Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna saying against Suhani. Saiyyam shouts shut up. She sits crying. He cries and sits to console her. Krishna falls asleep. Saiyyam lifts her and takes her to room. He makes her rest and leaves. Suhani sees old photos and smiles. She gets sad seeing Yuvaan’s pic. Saiyyam sees Yuvaan’s pic and thinks of him. He smiles seeing the family photos. He goes to Suhani and hugs her. He thanks her.

Its morning, Bhavna makes Suhani exercise. Days pass. Suhani comes for lunch. Krishna sees her and leaves. Dadi and everyone look at Suhani. Suhani does aarti at home. Krishna does not take prasad from Suhani and turns face away. Saiyyam sees Krishna. He takes prasad from Suhani. Its night, Suhani sees baby clothes and keeps in a bag. She sees Yuvraaj’s photo and smiles. She hugs the pic.

Its morning, Dadi and Pratima make Suhani rest. Dadi says its seven months, that girl did not talk to Suhani till now, Suhani is doing a lot for her. Suhani says she lost her child. Dadi says we also lost our child, it does not mean we spoil someone’s life, she should take revenge from Baby, why is she not understanding this, its tough to give birth to baby in this age. Suhani says Yuvraaj would be glad if he was here today, seeing you support me, please give some time to Krishna. Dadi agrees.

Bhavna and Krishna make food. Krishna acts rude. She dumps the chillies and washes hands. Bhavna looks on. Krishna says if I try to harm her, there won’t be any difference between me and her, I want any blame, you cook food for Suhani. She goes.

Suhani takes some wool from cupboard. Saiyyam comes to her and makes her sit. She says you thought of me after many days. He holds ears and says sorry. She says I know you have some work. He gives her bangles and says when Krishna was pregnant, I made this for her, you keep this. She says no, give this to Krishna when we give the baby to her. He says sorry. She says give some time to Krishna. He says you can keep this child if you want. She says no, its your and Krishna’s child. Krishna brings cradle and angrily sees Suhani.

Krishna says you don’t want to give orphan childhood to this baby, so you want to give the baby to us. Saiyyam shouts Krishna. Krishna says I don’t want this baby and this cradle. She applies black dot to Suhani and says none’s bad sight should affect your child. She goes. Suhani gets sad. Saiyyam makes her sit. He goes. He stops Krishna and asks her to apologize. She asks why, I did not do anything wrong, enough of drama. Dadi asks what happened. Krishna says one child is killed and other is given to me to wash sins. Bhavna asks what are you saying.

Dadi says Suhani went against me and raised you. Krishna says so what, her favors are over now, I m leaving from this house. Suhani stops Krishna. Krishna frees her hand and it jerks Suhani. Saiyyam holds Suhani and says if I was not here, it would have happened what happened with you. Dadi asks Krishna would you be happy sending Suhani in your place. Suhani takes Krishna’s side. Bhavna takes Suhani.

Pratima says Krishna everyone loves you, this house lost a son, baby is always a baby, be it in womb or grown up, even then Suhani always loved you, she regarded you her daughter. Saiyyam says she gave me love equally, when I was born in unwanted situation. Dadi says its not easy to give a child to someone else, even then Suhani is doing this for you, stop this now, support her.

Bhavna says I made Suhani sleep, let her take rest. They all explain Krishna. Suhani talks to Lata and asks her to get prasad. Bhavna asks shall I go for some work, you can call Saiyyam for any help. Suhani asks her to go. Suhani talks to doctor and says I will wish this delivery to be normal. Doctor says its old things, I suggest you to take care, we will see what suitable at this time. Suhani agrees.

Krishna takes Suhani to hospital. Saiyyam says Suhani is not in room, I got her phone. Krishna calls Pratima and tells about Suhani’s operation.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sarita

    i love today epi susai scence.dadi ne accha jabab diya krishna ko.or krishna ka to koi jabab hi nhi h kya kar rhi h kya kah rhi h use kuch pata hi nhi h.suhani sahi h ye baat aaj saiyam ne prove kar di.saiyam apni maa ko support kar rha h qki uski maa sahi h. i m happy ki ye track aaya jisse krishna ka ye roop v dekhne ko mila.or or sabse jyada happy is baat se hu ki wo baby yuvAni ki h yuvraj or suhani ki.kriyam uske parents besak bane but wo biological wo yuvAni ki beti rahegi.or yuvAni never became grandparents

    1. krishna ne toh record tod misbehave karne mein masters kr rakhi hai.Itni achi parwarish aur aise gunn???Krishna mein ab sirf humanity hi sayad bachi hai but manerrs A BIG NO NO.Fir se har baat par pblm suhani se,kal tak unko suhani ka ..”free baby/stupid baby/bil-sil/ nahi chahiye tha….and aaj achanak se woh baby fir se chahiye.Matlab suhani kuch b kare ,but log maahir hai uske khamiyan and dosh nikalne mein.agreed to ur points YuvAni never became grandparents.Three years se support kar rahe hain ssel ko,akhir mein cvs ko loyal fans ki baat toh man nee hi padi.Thank god YuvAni bach gaye.Bohut kuch jhela hum sabne ghatiya tracks ko so,at the end cvs ne akhir mein humari request toh sunli.

      1. CVs ne aapki request sunli ? Aap log yeh chate the ki yuvraj mar jaaye ? Kyu yaar? Main chahti thi ki sab kush rahe aur saath main rahe. End tak suhani aur yuvraj ko saath main hona chahiye tha. CVs yeh stupid pregnancy track hata kar yuvraj ko zinda rakna tha. Kya farak padta woh grandparents bante ya nahi, zinda hona aur important tha.

      2. Rolf ?

        This comment made me laugh, like did they actually request Yuvraaj’s death? Woah, that’s a snaky move, Suhani ki khushi ko cheen liya and blame dala Krishna pe, I hope Yuvaan ki bhi death requested na ki ho inhone ?

      3. @LMAO!!_#H: hahahahah .

        @Rima: Wish good for things and let SSEL end well for all the fans .

    2. @Yuvani…Aap ne mujhe galat samjha ,mere kehne ka sirf yahi matlab tha ki YuvAni kabhi grandparents na bane,Thats it.Mein kabhi v yeh nahi chahti thi ki suhani widow ho jaye.Kis fan ko acha lagta hai unka favorite couple mese ..ek mar jaye?As a yuvanian,mene kabhi v aisi chiz expect nahiki thi but sahil sir k exit ko cvs ne death dikha diya.

