Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rachna appreciates the M on Gunjan’s hand and henna. Seema comes to the room, Aadi’s words echo in her mind. Bindia watches from the window, waiting for the drama. Seema tells Gunjan that there were vulgar phone calls on her number so she switched it off, and Gunjan must also keep it switched it off. She leaves, Gunjan and Rachna skeptic. Bindia thinks she planted a bomb, but it turned to a cigar only.
Bindia thinks she must do something to move the whole family, and then wonders what she must do. The door bell rings. She opens the door; there lie a young man on her feet. She calls him to stand up; she wonders where he came from. She is watches the young man, he forbids her to come closer to him. She asks who he wants to meet. He says he doesn’t talk to an unknown girl, and asks to call his Kaka and Kaki. She asks for his introduction. He calls his Kaka. Shayl comes and recognizes him as Vikram. Dayal says he forgot to tell them, that he invited him. He has to learn some work on his shop.
At night Gunjan finds Mayank’s letter, watches Rachna asleep and goes out. Mayank was waiting for her on the terrace. She appears from behind the colourful cloths hung for drying. She gets draped in a red one, Mayank removes it from over her face and smiles as he caresses her face. She keeps him away from her, and says the elders have forbidden them to meet. She asks what important thing he had to talk about. Mayank kneels down, takes her hand. He says he is regretting whatever he has done, but now he promises that he won’t give her any pain; he will love her more than before and asks her for apology. She helps him stand. He says I love you, she says the same. Shayl smiles, and thanks God hearing this, she prays they both remain together, forever.
Dayal asks Rachna about the projector. She says she wants to project Mayank and Rachna’s photo collection. Prabhu also supports her, Dayal allows Rachna to order for the projector. Rachna says Gunjan and Mayank must not know about the surprise.

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Akaash comes home, Rachna greets him and takes a leave. Dayal congratulates Akaash, he calls Seema. Akaash congratulates her on Mayank’s wedding, she takes a leave as she has important thing to do. Shayl suspects.
Bindia comes to the kitchen, and calls Aadi. She says she got an idea to stop this video. She tells him Rachna is going to project Mayank and Gunjan’s photos, she asks if he has Gunjan and his photos; he must make such photos of them together through computer graphics that shows them husband and wife. Aadi says he will.
Mayank meets Akaash in the corridor, and touches his foot. Akaash says that God has given another chance, and he won’t be forgiven another time. Mayank says he won’t let him a chance to complain. Akaash says to Gunjan that he is really happy, she says she is also happy to see the difference between him and Mayank have cleared. Akaash says he is happy for her, that she chose such a life partner. Gunjan prays there is no problem now.
Bindia gets a message, that CD is on the way. Bindia thinks she must stay here, for some time. Bindia says thank you to Rachna for the arrangements. Seema holds Bindia’s hands and takes her inside. The bell rings, Bindia tells Seema she will just be there. Rachna gets the CD, and thinks this is the photo’s CD. Bindia says she must take the CD anyway, she calls Rachna and asks is everything alright. Has she planned a presentation? Rachna says everything is almost done, and goes with the CD. Bindia wonders what to do.
Akaash takes a leave from Gunjan, when Rachna comes there. She notices Gunjan lost somewhere. Gunjan says she is just a bit afraid, she doesn’t want anything wrong now. She trusts her love. Rachna says it is a new beginning and everything will be alright. Bindia comes to the room, with a big woow. The bangle breaks in Gunjan’s hand, Bindia says sorry, it is a bad omen.
Mayank gets ready when Seema and Prabhu comes to his room. Seema says he seems to be a prince than a groom. Today, she will be able to see him and Gunjan together. She says that now everything will be good.
Gunjan says to Bindia she doesn’t believe in good or bad omen. Everything depends on the luck, which a man moulds himself. Bindia watches the CD, and asks Gunjan to help her select the jewellery. Bindia takes the CD, as Gunjan tries a necklace. Rachna calls Bindia, and the CD drops from her hand.

PRECAP: Rachna begins the presentation, the photos of Aadi and Gunjan play. Gunjan shouts at closing this all.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Aadi and Bindia is pure evil , both of them ,need to get out of the show now

  2. as for this soap gunjan and mayank are an old married couple what is all this courting now and love scene stop this nonsense and get back together as husband and wife before it is toooooooooo late.

  3. Yes Bindia and Adi needs to be kicked to the curb. Hopefully Rachna remembers the CD falling from next to Bindia and senses that she us behind it

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