Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 28th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aastha imagining dancing with Shiv while the song Hasi ban gaye….plays…..Shiv lifts her in his arms and smiles. Aastha smiles. Shiv is tensed and comes to Lakshmi. He tries to talk to her. RJ is about to play the CD, but it falls down and gets hidden in the plants. Shiv gets epileptic fit attack and falls down. Sharda, Aastha and others are shocked. Govind says what happened to him suddenly? Angad says he must be stressed. Lakshmi tells that Shiv’s medicine was in his hand when he was here, they all search for the bottle. Angad finds it and makes him have the tablet. Jaya and Lakshmi rub his hands and feet. Radhika thinks he got the attack now. Shiv’s condition gets stable. Everyone take a sigh of relief.

Sharda tells Lakshmi and Guru Maa that she wants to talk to them alone. Lakshmi and Guru Maa go inside. Radhika talks to her father and tells that that she is trying to stop the engagement, but he got an attack. She says she don’t think she shall marry him. Her father asks him to see his house, balcony and garden and says you will get answers to your questions. He says when you become rich family bahu, his illness will look good. Sharda shows the ring and says Aastha will not make Shiv wear ring now. She asks why did you lie? Guru Maa says it is a big illness. Sharda says how can my daughter marry Shiv and refuses for the alliance.

Guru Maa says you are going against my decision. Sharda says I regard you after God and says I will not accept even God’s saying when the matter is about Aastha’s life. She asks Lakshmi to understand being a daughter’s mum and says once a relationship get stained, the beauty of the relation goes. Lakshmi is shocked while Guru Maa is annoyed. Sharda comes out and tells Aastha that this engagement will not happen today and asks her to come. Aastha looks at everyone. Shiv goes near Aastha and Sharda and apologize to them. He tells that his mum should have told them about his illness, but she must be busy. Kahan Ka Khuda Hai plays….Aastha walks out.

Rhunjhun tells Sharda that they shall also leave, as Aastha don’t want to stay there even for a min. Shiv goes inside his room and breaks the things. He cries. Shivaye plays….Just then he sees Aastha coming back. He asks why did you come back, you left naa. He says you have also seen that I am unwell and weak. He asks her to go back to Manali and says who knows that I will get attack again. He says I am actually a weak person, although my name is Shiv. He cries. Aastha asks him to cry and take out his pain. Shiv hugs her and cries. She says tell me one person who don’t have any weakness or defects, and says everyone have weakness and says real hero is the one who fights with the illness and finds a person who can fight with him. She says I want to become that person for you, and says we both will fight with your illness. Shiv says sorry and gets up. Aastha says you shall feel good. Everyone come there.

Sharda asks Aastha to come. Aastha says engagement mahurat will go. Shiv says engagement, and says you left. Aastha says I went and named star as your name Shiv, and says your age will be long and nothing will happen to you. Govind tells Sharda as Aastha decided, we shall do the engagement. Lakshmi tells Shiv that Aastha has saved today from humiliation. Balwan and Gayatri praise Aastha. Runjhun thinks they have chosen Aastha for ill man. Sharda gives ring to Aastha. Radhika is shocked. Balwan asks Shiv to forward his hand. Aastha makes him wear engagement ring. Balwan gives ring to Shiv. Shiv takes the ring. Lakshmi asks Shiv to make her wear ring. Radhika switches off lights and smirks. Everyone wonder what happened to lights. Radhika thinks sorry Aastha, now drama will happen.

Electricity comes back. Everyone see Aastha’s revealing blouse. Aastha is tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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