  2. Kya ssel ko spa2017 main koi nomination mili hai k nhi.i wish k ssel season 2 bane aur us main rajshri rani hi lead actress ho because i love ssel and rajshri rani.

  3. Krishna has proved se is somya’s daughter.suhani always raised her like her own daughter.infact she didnt give so love to Yuvani.Krishna said only own blood can be child.yeah her word is true.Though Yuvraaj & Suhani thought her own daughter,she didnt think them her own parents 🙂 waw she has become a selfish & jealousy of the mother who raised her,always took her side….I loved Krishna so much before but now I realise that only Yuvani,Sayyam & the unborn baby are the actual children of Suhani

    1. @Saibha: Yuvaani at one point tried to slap Suhani and saiyam has done enough. Everyone has their ups and downs . Krishna will become her usual self , wait and watch.

    2. Thank you for informing Sahiba, it helped us a lot, I’m sure no one knew Krishna is the daughter of Soumya. . . You informed us, thank you . . .

      I agree Suhani raised her like her own daughter and even loved her more than Yuvaani but you get angry with the people you love, don’t you?

      Suhani ki feelings jayaz and Krishna ki nai, what’s this? Why?

      Krishna is not selfish or jealous, she needs time!

      It’s not Krishna’s fault, she’s going through a tough situation, she lost her child, her unborn baby due to which she can never conceive again.

      If Krishna’s selfish then I am too ?

      It’s a request to all Suhani fans, if you feel we’re rude towards Suhani and should feel her feelings then we would appreciate if you put yourself in Krishna’s shoes too. . . ??

      Everyone sees Suhani’s pain and tears but why aren’t they able to see Krishna’s?

      Feel free to reply and thank you for sharing your opinion . . . ?

      1. Oops, sorry, it’s Sabiha isn’t it? I guess out of disbelief, I misread ?

    3. Dont compare the sufferings of Suhani & Krishna..Suhani suffered a lot after her marriage,she couldnt lead her marriage life happily…dadi,ragini,menka,barbie,sajan,samvab,somya,Baby,her own children Yuvaani,Sayyam & now krishna all have troubled a lot in her full life after marriage whereas none has troubled krishna except baby..suhani was away 7 years from her husband,family after giving birth twins…krishna is never going away from her sasural…now the fact of child???U know it very well after 7 years when suhani came back somya tried to get her out again & make Yuvaani hating her own mother just because of somya’s selfishness..suhani was away from her daughter 7 years.again she was away from her 20 years…& her husband was in jail for 20 she was fully away from yuvaani.yuvaani never got her mothers love…& the only son whom suhani loved the most he is also dead now.she lost the son who was with her 27 years…now u compare who suffered more?suhani/krishna??losing a 27 years son or an unborn baby??I can feel krishna..but she has no right to spoil others happiness!!she can never become a mum.thn what is suhanis fault in it?whats her problem with suhanis becoming mum.isnt it jealousity??why is she hurting huhani?……the reality is cvs is trying to make krishna negative.& we always blame the negative character na??u guys also blamed whats the problem with she is negative so anyone can say negative about her.avobe all,suhani is the main lead ok…krishna is just a supporting role…we watch the serial because of suhani.not for krishna!!without suhani & yuvraaj(the main leads) anyone can be shown negative & we fans have the right to critisize her..stop quarraling

  4. Where is yuvani? Pl show her.. I think Krishna will soon understand suhani… Nice episode.. Everyone is acting awesome…

  5. Okay Krishna is being too rude. You know I saw in spoilers that when kriyyam are playing with the baby then suhani snatched the baby from Kriyyam. Aacha huwa suhani bachha cheen leti hai. After what krishna did to her she doesn’t even deserve the baby!!!

  6. I really feel bad for Krishna. Why are people forcing her to accept this child. And I am really disappointed with Saiyam. They killed yuvraj , can’t they at least give a happy ending for Kriyam

  7. I am not watching this stupid serial anymore. The plot-line is horrible. Why can’t they show everyone happy. I am tired of this story. Miss Kriyam 🙁

    1. jab uper kriyam name se cmnt kiya to yaha v uši se karti username change karne se kya ho jayega

  8. Swetha7

    i have just seen sayyam hugging krishna only once to console her after her miscarriage.but how many times he huged suhani to console her.i think krishna needs more hugs than suhani from sayyam.i don’t justify krishna’s behavior.but i am not amazed by her behavior as she is the one who gets the least attention specially by i feel really bad for her

    1. I agree with you Swetha. Sayyam can see his mothers pain but not his wife’s. Feel really bad for Krishna, she needs to be loved.

  9. Iss serial ka kuch nahi ho sakta. Guys let us predict the ending. Aap logon ko kya lagta hai ? How will SSEL end ? I will make my prediction.

    I think Krishna aur suhani ka misunderstanding teek ho jayega and suhani . I think baby will be back and will try to harm the baby/suhani/krishna and she will be caught and punished. I think Dadi and Rags will turn positive and the CVS will forget about Yuvani and sharad.

    Tell me your predictions for the show.

  10. Iss bakwas ko end karo. Pehle yuvani ko katam kiya aur ab Kriyam ko kar rahe hai. Lagta hai koi couple kush nahi rahe sakte

    yuvani : yuvraj dead
    Kriyam: Disappointing
    Bhavna+sharad: CV’s have forgotten about sharad
    Baby and yuvaan : disaster
    Baby and yuvraaj : Never mind
    Rags + ?? : Is her husband still alive ?

    1. Sarayumane

      I like your comment so much?

  11. There is a month left and all they are showing is this stupid drama. Glad this show is over.

  12. Pls it a request those who r coming to irritate in this site…. It is not ur site… So every1 has there own opinions n views but some people just want to come n fight here…. I knew coz of some people, already YuvAni fans stop coming, now what u people want….??? Just ignore YuvAni fans comments if u think it is wrong…. But they r right so stop replying to them…

    If krishna n kriyam fans r bashing the main leads suhani n yuvraj why can’t they bash krishna for her evil deeds….????? I know very well many people used to bash suhani n yuvraj too…. But when some people replied to them… They were so rude as now… Being possessive about kriyam it is good… But don’t start again.

