Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rashi feels someone is following her. Urmila tells her that Kokila won’t come behind them. She comes to the Spa and says they have taken an appointment for steam bath. Receptionist asks her to remove her clothes and jewellery and wear the gown. Urmila refuses. Rashi makes her understand that they have to wear the gown. They go inside. Tuitor comes indisguise of a mechanic and does something to the steam meter. Urmila feels suffocated after a while. She tries to open the door. Tuitor says, you made my Gopi cry, this is your end. Urmila knocks on the door and asks for help. Tuitor leaves.

Some girls hear her screams and tells the receptionist. Urmila faints. She goes to check the steam room. She tries to open the door but it was locked. Rashi comes out of her room. Receptionist informs her that Urmila has been locked inside the steam room. Rashi panics. They manage to open the door. Rashi brings her outside and gives her water to drink. Urmila opens her eyes and says she would have become steam in that room. Rashi smiles.

Rashi drops Urmila at her home and says she have to cook food after going home. Rashi hugs her and says she would have died if something happened to her. Urmila cries. Rashi gets Jigar’s call. Jigar asks her to come home and says he can’t handle the kids. Rashi asks, what you will do if I go very far from you. Jigar says, I can’t think about it. Rashi says, she will come soon.

Kokila asks Gopi about Rashi. Gopi says, she might be in her room. Hetal asks Jigar to call Rashi. Jigar informs them that she is not in the room. He tells them that she went out and will be back soon. Tuitor hears them and stops Rashi outside. He asks her to enter from back door. She says, how can she cook food in such a less time. He tells her everything is ready. He says, I made the food. Rashi thanks him. Gopi says, she will go and check the food. Rashi comes with food dishes and says she made the food. She says, she returned after taking Urmila to a doctor. Kokila asks Tuitor to have food. He says sure and sits.

Jigar praises the food. Gopi asks her, when did you cook the food. Rashi says, shall I tell you everything. Hetal asks them not to fight. Tuitor thinks, it seems Urmila is saved. Ahem tells the kids that he has gifts for everyone. He gives the gifts to Tolu, Molu and Meera. Vidya asks where is my gift? Ahem says, I didn’t bring any gift for you as you behaved badly with Meethi. Vidya gets sad. Gopi comes and asks them to sleep. Ahem gives Vidya’s gift to Gopi and says he wanted to make Vidya realize her mistake and asks her to give the gift in the morning.

Tuitor comes and fills Vidya’s ears saying Ahem behaves as a step father. He leaves. Gopi comes to Vidya and asks her to come to her room. Vidya asks, whether Papa doesn’t love me? Gopi says, he loves you a lot. Vidya says, Papa is not good. Gopi says, he didn’t do anything wrong. Vidya says, Masterji said that he did wrong with me. She asks, is Ahem her step Dad. Gopi gets shocked.

Gopi asks, who told you this? You can’t say like this for your Papa. Gopi thinks who told Vidya about it. Tuitor sees Gopi in the morning and thinks his day will be good. Ahem comes back after exercising. Gopi says, she will make Rava Dosa for him. Ahem asks her to take out his clothes from the wardrobe. Gopi says, she will come. Tuitor gets annoyed with Ahem and thinks Ahem is trying to impress Gopi with his gifts and muscles.

Vidya asks Gopi to check her home work. Gopi asks her to show the home work to Papa. Vidya says she is angry at him. She says, she will get her homework checked by Masterji. She says, he told me that Papa should have gifted me. Gopi takes the book for checking and thinks why Masterji is talking like this with Vidya. She comes to his room and sees the pencil box. She thinks, what is in the pencil box. She opens the box and sees her pic inside. She wonders what is happening. She thinks to talk to him.

Tuitor is seen doing Push ups to impress Gopi and kids cheer for him. Gopi comes and asks the kids to go to their room. Tuitor thinks it seems Gopi came to talk to me. Kids go to their rooms. Gopi asks him, what is all this? He thinks she is talking about his change. He says, he didn’t have any other option. Gopi says, you did wrong. He says, I thought I can become like him. Gopi says, you said Vidya that Ahem doesn’t love Vidya and also told that he is her step Dad. Tuitor gets shocked.

Tuitor says, he felt strange when Ahem didn’t gift anything to Vidya. I just told her that how can a father behaves like a step father. Gopi shows him the pic. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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    )//////FRIENDS\\\\\\(this is the friendship band to all my friends…..
    Seems now it is time for Rashi to quit the show….n plz we don’t want to watch this serial without Rashi……always something goes wrong in this serial pehle meera an Rashi…. Everyone dies here…..we too are dying by watching this stupid plot…..

  2. HAPPY FRIENDSHP DAY 2 al my frnds here.

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  8. Omg i am broke. .i read that Rashi will be killed by Masterji (Manoj Chandila). Says a source from the show, “Masterji secretly loves Gopi and wants her at any cost. He will try to kill Ahem thinking that this would leave Gopi with no option but to marry him. But Rashi will come in the way and get killed.” Rucha didn’t revert to our text message. Rucha confirmed, “Yes, I am quitting the show, but there is no clarity regarding my last day of shoot. It could be either July 31 or August 1. However, I can’t disclose what will happen to my character.”

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