Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi getting Krishna kidnapped. The goons bring the sack and leave to Dadi. Dadi checks the sack and gets shocked seeing Suhani. Suhani also gets shocked and recalls how she stopped Krishna, and went to talk to driver. She says so you did all this Dadi. Dadi says yes, it was my plan, I will do this till Yuvaan and Krishna’s marriage break. Suhani asks how can you fall so low. Dadi argues and says Krishna is not suitable for Yuvaan. Suhani says you can never understand Krishna, and Yuvaan is my son, I will decide for his life, be away from my son, I don’t agree to your opinion. She leaves.

Yuvani waits for Dadi. Bhavna, Sharad and Pratima wait for Suhani and Krishna. Yuvraaj coughs. Pratima goes to him. He says I m fine, its just cough. Yuvani gets shocked seeing Krishna. Krishna says I have been waiting for Suhani all day at parlor, and she did not come back. Pratima says I asked her to get gift from market. Suhani comes and says sorry, I got late, I did not get time to make a call. Pratima says its fine, go and change, we will start sangeet.

Everyone get ready and come for sangeet. Baby comes and sees Yuvaan. Dadi talks to Yuvani and asks her to come, Suhani does not know you are involved in this plan. Suhani and Yuvraaj sit. He says your decision was right. She says yes, it got sure now. She thinks if Dadi thinks Krishna is not suitable for Yuvaan, she does not know it, as I m better in knowing nature. Sharad and Bhavna welcome everyone in sangeet. Everyone clap. Sharad and Bhavna do the skut and show Yuvraaj and Suhani’s love story. Suhani and Yuvraaj smile. Suhani and Yuvraaj’s meets and friendships are shown. They gradually fell in love. Saiyyam comes and says even then the girl left her love and went. Everyone look at him. Saiyyam says the girl went and was staying with her little son, her friend supported her and his name was Sambhav. Suhani gets tensed. Saiyyam comes and says now Suhani is going to marry her friend’s murderer Yuvraaj and start a new life. Yuvaan asks what nonsense. Saiyyam says its truth, and truth is always bitter.

Yuvraaj angrily leaves. Dadi comes and asks why did you come to room. Yuvraaj says what could I do, children were there. Dadi says why did you not say, Suhani killed Sambhav, not you. Saiyyam hears this and gets shocked. Dadi says tell everyone you took the crime on your head and went to jail, Suhani killed her husband, what is your mistake. Yuvraaj asks her to stop it. Dadi asks why shall I shut up. Saiyyam thinks Suhani is murderer, she killed her husband. He goes. Dadi says you have bear all this since many years, Sambhav came in our life because of Suhani, she killed him. Yuvraaj says if Suhani did not burn him that day, I would have burnt him, I would have not left her. Suhani comes and hears them. Dadi says that guy is blaming you for Suhani’s crime.

Yuvraaj says he is right, Suhani and I killed his father together, I can do that again if needed. Dadi says I m nothing to you, you just think of Suhani. She turns and sees Suhani. She leaves angrily. Saiyyam says my father died and today I will give mukti to my mother, I don’t want to make relation with her, why did she marry Sambhav if there was no love, why did she ruin our life.

Suhani tells Yuvraaj to let her tell Sambhav’s crime to Saiyyam, why are you bearing this, I did crime and let me bear the price. Pratima says no Suhani. Saiyyam burns Suhani’s pic and says I became an orphan today, my parents died for me. He sits crying. He says I will take revenge from Suhani.

Pratima says when Dadi does not understand, then how can we expect Saiyyam to understand, we don’t think his thinking, if he starts hating you then. Suhani says shall we just bear his misbehavior then. Yuvraaj says yes, its Yuvaan’s marriage. Pratima says I got children after a long time, I will see other things later. Suhani agrees. Suhani promises Saiyyam will not do anything. Yuvani says i will not get ready for mehendi or marriage.

Dadi explains her that this marriage will not happen. Yuvani asks how will we stop this marriage. Dadi says we won’t do anything, Suhani got to know we tried to kidnap Krishna, we will fulfill our plan tomorrow, Suhani will be busy. Baby hears them and thinks they can’t do anything, I have to do something, I have to break this marriage any way and put blame on Dadi.