    Krishna is really dumb character n boring character… Saiyaam just for taking revenge he married this dumb character.. Just get lost u stupid krishna… You n ur family was always behind bh wealth…. Saiyaam deserve good girl than her….

    Its good if suhani will not give that baby to krishna… Worst character than ever…

    I never rpy those who replied me…. Pls don’t rpy me or don’t comment under my comment… This forum is free for everyone…. Pls stop rpying to YuvAni fans….

    1. Krishna_Saiyaam

      @Snaky: You are the one spreading hatred here. If you leave everyone will be in peace. you are the one bashing Krishna, stop it and everyone will stop. Follow what you preach . And anyone is free to comment on any comment, if you don’t agree then don’t take part in it. Stop the meanness, You people idolize suahni and yet continue to spread negativity

    2. Obviously there are a lot of Kriyam fans and we will defend Krishna when we feel you are being unfair.

      Your comment makes no sense. You are only creating negativity . You have chosen the correct name , good choice. Also, Krishna is not one bit interested in the birla fortune. Maybe suhani is that is why she stayed with yuvraj all these years although he kept marrying/living with all the women he could -> Soumya, Barbi, soumya, Baby (not sure if I missed anyone). Did’nt suhani have any self respect ? or maybe she wanted his money. Is makes sense doesn’t it ?

      Stop bashing krishna and we will stop bashing suhani. Krishna is really upset , poor girl.

      1. Instead of many kriyam fans n confession of kriyam… The trp couldn’t able to gain trp… Waah…
        N petition of few YuvAni fans to shut the show had brought colours… See, I thought not to comment to ur rpy… But I think the problem is not with krishna it is with u….. N u started bashing suhani first n if u have so much problem with her… Stop watching it… Coz we r watching from starting… N if the person is doing wrong then there is no problem to express my opinion…
        See give respect n take respect… Again I’m not going to rpy u… Do whatever bakwaas …

      2. Yuvraj ne soumya ke saath shaadi ka naatak isliye ki ki krishna ko ek pita chahiye usko ek dad ki kami mehsoos na hone ki aur krishna ne kya kiya bas suhani se jealosy aur suhani ko aur torture kar raha hain jaante hain wo upset hain but suhani ne uss se double dukh hain na tho phir usko kaisa lagega iss se pata chaltha hain kon kis se pyar kartha hain kon jealousy feel kartha hain

      3. aap user name change karne se tired nhi hoti.aap ek ho kitne name se comment karoge

    3. It's the feelings!!_#H

      Why shouldn’t we reply to you? It’s a free forum, we are allowed to type whatever we want . . .

      With what basis did you call Krishna dumb? Before pointing fingers at Krishna’s characters make sure Suhani’s clean!

      Think carefully, is it us or Suhani fans?
      I agree everyone has their own opinion but no one will keep quiet while their fave is getting insulted! Rethink. . . Who starts all this? It’s obvious Suhani fans due to why KriYam/Krishna fans have to reply!

      What evil deed are you talking about? Could you kindly share? I also need to know what EVIL deed Krishna has done other than grieve and mourn. I’m sure she hasn’t murdered anyone. . .

      I have nothing against Yuvraaj!

      And how can you say that about Krishna? I think you’re forgetting, Suhani kept Krishna and decided to take care of her, Krishna didn’t force herself on Suhani! Krishna has no interest in the wealth!

      Listen, there’s a quote saying “If you can’t stop something wrong, then you have no rights to watch the tamasha!” And that’s what we’re doing, we can’t see Suhani fans bash Krishna!!

      Like I said earlier, if you expect us to stop this then stop criticising Krishna!!

      Degrading a woman is right to you? Wow, unexpectedly shocking!

      Krishna wanted to leave from Birla House but it was Suhani who had stopped her and will always stop her as she’s fond of throwing her decisions on others!

      I agree with you @Krishna_Saiyyam and @love Krishna.

      If you Suhani fans can’t keep quiet then we Krishna fans can’t! I’m more of a Saiyyam fan but it’s KriYam you see, I have to support both ?

      Understand Krishna’s feelings too, Suhani’s not the only woman with feelings!

      Thank you for commenting, free form, free to reply back!!

      1. @It’s the feelings!!_#H: Loved your reply.I am totally with you. Krishna is upset , she will be okay in sometime. People should give her a break. I have no issues with suhani/Yuvraj , but I don’t like it when people say bad about a character who has always stood by suhani and has always been sweet. She has lost her child and is still mourning. Intact when suhani needs help in tomorrows episode krishna will be the one taking her to the hospital. She is not evil .

    4. @Littlesnaky-Actually i termed this word “Littlesnaky” for krishna as she fits into it.But kriyamites MU u for that.Change ur name,as this word is only copy righted for krishna.You know the problem is what??Earlier Kriyamites never missed any chance to bash suhani un necessarily,But when YuvAni fans started to blame krishna for her rude and disgusting behavior,suddenly kriyamites got into more hyper mode and defended krishna.Other fandom should know how it feels when u unnecessarily pointing towards favorite character.For no reason,suhani is being bashed by many kriyamites.Or I will say they r fault finder of suhani who never missed a single chance to taunt suhani for every small things.
      Now what YuvAni fans r doing is totally justifiable as we supports the right things only.Today krishna badmouthed suhani but i am glad dadi gave her befitting reply and shuts her up and even sayyam too.

      U r ryt that Because of kriyamites negative comments ,many loyal oldie YuvAni fans have coming here and now they r accusing u for spreading negativity?LOL???

      1. Snaky. . . Ummmmm?_#H

        Okay, so what is the term ‘snake’ to you all?

        I’m sure it’s something different that what you all are presenting it as, has Krishna ever played games behind Suhani’s back and acted nice in front of her face? Has she ever done that? No, she hasn’t so why is she getting labelled as a ‘snake’?

        Please go do your searching before labelling a person, I have never bashed Suhani and I wish not to either but if you expect KriYam fans to keep calm then why not Suhani fans?

        You admitted Rima that YuVani fans started it so why blame KriYam fans? If you can’t keep quiet when Suhani’s getting bashed then why do you expect us KriYam fans to keep our mouth shut?

