Mere Angne Mein 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amit going to Shivam. He sees the punching bag and hits it. He jokes on Shivam to beat the bag instead human. He asks him to do boxing and earn money. Shivam says I don’t like earning money wrong way. Amit says its not wrong, its right way, you can do boxing and earn good money. Shivam asks him to stop it, as his mind is already upset. Amit hits the bag and smiles.

Babloo tries to wake up Lallan. He calls up Rani. Rani asks did Lallan wake up. Babloo says no, come soon, else I will come Shanti Sadan. She says you are young, don’t come, we are coming there. Rani says haldi ended, I will go home. Sarla asks him to take Amit home. Rani calls out Amit. Nimmi goes out to throw junk and gets shocked seeing Nandu’s parents.

Nimmi runs and locks door, telling everyone that Nandu’s parents are coming. Preeti and Nandu run to hide. Everyone get shocked and think what to do. Nandu tells Nimmi that he asked his parents not to come, don’t know how did they come so soon. Sarla applies haldi to herself. Kaushalya welcomes Nandu’s parents. Kaushalya says we got surprised as you did not inform us about your arrival. Nandu’s mum says we wanted to surprise you, we have forgiven Nandu, we accept Preeti as our bahu now, we came to take them. They all get shocked.

Kaushalya worries and says I think you don’t know about this. They ask what news. Lady says Nandu did not tell us anything. Kaushalya says actually… Nimmi makes an excuse and says Nandu has gone to Singapore for a trip. The lady says he did not tell me anything. Shanti thinks Nimmi is lying about Nandu’s death. Lady asks is anyone’s haldi going on here, why did Sarla apply haldi, is she remarrying. Sarla says yes. Lady asks why, did your first marriage break. Sarla says no, why will it break, its anniversary and so celebrating with haldi. Lady asks marriage date. Sarla lies. Shanti and Kaushalya worry. Shanti thinks so many lies to hide one lie. Sarla asks Shanti to apply haldi to her. Shanti says I m unwell. Rani applies her haldi. Shanti asks Kaushalya what to tell Nandu’s parents. Ashok comes home. Nimmi worries.

Nimmi tells Ashok that its his wedding anniversary. Kaushalya does his aarti and asks him not to tell anything and be quiet. Nimmi makes him sit with Sarla. He says why, Preeti’s haldi was happening, why did Sarla sit here. They worry. Nimmi asks everyone to come and apply haldi to Sarla and Ashok. Shivam and Amit come downstairs. Nimmi says they are Nandu’s parents, they should not know what happened, we will celebrate for Sarla and Ashok. Sarla applies haldi to Ashok. Nandu’s parents look on. Sarla asks him to sit quiet. Pari comes. Kaushalya says its Ashok’s haldi. Pari calls them cute. Ashok gets angry. Pari takes the pics. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to go and see Lucky, he does not know Preeti was married. Nandu’s mum stops Nimmi and asks about Preeti.

Kaushalya worries. Shanti says you have spoiled all this, I m going to room, you manage all this. She says I m unwell, forgive me, I m going to rest. Shanti goes to room. Preeti cries and says my fate always cheat me. Shanti says its by your deeds, think what you have done. Sarla asks Nandu’s parents to leave. They say we will stay here at night, its our house also. Sarla says fine, you can stay. Babloo thinks where is Shanti Sadan and finds out.

Rani worries for Babloo and tells Kaushalya that they have to go. Kaushalya asks them not to go, I can’t manage this alone. Nimmi goes to talk to Lucky. They see Pari hearing them and act. Nimmi says relatives came, they will leave in some time. Pari says in two meetings, you got much friendly. Nandu answers Pari and sends her. Nimmi says don’t come out, they will go.

Kaushalya sings haldi song. Sarla says you can get scolding by Shanti, ask her to help us. Amit and Rani were leaving. Kaushalya stops them and asks Rani to come with her to convince Shanti. Kaushalya begs to Shanti to help them. Shanti says don’t cry, I will come, but I have a condition.

Raghav tells Nandu’s dad that Preeti and Nandu’s relation ended. Nandu’s mum curses everyone that their coming seven generations will not stay happy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. This Preeti marriage track to long to be seen already bored of this track everyone doing there own judgment no one asking for advice at this point shan’t is unable to do anything now khusla is ruling at shan’t shandan what after when Preeti track is over then babloo track I mean show some positive always focusing on negative theme tired of same track all over and Preeti she just thinking of herself only selfish girl keep on blaming on nimmi and trusting on others

  3. Story/plot is going haywire now, nothing makes any sence… Preeti/Nandu track and ow this Babloo, its all going wierd, this should end now. And either story should turn interesting or serial should end now.

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