Baby injects Yuvaan, and faints him. She says now I will see how this marriage happens.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I hate dadi and baby and yuvani too and krishna is so dumb girl

  2. I think this will go same way as when yuvraj was supposed to marry suhani but sambhav married her. Why the writers don’t bring out truth I don’t know. Will yuvaan marry Krishna?

    1. Love you saiyyam

      But here saiyyam is not sambav he is good at heart he just don’t know the truth so I think we have to see another forced marriage of Krishna and yuvan
      I want saiyyam and Krishna but CVS are always opposite to what we think

    2. Me too!
      I also wanted saiyyam and Krishna!
      But it is going to be another suhani and yuvraj. 🙁
      What can you do.
      Peoples forget how yuvaan is bad!

      He tried to kill saiyyam!

      Yuvaan got Krishna drunk!
      Dump and left Krishna on the floor!
      Then yuvaan blamed it all on saiyyam.

      Yuvaan doesn’t care or love Krishna.
      Krishna is stupid girl.

    3. May b ur wish will come true.. may b yuvan will faint and saiyyam will marry krishna..

    4. I like show, like, Punar Vivaah, by zee tv.
      This show was is about, getting married for the second time.

      Beautifully written, and beautifully handled.
      The full show is on you tube, if anyone want to watch.
      Last shown on 2013!

      This show, suhani si ek ladki, is BADLY WRITTEN!.
      Also, some people don’t like the idea of divorce.

      I don’t know if some of you guy’s have watch this show Punar vivaah. But I believe that you should watch this show.

      Now to this show. Suhani ek ladki!
      I get depression from this STUPID show.
      I believe, so do the rest of you guy’s.

      The problem is the character’s, of the show not the actor!

      Yuvraj and suhani, is what I call a disaster couple. These two should have NOT got together.

      They should get some example from Yash and Aarti from punar vivaah. Both of them have children from their first marriage, but they had to work together, in order to keep the family together.
      Both of them ( yash and aarti) had to understand the children needs.
      Suhani is a selfish mother, she is not listening to her children. Suhani goes she knows people character!

      I don’t think so!
      Now I did say that I wanted Krishna and saiyyam to get together.
      But now I am worried. Why, because of Krishna!

      I have seen many things in My life.

      There was this family, that I know. The mother got her son to marry this girl like the character Krishna. The girl was shy, like Krishna, weak like Krishna. Quiet like Krishna.

      Every one that know this girl, said she was good In character.

      The boy was like yuvaan, just like yuvaan, he like a girl like Baby.

      Because of his mother, they couldn’t get together.

      The boy and the girl got married.
      Because the boy had no interest in the girl in question.
      The girl found out that the boy, decided to leave her.

      So the girl tried to kill her husband.
      Because she was obsession, with him, since childhood.
      I believe Krishna has the same problem, as a girl in question.
      She has obsessed love for yuvaan.
      Having a woman like suhani doesn’t help. The boy mother made the same mistake as suhani.

      I don’t know what the writers are going to do.
      But if this was real life, I believe that Krishna should get help!
      The is a say:
      The quiet ones are the most dangerous one.
      At least the character like dadi and Baby, you can see. But character like Krishna, you can’t see.
      The is another say;
      If you keep on kicking a puppy, the puppy, well grow up, and become a dog. The dog well bite back.
      Their is a dark side to Krishna, she is forcing herself, onto yuvaan. Just like the girl in question. So beware!

  3. Saiyaam is bring really psycho now first his anger was justified but now that he is slowly getting the truth he should try to know why this happened and suhani also has to tell what monster his father was. Yuvaan-krishna marriage preparation and dadi-yuvani-baby plotting are just irritating . Why don’t they just show the development of the kids as grewn up adult and concentrate on yuvraaj-suhani-saiyaam parental bond.

    1. U r totally rite… I just want positive in show…. I watch this 4 yuvraj n suhani… N now they must tell the truth

    2. I agree with you, but saiyyam being a psychopath, is the results of suhani. If the truth does come out. Saiyyam won’t believe suhani, because what she did to him.