        And again, snaky said it, give respect if you want respect in return, if you degrade Krishna’s character like that then where’s the respect? Give respect and take respect, respect Krishna so that Suhani gets respected.

        Justifiable? If this is then why not Krishna’s pain and emotions? And actually, we know who started negativity. . .

        We don’t have to change our names as Krishna didn’t play a snaky move, of you want, I’ll send a link to you with the correct definition of the term ‘snaky’, don’t hesitate to tell me. . . ?

        Thank you for sharing your opinion, I had a great time reading it . . .

      2. BeautifulKrishna

        I am a kriyam fan and I have never bashed suhani. We are trying to explain what krishna is going through, but for some reason no one wants to listen, and atleast we don’t resort to name calling.

      3. @Snaky. . . Ummmmm?_#H-You admitted Rima that YuVani fans started it so why blame KriYam fans?……..I disagree with your this line.

        Once again read my lines carefully and try to analyse more,whats my words have actually meant.
        Yuvani fans has not started all this mess,it is all kriyamites who alwz used to bash suhani for no reason.But this is time krishna has crossed all her limits,thats why yuvani fans started to blame her for her behaviour.There is a huge difference between blame and bash.Because of kriyamites negativity,many YuvAnians left this TU site.Every old members of this site knows well..who spreads negavity for what reason.

      4. Rini, wish completed ?_#H

        Mhmmm, I did reread your words @Rima.

        I don’t mind analysing . . .

        As we can see in the comment above, Rima finds Suhani fans blaming and accusing Krishna justifiable.
        This is supported by the evidence above, “Earlier, Kriyamites never missed any chance to bash Suhani unnecessarily, but when YuvAni fans started to blame Krishna for her rude and disgusting behaviour, suddenly kriyamites got into more hyper mode and defended Krishna” These words and this sentence clearly supports my point as in here, Rima is clearly indicating that at the time Suhani was getting bashed by ‘Kriyamites’ but now when they do the same, there’s nothing wrong it it. ‘When YuvAni Fans started’ this phrase also gives us a slight hint that Rima is slightly hinting that YuvAni fans started it this time as the word ‘Earlier’ indicates before and somewhat past, so therefore this whole point is implying that Rima doesn’t see wrongness in this matter.
        Also as she mentioned, ‘Kriyamites into more hyper mode and defended Krishna’ implies that she is not at all happy with the fact that Kriyam fans are supporting Krishna against Suhani and this proves my first point mentioned above.

        The second point is related to the first point, Rima doesn’t agree with Kriyamites defending Krishna this time as in her opinion Krishna’s wrong and Suhani’s right.
        Here it’s supported by the comment above as mentioned,
        “For no reason,suhani is being bashed by many kriyamites.Or I will say they r fault finder of suhani who never missed a single chance to taunt suhani for every small things.
        Now what YuvAni fans r doing is totally justifiable as we supports the right things only.Today krishna badmouthed suhani but i am glad dadi gave her befitting reply and shuts her up and even sayyam too.”
        This whole phrase supports my point as in here, it’s clearly pointing out that this time it’s not wrong at all for Suhani fans to bash Krishna fans as the word ‘justifiable’ supports it. It also shows that Rima thinks what they say is right and what we say is wrong as the words ‘we supports the right things only’ clearly hint out revealing that Rima is not at all thinking that she’s in wrong place and whatever they do is justifiable. ‘I’m glad’ is outlining the emotions of the latter as she’s not at all guilty or sympathetic, so therefore they find Krishna wrong and Suhani right.

        Thank you for sparing your time and reading my analysis, was bored so thought why not, since Rima requested, sorry if I sound rude.

      5. i agree rima

  13. Guys less than a month left 4 ssel 2go off air. Lets not fite abt krishna and suhani. I read yesterdays comments and it gave me a headache. To make up for all the nasty comments I tot we should do something fun . So everyone can answer this question. What is your fav moment for Yuvani an Kriyam fans/ fav SSEL moment? Please do reply

    1. Yuvani

      if you ask yuvani will get a lot……….all yuvani moments after yuvi realising about his marriage till tell suhani’s pregnancy was wow, expect when yuvi blamed and insulted her…….all yuvani scenes with pratima was wow…..all yuvani scenes with shavana too……..yuvi with his brothers…..there are thousands of scenes before the leap……..

      1. Yuvani

        two yuvani scens which caused goose bumps are
        1. the way yuvi hugged suhani when she was crying, thinking about her dad and they way he forced marriage on yuvi.
        2. suhani hugging yuvi after she realised barbie’s pregnancy is fake…….

      2. The question is for SSEL viewers . Not sure why this hatred all of a sudden.

      3. yuvani most adorable couple hee t.v. ka duniyame

    2. ummmm, KriYam’s Haldi, confession and tiger scenes were awesome Shruti.

      What about you? Have you got any fave moments?

      1. My fav scene would be Krishna trying to get the box of rice . Saiyam carries her and the background music is perfect. Other memorable scenes are Sayyam helping krishna drape the saree and them being drunk. I will truly miss them. They are such a cute couple

    3. I like the episodes when somwya-suhani-Yuv love triangle was going on and Yuvraj was always supporting suhani indirectly. I enjoyed those episodes.

      And the episode where yuvraj finally confessed.

  14. It’s good suhani don’t give baby to krishna… Krishna doesn’t deserve any1… Pls krishna go out of bh… I wish yuvani scenes instead of this boring n selfish creature in bh… Saiyaam u rock always.. Suhani pls b selfish like krishna…

    1. Sarita

      hi….soni how r u??? aap starutsav par ssel dekhati ho

      1. Hello.. Fine dear… N how r u…??? Star utsav par nai dekh rahi hu…

    2. Don’t worry they were showing suhani snatching the child from Krishna. Suhani can ruin another childs life.

      1. See, what is ur problem…???? we can share views here…. Pls stop this nonsense…. I didn’t say anything about u it’s about the krishna character… From many days u also changing usernames like “kill suhani, dumb suhani…”” But I didn’t say anything to ur comment…. What is ur problem….???? Pls stop replying me, I won’t rpy u again…

    3. Sympathise!!_#H

      When was Suhani selfless? As far as I remember she showed much more selfishness than Krishna and Krishna’s emotions shouldn’t be labelled as selfishness!

