on Snoopi and Yuvraaj says it’s a dog. Menka blames Sharad. Yuvraaj defends Sharad. Dadi brings Soumya to the room and shows her the sindoor on her face. She talks to her and says she knows she likes Yuvraaj. Soumya asks what is she saying. Dadi says I have seen you seeing Yuvraaj, and I have seen you regretting to say no to him, but the truth is you don’t want to make this sindoor apart, tell me is this true. Soumya looks in the mirror. Dadi smiles.

Suhani tells Pratima about Sharad and Soumya’s relation. Dadi tells Yuvraaj to buy a saree for Soumya.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. its gud dat dumbo is usng her brain to make gud future for soumya n dis soumya dumbo is inturn getng rdy 2 ruin suhani life.chi…what a loyalty is dis nasty soumya is shwng 2 her fnd…shame on u soumya…daadi toh anyways no better words shld b used 4 her cz she lost her senses way back itself…suhani use ua brain n make a faster move so that u dnt get on d roads cz of daadi,soumya’s plot…wake up mrs.dumbo wakeup atleast nw..

  2. Hope soon that suhani finds out the truth

  3. Thanks amena… but late… from tommrw plzz on time… its a request… nyc episode. .

  4. Bullshit!! This nonesense will never end.. i hate this serial

  5. If u are not a fool then use ur mind nd brain and take correct decisions

  6. This show is nothing but … nasty…

    No morals to that idiotic old waste fellow..

    Chi chi wacky..

  7. suhani u r fit 4 nthng,,,haa if dr’s nythng u r fir dn only cryng n act like donky who doesnt use brain at allll…
    daadi toh shld pour water in spoon n die in it..she’s of no use..

  8. suhani is nice okay but she actss soo stupid at times bachan sab and all so cheap!! senseless female and soumya is not so bad cause ppl are making her get feelings for yuvraaj!! I wish to see souwmya n yuvraaj together

    1. princess akeela

      oh so u wud glad if ur fren want ur man

  9. sheesh let suhani find out the truth i hate when they drag it out sooooooooooo long

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