Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anuj asking Menka to take food for Rags to her room. Menka leaves. Suhani says I did this to make everyone happy. Dadi says yes, I know, lets Rags go, I liked the suggestion, we will party at home tonight. Suhani says we will go ashram, to give clothes and sweets. Soumya and I used to go every year. Yuvraaj asks her to call everyone at hhome. Suhani says yes, this will be best party of Birla house. Menka asks Dadi about the chits with everyone’s name. Dadi says everyone will know when times comes. She shows Soumya the chit with blue color corner, and it has Yuvraaj’s name. Pratima blesses Suhani. Dadi comes there and Sharad jokes on her.

Menka brings the chits and Sharad asks is she asking for charity in bowl. Dadi says you live on charity and they laugh. Rags says its party surprise and asks him to call everyone. Everyone come there in the living room. Yuvraaj asks the surprise. Rags asks Menka to shut up and tells everyone about everyone taking chits and gift the person whose name comes in the chit. Suhani says she did not understand, and Menka explains her again. Everyone like the idea. Suhani says its great idea.

Rags asks Menka to keep bowl and they all sit to play.Dadi asks Soumya to take the chit, and Rags signs her. Suhani takes the chit and Soumya gets worried saying its her chit. Everyone is puzzled. Suhani saks her to take anything else. Soumya says I saw it once, its mine. Sharad asks her to take any other chit. Suhani sees Yuvraaj’s name and smiles. She says it has Yuvraaj’s name, and looks at him. Suhan jokingly says Yuvraaj is just mine, and I will never give him to you. Yuvraaj smiles. Pratima says its Suhani’s right to gift Yuvraaj. Suhani asks Soumya to take any other chit, and Yuvraaj says the same, asking her not to spoil everyone’s mood by arguing.

Pratima stops Soumya and says whoever names comes, they will be given chance to take next chit. Yuvraaj says sounds good and takes a chit. He smiles and says mum. He says my gift will be best. Pratima takes a chit and says Saurabh. Rags tells Dadi that she will make a chit and come. The game continues. Rags comes and keeps Yuvraaj’s name chit in the bowl again. Menka says its such a bad fate, what will Ramesh gift us, tea and biscuit. Soumya takes a chit and sees Yuvraaj’s name in it. She says Yuvraaj and smiles. Everyone is shocked.

Suhani asks how did Yuvraaj’s name come again. Soumya says why, you tried to snatch Yuvraaj from me and see he came back to me, I mean chit. Suhani asks how did one chit got less in this. Rags asks what does she mean, she cheats. Saurabh says no, she does not mean it. Suhani says yes, maybe it happened by mistake. Pratima asks Suhani not to feel bad. Soumya says yes, infact Yuvraaj is lucky to get two gifts. Yuvraj says yes,you should he happy about it.

Sharad gets Ragini’s chit. Saurabh says you are gone, you have to buy a gift for Ragini, who does not like her face without makeup. They laugh on Rags. Rags says my turn now and sees Dadi’s name. She gets glad and says she as thought a gift for Dadi already. Dadi takes the chit and sees Suhani’s name. Pratima sees the bowl empty and says Sharad’s name chit is not here, it means Soumya got Sharad’s chit, so she should gift him. Dadi says let Suhani gift Sharad and Soumya will gift Yuvraaj. Suhani says yes, I will gift him. Menka says so its decided who will give whom, so start buying.

Dadi asks Suhani to do party arrangements and asks Soumya to see food arrangements. Suhani talks to Sharad and asks Yuvraaj to help him. Soumya tells Rags that I will get such gift for Yuvraaj that he will not see Suhani’s gift, she can’t take Yuvraaj from me. Dadi gifts Soumya and asks her to see. Soumya is shocked to see divorce papers of her and Krishna. Dadi asks her not to think much, sign on it and end that bad relation. She gives the pen asking her to sign it.

Suhani tells Yuvraaj about kiss, and kisses him. Yuvraaj is surprised. Suhani gets shy and runs. Soumya and Rags look on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. gooddd precap

  2. Soumya should get a tight Slap as Christmas gift..
    she is a bore and pathetic..hate whether..

  3. Precap super!!!!!!!

  4. Wow soumya great work as a friend and also as an enemy…. Dost bankar dost ko uske pyaar se milaya aur selfish bankr usi ki khushiyan lere aise dost hone se acha insaan akela rahe..b*t*h soumya

  5. Dadi soumya ragini menka insab ko dekhkr gandhi ji k teen bandar yaad ate hai…

  6. if rags put another chit in the bowl than how come there wasn’t an extra chit left at the end. I thought they made a chit for everyone

  7. when will this Yuvraj understand abt this dirty Soumya’s stupid intensions

  8. Suhani have to realise that Soumya is trying to steal her husband. Supe.rb precap

  9. if that old hag calls suhani ladki one more time…………

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