      Wow, losing your child and grieving about it is called selfishness . . . Poor Krishna, why do you have so much problem with her?

      Suhani promised Krishna, made her happy, gave her the child and then took it back. . . Yeh kaisi insaafi?

      Krishna is selfish then I’m selfish too, in fact we Krishna fans are selfish and you Suhani fans are mahaan!

      The only request to CVS is that end it with positivity!

      Thank you for sharing your opinion, had a great time reading it . . . ?

    4. Hello soni,Krishna ko apni hisaab se bacha chahiye…jab man kiya mana kar diya fir se jab man kiya bacha le liya.Yeh selfiness nahi toh aur kiya hai?Aur aaj jo usne itne bad words use kiye uss unborn baby k liye and suhani k liye…OMG c truly doesnt deserves any child.Suhani is suhani woh kabhi krishna jaisi itni selfish and stone hearted nahi ban sakti.

      1. @Rima: I watched the episode ?What words did she say ?????

      2. Linkkkkk!!_#H

        Yaar, link bhejoon?

        I’m being honest, message me back if you want the definition of selfishness because I’m willing to share, please don’t hesitate Rima. . .

      3. i agree dear

    5. Yuvani scenes kaha se aayegi? Cvs ne toh yuvraj ko mar diya. Jo hai usi main kush rehna seeklo. Ya aap star utsav main old episodes dekh lo

      1. sach he cvs ne hamari yuvani ko marthiya jisne ye show ko ethne upper karthiya 3 saal se ye show yuvani jysa couple ke wajase ethana popular hogaya warna kab kadam hogi ye show

    6. i agree soni

  15. Yuvani

    krishna…….for heaven’s sake…..stop hurting suhani

  16. The CV’s could have done better than this plot-line. They could have kept yuvaan and yuvraj alive. There was no need for all the negativity. Suhani and yuvraj could have worked on baby and changed her and yuvaan could have truly loved her. Kriyam could have got together a lil slowly and everyone would be alive and happy. No deaths no plotting and scheming. This show could have been so much more . There was no need of this pregnancy track, kriyam track was not justified. It should have been slow. I hope they end it well. And I am glad it is ending or else these CVs will get suhani married again and will probably get kriyam divorced.

    1. I completely agree with you. It’s sad to see the YuvAni fans and Kriyam fans fighting like this, when it’s the cvs fault for ruining the entire show for all fans!

      1. Krishna_Saiyaam

        Honestly , And people are still bashing Krishna today. disgusting.

    2. dear i also thought y to kill yuvaan n yuvraj? atleast yuvraj/sahil want to quit bt y to show him dead., they could have shown him going abroad,. yuvaan shud have been alive n should have shown happy moments with that baby changed.. even i expected they will show yuvani(daughter) love story aside n there might be happiness.. pure soul, totally ignored by cvs.. they jus destroyed the leads children n they ruined everythin totally.. kriyyam could hav been slow as u said.. it wud have been nice if there was some bonding shown bw everyone.. today i watched tat kabadi, kho kho episodes, how beautiful were they.. after 2nd leap they didnt even show family playing games or going outside like picnics.. they were dumped inside tat BH n they were jus keen to show full of negativity.. destroyed each n every character, part by part till nw.. what to say, jus b4 tat sambhav character SSEL was ssel.. nothing to say, jus feeling sad…

      1. Exactly, because of the CVS, this happened, they legit ruined it.

        But it’s shocking to see this side of Suhani fans, degrading another woman. . . CVS are not behind their words.

        Let’s hope for the best *fingers crossed

      2. agree with you abi they could have shown that yuvraj was travelling abroad on work or anything like that. There was no reason to kill him or yuvaan. They should have shown a more matured suhani-yuvraj relationship who could support baby-yuvaan and sayyam-krishna where they correct the younger couples and teach them the importance of love. Instead they were showing yuvraj with baby, suhani with baba. Really not needed at their age. Anyways let us hope it ends well

  17. I say suhani is a dumb character!
    She want to save this baby because it is a Birla! And nothing else.

    What she did to saiyyam when he was born, may of you might forget, but I haven’t. Saiyyam is the better person here. He is going to accept this baby, because he knows how it feel, without a parent’s love.

    As for Krishna none of you don’t have the right mind to understand, when you lost something or someone.
    She is grieving, for her unborn child, Krishna also grieving for she won’t able to have children ever again!

    People grieve for losing a leg! Until you feel on how it’s hurt. You well never understand.

    Suhani giving her baby to Krishna, won’t make her forget her lose.

    That pain never goes away!

    Anyway this pregnancy is unrealistic!
    Women in suhani age don’t get pregnant!
    They have menopause!
    I believe it is a woman choice, weather she wants or don’t want to have children.

    There are some dumbo’s here, that think, that they know everything!

    1. I agree with you, X!
      You have taken the words out of my mouth.
      Saiyyam has proven that he is better then his mother and the rest of the birla family.
      He understand that Krishna is grieving, he even trying to help her.
      Yuvraj and suhani didn’t do the half of stuff for Krishna, all because she is not a birla.

      Now he is willing to look after their baby. After suhani has abandoned him!

      Even Dadi and Rags try to kill this baby, because they are Birla’s, now suhani is kissing their ass!

      I am sorry, but I tried, to stay out of it.
      But I have to say it, yuvraj and suhani are the worst tv couple ever!

      1. Even suhani is understanding the situation of krishna isliye usne apni bachI dene keliye tayyar hain agar yuVani krishna ke baare mein aisa sochta hain ki wo birla hain bla bla tho abhi tho krishna birla house mein nhi rehthi itna pyar hi nhi dethi even though dadi kitni baar krishna ko taunt maarthi phir bhi usko suhani ne support kiya phir bhi krishna ne usko insult kiya suhani ne kuch bola nahi na kyunki wo uski haalat samaj sakti isliye aap hamari yuvani ke baare mein bolne se pehle hazar baar soch lena wo log krishna ko bahuth pyar diya jo apni beti ko bhi nhi di and Krishna bahuth lucky samaj na hain ki usko yuvani jaise parents hain

      2. I agree with you lovely. Not only were the worst TV couple who kept getting married to other people, because of them we never go Kriyam scenes.