      For me, saiyyam what does to suhani is justified. She deserves it!
      I don’t have anything for this character!
      If it was so bad for suhani, then why didn’t she have an abortion.
      Then that yuvraj poison suhani, by keeping saying sambhav son.
      What comes around goes around!

      Saiyyam isn’t bad at heart, but suhani made him bad!

      Suhani is what we call a bad mother!
      She damage all the kids, including Krishna!

      If suhani loved her children, then she won’t marry yuvraj, and she won’t force marriage yuvaan and Krishna.

      Yuvaan and yuvani are bad, but their badness is not justifiable.
      They had everything, including suhani LOVE!

      Saiyyam didn’t!

      I am on Dadi side, she was,right along, about suhani. That suhani Wasn’t right for her family.

      What kind of mother is suhani!

      I pity the people that has mother like suhani!

    3. I agree with you suhani should have abortion but i guess when he was born she was not in right mind( guilt for yuvraaj’s and soumya’s sacrifice, tension for the 3 other kids, depression …) when she went through this and want to get the baby back it was too late. It was not really her fault but yes i blame her for not telling the truth . whatever she accept him or not in upon her but as a human he has the right the know about his dad and why his mom doesn’t love him like his step siblings .
      This is why i wish so much they leave the useless marriage track and show the trio’s ( yu..,suh..,saiy…) development with parallel the 3 others kids career/education track

    4. If Dadi was silent they would have been leading a happy life now,,,,Dadi wants everyone to follow her principles and Suhani wants everyone to follow her thoughts,,,,Dadi chose wrong way to make it happen and evrythng ,even Yuvi’s mrg lyf got risked,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,also Suhani can’t let his son marry to Baby who wants to marry him just for money(Well which mother does that),,,,,If she stops Krishna-Yuvan mrg it’s obvious that Yuvan will marry Baby,,,so it really is a confusing situation for her,,,,,

  4. Laya

    Yuri to happen no

  5. jus dragging and what abt yuvaraj, coughing. show some bond bw children n parents

  6. Cant these writers show something new now this saiyyam will torture suhani and this baby will make fake relation with yuvaan nd marry him. Plz guys stop repeating typical indian drama it is now predictable kill this dadi nd everything will be fine

  7. such a sick pathetic serial is this in the whole star plus. i hate it now.

  8. krishna ?Sayyam

    What I hope would happen is yuvan is gonna be hidden and unconscious and in order to save Krishnas reputation sayyam will marry her and they are gonna have issues with relationship but will eventually fall in love

  9. I think saiyyam will end up marrying baby n dadi need a life n leave Suhani alone

  10. Krishna is a good n beautiful girl, n she shouldn’t marry stupid Guy’s like Yuvan or Saiyam, I think she should marry Gulo Bhavna’s son or some other nice wealthy guy, since she has already been like Cinderella in that Birla house full of evil people.

  11. Suhani wants Yuvan to marry Krishna,,,I don’t think that she is doing this bcoz she is a bad mother…..She is doing this bcoz he wants Yuvan to stay happy,,,,,,Suhani is totally right about Baby,,,,She is marrying Yuvan just for money,,,,,Her aim is to marry him and dumb him soon after mrg,,,,,So what’s wrong if Suhani want to save his son from such a cheapo girl,,,,shud she allow him to ruin his lyf,,,,,,If Suhani cancels Yuvan-Krishna mrg,,,it’s obvious that He will go to Baby,,,,…..I don’t want Krishna to marry Yuvan,Bt Suhani can’t do anything here,,,,Some miracle shud happen,,,,,,,

    1. If it is to be Sayyam-Krishna,,,,some groom swapping drama shud happen and Sayyam shud marry Krishna,,,,else if Yuvan himself cancels the mrg,Krishna will totally break,,,,She won’t be able to bear the pain of rejection and surely will do something,,,,,I agree to Lucy that the silent ones are more dangerous

  12. Amalina

    I believe sayyam will marry krishna to save her reputation!

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