Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani cooking food and asking Ramesh to rest, as he is elder and she will call him bhaiya, and she will win everyone’s heart by my good food. Rags and Menka see them talking aand say they really look same to same, just like brother sister. They come to Suhani and sends Ramesh on leave. Menka acts sweet and says we will help her today, as we are also her sisters like. Rags says yes sure. Rags asks her not to make any middle class dish as they have Dadi’s likes and dislikes list. They tell Suhani what to cook. Suhani cooks and Menka gives her a long list. Suhani is unmoved and smiles.

Rags also increases the work. Suhani says she will make everything. Rags and Menka look at her confidence. Pratima is happy knowing from Ramesh that Suhani is cooking good and Rags and Menka are helping her. Pratima says great I will also help them. Dadi says no need, lets see what she makes and how. Yuvraaj comes back home and tells Dadi he went out. Sharad tries to answer and Dadi says I m asking my family member, not you. Sharad leaves annoyed.

Yuvraaj asks Dadi to leave getting angry on Sharad and leaves. Suhani makes the food and Pratima asks is there any problem. Suhani says no. Pratima gives her the white plates in which Dadi eats food. Rags tells Dadi that she has told her fav dishes to Suhani. Suhani serves the food and Rags asks Suhani to make more rotis as Anuj eats many. Rags asks Suhani to make sweets. Suhani says you did not say before and how will I make it so soon. She says Suji ka halwa.

Everyone look at the food Suhani made. Dadi does not like imperfect things. Suhani says sorry. Yuvraaj and Sharad. Dadi shows the plate which is not clean. Pratima looks on. Dadi scolds Suhani. She says I will not touch this food, you made it, you have it. She leaves. Rags and Menka leave without eating. Anuj and Saurabh eat the food and say its very different. Suhani says sorry, I used lemon in it. Saurabh says its very tasty, we like it. Pratima is happy as ?Anuj is having bhendi. Anuj asks is this bhendi, its so finely cut, I did not know.

Anuj and Saurabh like the food. Pratima is happy. Rags and Menka come back and see their husbands eating. They stop them, but Saurabh says we are getting tasty food after a long time, so I give the best cook award to Suhani in this house from my side. Suhani smiles and comes to talk to Dadi. Dadi asks her to leave. Sharad asks Yuvraaj will he have any food. Yuvraaj is upset and says Dadi would have come before. Sharad asks him to explain Suhani that she is not fit for their house. Yuvraaj thinks. Suhani cries in her room and writes her feelings on a document. She says no one understands me here and Yuvraaj is not supporting me.

Yuvraaj hears her and sees her crying. Krishna and Soumya have a sweet moments and makes her have food by his hands. Soumya really likes the food and kisses his hand. They get glad and smile. She asks shall I talk to Suhani. He says first let the marriage certificate come, then talk to her. She smiles. Yuvraaj talks to Suhani and she says she will keep trying to win everyone’s heart as this is her world now. She asks why did you not have food. He says I had lunch with my friends, I did not know. She says yes, I did not tell you.

He says come with me on drive. She says no, my mood is not bad. He says it will become good, come with me. She writes the document that Yuvraaj is trying to fill happiness in this relation and I will also try to keep him happy. Suhani is very excited and thinks what to wear. He stands out and hears her filmi story. Yuvraaj says we are going by car and waits for Suhani. She says I think he heard everything, what will he think, I m a donkey. Yuvraaj thinks you have a right to cry Suhani, but this forced relation won’t give you happiness, I wished you and your family understood this. He leaves.

Saurabh tells Dadi that Yuvraaj took Suhani on long drive. Pratima says its good. Rags says what good, Dadi is hungry here, he did not make her have food and took Suhani out. Dadi looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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