      3. I agree wid u……suhani is such a dumbo

      4. yuvAni worst aapke liye h bcs aap unhe like nhi karte ho.yuvAni besak worst ho but inhi worst couple ne ssel ko 2 n half successfully run kar liya.but ssel m or best couple the jo show ko yuvAni ke bina 1 month v nhi chala sake.shame on u. agar worst couple show ko successfully run kar sakte h to worst ka title dena sahi qki bcs best couple se to worst couple acche h.n i m happy ki yuvAni ke rahte huye koi v couple center m nhi tha. makers v is baat ko jante the isliye unhone hamesha yuvAni ko rakha.yuvAni deserve this

    2. suhani has been raped do u know what kind of mental status of her mind and she went to orphanage to get sayyam but he has been adopted it’s not her fault and suhani has lost her husband and child is she behaving or insulting anyone like krishna agar krishna ko lagta hain ki apni koon ka bacha apna nhi hota hain tho phir wo bhi yuvani ka koon nhi hain phir bhi usko apni beti se zyada pyar diya aur suhani ne yeh bachI dekar apni galthi sudharna chahthi jo usne kiya hi nahi
      And they are more dumbos thinking they know something but nothing

      1. Sayyam was never adopted ? as far as I know he always grew up in orphanage . Unless the CVs messed up.Krishna doesn’t think any of the above she is still mourning her Childs loss.

      2. thum teek bola parashu suhani krishna ke pain ko understand kartha hu esliye ethna kuch krishna bolthiya karthiya phir bi usne krishna ko support kiya sab use galth bola phir bi suhani uska saath diya lekin krishna ne suhani ka pain kyu nahi dekparahahe uska halth kyu nahi samja .suhani ne ye baccha birla he issliye us duniyame nahi ana jathi hu.suhani apne beti ko maa bankar dehkna jathi hu esliye lekin krishna har bar karthiya ajjj..
        yuvarj or suhani krishna keliye kithana kuch kiya jab wo chota thi krishna apne dadoo se dur na ho esliye suhani kud yuvarj se dur honekeliye fysla kiya tha.apne pyar ko thyag karnekeliye thayar thiii.somaya ne dadi ka kilaf kuch nahi bola krishna keliye lekin suhani hamesha krishna ko support kartha hu uska saath detha tha huuu

      3. i agree prashu

    3. Agreed X, I completely agree with you, especially in the matter of Saiyyam.

      ? true, all we asked them to do is understand Krishna’s emotions and feelings as it’s not easy losing a child and then partying next minute but it’s useless making these Suhanians understand! ?

      1. It is useless to make suhanians understand??It is even more useless talking to [email protected]#H.If u have forgotten..Just letme remind u..Even suhani lost her child,yuvaan..Who is 25 years old and the most pampered by suhani.She even lost her husband..I am not saying anything about krishna..Pain is pain..It is same for everyone.. Suhani has beared a lot and bearing a lot..It is even difficult to give their own child to someone.She was ready..U need not praise suhani for her greatness..But atleast give her some respect which she deserves..Please don’t fight over here..Ssel is going to end soon..If u want it to stop,stay united..

      2. It is for all kriyam fans..

  18. Yuvani

    anyone started to watch ssel in star utsav……?

  19. i am sl . pls someone tell me the repeat telecast time plss

  20. My Opinion_#H

    This just unexpectedly happened, I’m not here to hate Suhani but what to do? In this battle of hatred, Suhani fans are somwhat compelling me by showing Suhani as Mahaan!!

    All I wanted to say is that Krishna lost her child and it’s obvious a person would behave like that but here, I wasted my time as no one listen and instead started insulting Krishna due to which I couldn’t keep mum. . .

    What’s up with ‘She’s Soumya’s daughter’? We know she’s Soumya’s daughter and pretty much everyone knows that from ever since the track started.

    Krishna’s family background doesn’t define who she is and her family past doesn’t build up her future . . .

    The character of Krishna is potentially showing us how someone would most likely react during this situation.

    Suhani and Krishna are two different characters!! So they have two different feelings! Krishna is sensitive whereas Suhani is strong.

    Can someone please tell me what a woman, who lost her child in her womb should do?

    Like I said earlier, try understanding Krishna as she’s a woman too.

    Krishna needs time, she needs time to take action, to think, to realise, to forgive and recover.

    Saiyyam should be with Krishna and talk to her, he should love her like there’s no tomorrow and make her feel loved and blessed.

    Krishna isn’t jealous or selfish! She’s hurt and dejected! Think as a woman, say if this happened to you, how would you feel?

    Please, I do not wish to hate Suhani . . . ??

    But I would like to say something.
    Before pointing fingers at Krishna, please make sure Suhani’s clean . . .

    I don’t want to degrade Suhani as she’s still a woman and I respect that fact as I’m a woman too.

    1. My Opinion_#H

      P.S – Feel free to reply ?

      1. Yes please stop degrading Suhani or krishna. This forum has Suhani and Krishna fans. Let us respect each other.

        Suhani has taken care of Krishna since she was little and Krishna has rescued Suhani from baba. Both have good and bad qualities, let us appreciate both of them.

  21. Hoping for second season since bhavna and pratima told in the videouploaded by desi forum on utube. The directors have mismanaged the entire cast.
    Menka and his husband and his fake baby
    rakhi radhe whose baby was adopted by Menka
    rags and husband
    suhani mom and dad seen only in yuvraj antim sanskar
    bhavna and shard baby golu
    I mean there was so much to show
    only that 20 yrs leap and sambav destroyed the series
    and what is full form of cvs

  22. Yuvani_saraj

    awesome episode with awesome dialogues…especially dadi and pratima…and by now everyone who were defending krishna blindly might have got their answers….dadi nd pratima were right…suhani stood against dadi for krishna and raise her all these years..she even kept yuvani away from her but not krishna…she loved krishna more than her kids..and what she is getting now…the same thing which her mother did to suhani…and dadi was absolutely correct even pratima,dadi and suhani lost their son…whom they have gave birth and raised for years…and suhani lost her husband before she could get over her sons death..but she never took out her frustration like krishna…and blaming others….but krishna i am not saying her pain is less as pratima said child is a child whether its born or not…losing a child is always painful…but here krishna is blaming suhani when she know that baby killed her child…and 7months showing the hatred is so much…and seeing todays episode …krishna instead of feeling sad for losing her son..she is more sad because suhani got the chance to become mom…she is jealous of suhani….and suhani stop pampering she doesnt deserve your love and baby…so i dont want her to give her baby to krishna….krishna proved she is selfish like her mother…and kriyam fans who r defending krishna plz be fair….krishna is doing melo drama…no women who lose her 2days old baby doesnt react like this…she will be in pain but not in this way…its really unrealistic….and today she crossed all her limits… i wish soumya was alive and took her away from that bh…atleast yuvani would have got the love which she didnt get

    1. How insensitive !! How do you know how they feel ? I am happy sayyam lifted krishna and put her on the bed. I think he is trying to strike a balance between the two. I think he can do a better job with Krishna

    2. U r ryt Yuvani_saraj,sirf krsishna ki loss hi loss hai and suhani ki loss ka kya??Ek jamana tha jab suhani ko yeh pata chala tha ki woh kabhi maa nahi ban sakti tab kya usne v aisi attitude dikhai thi???na bilkul nahi.Krishna sirf pain mein mein nahi hai walki woh iss jalan mein jal rahi hai ki itni oldie woman kaise maa ban sakti hai??jab ki maa ban ne ki umar sirf uski thi….Krishna suhani se gussa nahi balki jalan ke maare aag babula ho rahi hai,warna 7 months beetne k baad v krishna iss tarah suhani se behave nahi karti.Krishna ko sirf apne baby loss ki padi hai ,kabhi usne itna socha ki yuvaan k marne k baad suhani kaise jiyegi??Kal kisine ne kaha ki sayyam ko console karne k jagah YuvAni romance karne mein busy the….Agar aisi baat hai to fir mera sawal v valid hai ki Yuvaan marne k baad Kriyam ko sirf apne romance ki chinta thi aur kuch nahi.Warna kriyam jaake suhani ko console nahi karte.
      YuvAni romance k irade se hotel nahi gaye the but krsihna k taunt and blame k wajh se yuvraj ne yeh kadam uthaya tha ki suhani bahar jakar thode relax feel kare.

      1. If you don’t remember let me remind you. Sayyam and Krishan were the ones in the hospital with suhani after yuvaan died, they got her home, stayed with her when baby got married to yuvaan and supported her throughout the baby episode. Krishna even put up with all the things baby made her do in the kitchen just for suhani’s sake. She even made sayyam understand that suhani needed her and asked him to go to his mom. It is time for suhani to do the same for krishna,understand her pain and help her get better. And suhani is doing it , but her fans are not happy about it.

      2. @Rima : Dont hate krishna just for the heck of it.

      3. i agree dear

    3. I m totally agree with you yuvani saraj
      ajj dadi bilkul sahi bola unlogo bi apne bacche koya he lekin krishna ka thara harkath nahi kiya.suhani sirf baccheko nahi pathi ko bi koya phir bi yuvarj ka akri nishani ko krishna ko denekiliye fysla kiya sirf uska kushi keliye.krishna bar bar yahi boltha he suhani ne uska bacchoke marthiya kyse usne suhani ne jaan puch kar dakathiya krishna ko nahi sirf krishna ko bacchanekeliye kiya wo ..dadi sahi bola agar krishna ko bathla Lena he baby se kiyo suhani se nahii.

      1. i agree dear

    4. Yes, we got our answer, we saw what we needed to, they care for Krishna that’s why they’re making her understand.

      And I agree with you, it’s hard losing a child, so you agree that Suhani hasn’t recovered from her son’s death and then yuvraaj died?

      Please let Krishna also take her time, it may be shown as Melo drama for some but for others, it’s emotions. You have to be fair this time, what would you do if this happened to you?

      Like you said, losing a child is the same, whether is 2 days old in the womb or 20 year old in the world. . . Feeling and pain is the same.

      Krishna most likely relates to now a days woman and this is not true, I don’t agree with your lines where it’s been mentioned that Krishna is jealous. . . So @Rima, you agree Suhani is old and shouldn’t be bearing children at this age? You agree that Suhani is an oldie woman?

      No Rima, the character of Krishna isn’t like that, she’s just upset over the fact of losing her child. . . That’s all that I’ve been trying to tell . . .

      Yes, I know 7 months is a long time but you do need more time right? And the reason why it’s been 7 month was because Krishna had been neglected by nearly everyone.

      You’re right, what’s the point in giving the child to Krishna? We all know that Suhani will take it back as it’s mentioned in the spoiler, so why get Krishna happy?

      All I want is that yeh sab ruk jaye and that we respect one another’s feelings and respect the characters of Suhani and Krishna perspectively . . . ??

    5. I have to disagree with you Yuvani saraj.
      You are talking about something that you don’t understand. Yes suhani has lost her son, and husband.
      Krishna has lost her unborn child, also she can’t have children any more.

      This is why I call suhani, patima, and bahvna a hypocrite!
      This has happened all because of Dadi and Rags.
      Suhani has never put any of her children first! Suhani has done what yuvraj wanted. That is to make sure that Dadi get away with murder!

      Suhani is a BAD MOTHER! She didn’t protect her children. She abandoned one child, which suhani Birla didn’t think about twice!

      Now suhani Birla is kissing ass, the very people that try to kill the baby she is carrying.
      Somehow I agree with the woman that said suhani is selfish. Because suhani only want this baby because it is a Birla. Probably hoping for a BOY!
      Suhani already has something of yuvraj, and that is yuvani.

      What does Krishna has in, Nothing! Accept saiyyam. She even can’t have saiyyam children.

      This is what I hate about suhani, she plays with her children emotions. Suhani has given hope to saiyyam and Krishna, that she going to give her baby to them.

      Suhani made Krishna to come around to the idea, to become mother to her child.

      Suhani is going to listen to the very people, that killed her son, and try to kill this baby.
      Suhani is going to take the baby off them.

      Then tell why yuvani saraj, why did suhani give them hope, only to break their hearts again.

      Suhani never cared for Krishna and saiyyam. Do you know why? Because they are not Birla’s.

      Remember this Krishna mother, soumya sacrifices herself to save yuvaan, and the birla family. All because suhani ask her to.

      Krishna has done the same, but suhani is not going to think about this.

      I don’t know how this show is going to end. But I hope that Krishna and saiyyam leave the Birla house.

      I know one thing about, watching this show, that is it made people angry.

      Only a strong independent woman, well understand, with what the writers was trying to do.
      I don’t blame the actor’s, I want to make this clear.

      But this character suhani is weak, because she married a man name yuvraj. I can tell you this yuvraj has damage suhani and others.

      The writers want women to be weak, that is how I understand this. But I am going to learn from it, if I ever get married, and end up like someone like yuvraj. I am making a promise to myself. I am going to divorce him, I am not going to let men like him, to rule my life. Because I don’t want a life like suhani!

    6. i agree hema

  23. Fidato

    Please… Don’t fight like this… Ssel us going to end… Yuvani and Kriyam fans…Please Dont each other… These are characters..They should have ups and downs..Other wise they will be forgotten… How Sayyam became great..Coz he changed from villain to main lead…Now.. Krishna changed to negative… It’s all characters… sketched by writers…

    Please dmstop bashing on Krishna… She lost her baby… Being a mother is the greatest gift of God ever to a woman… If a miscarriage is happen..Then we have to take care that woman more than a pregnant lady…But here I didn’t see anything like that… Sayyam is caring..But he cares about his mother more…Coz he don’t want that child to bear all those suffering that he went through… All the characters have their own POV…

    1. Yes I agree . Krishna’s state is very delicate but she has no one to take care.

    2. i agree with ur these saiyam became great bcs he changed negative to main lead n n n krishna turn negative.these r character sketched by writer.aapki jaise sabhi kriyamites sochate to ye war start hi nhi hota

  24. all those persons who tried to bash me up go to yesterday’s comments i have a befitting reply to all the nay sayers

    1. Nah!! We are happy to ignore you.

    2. Bebs, u actlly wrk hrd to rpy us? Wahhhh, I feels fmus!!! Chairssss, sty blssd n tnku 4 wastng tme n engry 4 us . . .

  25. kriyamRocks you had the audacity to tell me to reply you love telling persons to reply you feel you are a professor there is another one too both of you go back at yesterday’s comment and read it if you understand what is written puhleaseeeeeee go

    1. Your message was like poetry . Easy to read and difficult to comprehend. Please use the link I posted, might come in handy.

  26. Why are you all fighting like that? It’s just a serial with, thank god, fictional characters. In difficult moment evrybody is not reacting the same way. I think that Krishna is lacking of understanding toward Suhani, of course Krishna’s situation is difficult’ but Suhani’s situation is difficult too, she lost her son, and for those who have watched the first leap, we know how much Yuvaan was important for her, he was her everything. She then lost her husband, she lost two people who were her pillar. As for Krishna, she lost a child but it’s not a reason to be disrespectful. In fact i’m a yuvani and kriyam fan, so i like both suhani and krishna. We all take wrong decision sometimes. Suhani took wrong decision before, i agree, she is not perfect, in fact no one is perfect, and it’s interesting to see that even leading characters are making mistakes! But i think that here krishna is wrong, she is seeing the problem from her side and not from suhani’s side. I’m very disapointed that even after Yuvraj’s death, writters are keeping on with their drama, i thought that after that, they will be showing some happy moments, what the need to create a track like that as the serial is going to end? For once they could at least give what fan’s are asking for, it will not cost them anything, and fans would have been happy!

  27. Kriyamunlucky

    Really this site was very good…. But some people made worst…. I agree with each n every word of @rima,@sarita,@soni ….

    I can’t say so much they used to bash suhani n now they became so bad… Let it b keep this show with u… N coz of kriyam r so unlucky to the show the show us ending….

    Specially little snaky krishna… Instead of soumya she would have died….
    N she is really unlucky to saiyaam also… Saiyaam deserve better than her…

    Worst character ever… Little snaky…

    1. i agree dear

    2. U r wrng dr…kriyyam is nt unlucky…..bcoz of cvs this show is ending……m kriyyam fan……nd in some situation I dnt like suhani nd u may nt like krishna….bt I really love rajshree nd srishti….to plzz stop humiliating any character bcoz mistke is of writers nt the characters…….I hope u undrstnd dr

      1. And I’m spreading negativity?

        There are loads of hypocritical comments expect the ones that want peace.

        I understand it’s fictional now so can someone please make these lot understand, it will be helpful ?

        They know everything will be sorted soon but still are continuing like this.

        It all somewhat proves that they are taking revenge due to what happened with Suhani earlier as Rima mentioned above.

        Krishna and Suhani are two different fictional characters!!!!

      2. KrishnaIsBest

        Agree with you Sana. And ignore such people, they do it on purpose to annoy Krishna’s fans. We all know the plot lines, there was so much they could have done with the show. They chose to focus on Baby, death, dadi and destruction . There are other ways to make a show interesting, wish the CVs understood this.

        BTW: Death, dadi and destruction should have been the name of the show. Or at least the tagline.

  28. krishna ko apna baccha chahiye ye krishna ka manana.par suhani ne kabhi nhi kaha ki wo iss bacche ko janm isliye de rhi h ki wo birla h.guys kisi ko kuch v kahne ki jaroorat nhi h suhani sahi h ye saiyam prove kar rha h suhani ka saath dekar saiyam kya baaki ke log v suhani ke saath h.sab krishna ki condition samajh rhe par krishna kisi ki baat nhi sunna hi nhi chahati h apne husband ki v nhi. suhani galat hoti to itne log unke saath nhi hote.rags dadi ko chhod do wo to party badloo h.ab koi kuch v kahe ye saiyam or baaki family members ne prove kar diya

  29. Krishna is a not a bad person she is upset and hopeless and tomorrow she help suhani and ane bale Dino main i think saiyyam krishna ki jyada care karega

    1. KrishnaIsBest

      Yes Krishan is a sweet girl going through a bad phase. She has a good heart and he hope to see her happy

  30. Plz stop this useless jhagre. Kissi se larna hai, kosna hai, den cvs deserve. Y r u all attacking each other lik dis. I am yuvani fan, but I’m feeling yuvani fans are being mean abt krishna becos suhani ko kriyam fans ne bura bola tha. Chhoro yaar, ab kuch din bache hai, pr bht pehle sb khatam kr diya. Shanti se rahiye, ye tu tu main main ka koi fayda nhi.

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