Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meenakshi seeing Sandhya’s brother Ankur and her Bhabhi Ankita and welcoming them home, seeing the gifts their driver is carrying. Ankita says sorry, we came early, we could not meet to meet you all. Ankur asks about Sooraj. Bhabho asks Chavi to call Sooraj. Ankur asks them the gifts. Meenakshi says yes, why not. Ankita says Ankur has been transferred to Pushkar. Ankur says I came here to surprise Sandhya, and I got surprised. Bhabho asks Meenakshi to get tea and snacks. Ankita says we are family, its fine. She says we got related years ago, and now we are one. Babasa says we remember everything, and know how this relation was made.

Bhabho asks Emily to go and help Meenakshi. Ankur says Babasa, your complain is valid, I lied to you also along with my sister, I was selfish. Ankita says it was great that you have forgiven our mistake and did not make Sandhya miss us. She says you kept Sandhya as daughter and gave her love. She says when a daughter comes home, no one can bear to see her pain. Bhabho says we will talk, fist have tea. Ankur says I m sorry, I don’t want anything, we lost our parents and got love by this family, Sandhya has told me how Babasa and Bhabho stood by her in her bad times, and never made her feel alone.

He says I m her brother and could not fulfill her dream, and this family completed her dreams. He says I don’t have words to tell Sooraj ji, Sandhya is at this post and Sooraj is behind this. Sooraj comes and hears this. Ankur says Sandhya became IPS officer because of Sooraj. I could not do anything for her, but you all did a lot for her. He says you have more right on her than me, and she is your bahu more than my sister. Bhabho looks at Sooraj. Ankur sees Sooraj and shakes hands.

He says you have always supported Sandhya in all times, she was lucky to get you as her husband and even today your Sandhya needs you the most, she is incomplete without you, bring her home with you. He folds hands and requests Soorraj. Bulbul kisses Sandhya and Sandhya smiles saying good morning Sooraj. She realizes its Bulbul. Bulbul says no cheating, I know you are awake. Sandhya says I did not do cheating. Bulbul says I know you don’t want to go office. She says I don’t like running, and you? Sandhya says I don’t like running, but to fight with all odds. She goes to get ready.

Ankur asks Sooraj to come and get Sandhya back. Sooraj says lets sit and talk, come. Sooraj says we have always done good for Sandhya, what a husband and inlaws would do, and I know Sandhya has done a lot for me and my family, she did more than wife and bahu’s duty, but your hope to make me start fresh, I can’t fulfill it, I can’t get Sandhya back here in this house. Ankur is shocked. Sooraj says I m ordinary man, and my family is everything for me, like Sandhya has her duty, I have my duty towards my family, if I get Sandhya home to keep your respect, I can’t give her place in my heart and this will be injustice for her.

Ankur says Sandhya is a diamond. Ankita says I know Sooraj is hurt seeing Bhabho like this, but this was an accident and no one can control it. She says don’t blame Sandhya for this, she loves you a lot.

She says time has made her an orphan, don’t make her become orphan again. Sooraj says I m happy that you both have come Pushkar and Sandhya is not alone now, her brother loves her a lot. He says I m doing my duty towards my family. Babasa defends Sooraj and says Sooraj can’t forget that Bhabho was fighting with death, your sister is diamond for her police department, not for Sooraj and us. He says diamond is a stone. Ankur argues being angry, and asks about justice. He reminds what Sandhya did for them. He says what my sister did is for country and humanity, and what you are doing is for your selfishness.

Sandhya sees Bulbul getting something for her doll. Sandhya helps her and plays. Bulbul asks why she did not apply nail paint. Sandhya says I like it, but I wear uniform and nail paint is not allowed for me. Sandhya thinks did Bhaiya went to meet Sooraj ji. Ankita apologizes to Sooraj and says Ankur is unable to see Sandhya’s pain. Sooraj says I m sorry, I can’t bring Sandhya back.

Bhabho tells Babasa that Sandhya will come back in Sooraj’s life. Sooraj meets Sandhya in police station.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. babasa plz be quite and do ua work dat u have been dng since ages n let bhabho do some needful
    ua turn comes at the time of diner/lunch
    plz take rest til dn
    dnt gve presure 2 ua brain vch u dnt have

  2. lol……but u r right sneha

  3. I agree with sneha…babasa is just good for nothing

    1. Discusting. The writer is stupid and lacking intelligence.

  4. This shows is absolutely garbage. Meena and Emily (daughter-in-law) are not in this Santhiya’s discussion. Rathi’s family ill-treats all daughter-in-laws. Santhiya does not need to beg to this family any more. The rating for this show will go down soon.

  5. As PER TV rating, Diya Aur Baati Hum though is at number one, but there has been a great downfall from 6.7 to 4.9 which is the highest downfall recently! This kind o downfall is harmful to the show.

    1. Totally agree!! Day by day this serial is becoming worst

  6. Rathi family is blo*dy scrap…. selfish…. dumb….. Sandhya should not go back to that home…. It does not make any sense…Plz end this track or Serial for the sake of show…..

  7. bhabhasa and other men inclding Sooraj hav e become disgusting. The producer has dragged the high jack for many weeks and it has a nasty turn now. On top they have made a mahamovie of the horrible high jack plans. What do they think? Do people enjoy cruelty. They do not know how to take it ahead. No wonder its TRP has comedown

  8. This how should have been ended right after the hijack drama. Now, any future show written by this writer and any one of these Raathi family members (including 4 men and a daughter) is bound to fail. I think the writer now is not the same as before the hijack drama. Imagine if Bhabho had quit the show, then there won’t be anything left. I think Chaturi should not come back to this show if she wants a bright future. Chaturi and Bhabho are too good for this show.

    1. i agree with u babasa should not interfere with sooraj love life

  9. Jeyam Ramachandran

    People view a drama for whiling away some time in a pleasant way . But this serial kills the people with atellan farce sans comedy sans heroism sans romance sans song and sans singer.

  10. I think the director has something in his mind for the sudden change in Sooraj’s character but pls do not drag this. Already the Hijack drama was super irritating n draggy, right after this now this. Pls stop destroying the image Sooraj character had. If not TRP gona drop. As for the other men in tt Rathi family i just feel disgusted by them. Gdness. Babhoo n Chaturi seem to be the only sensible ones in that family. Pls end this track asap and bring back the usual DABH or bring the drama to a gd end.

  11. The channel should be shut down. Boring negative unrealistic serials

  12. I think Sooraj is doing this purposefully to make bhabasa realize that it was not Sandhya’s mistake that Bhabho got hurt, she did do her DIL,wife duty first and then police officer duty later but it was incident that bhabho got hurt because he would have listened to the conversation between Sandhya and bhabasa in hospital based on this episode where he said that he does not want to quit her job.

  13. I’m new to the show, can some1 tell me how Chotu related to the family??? Is he the youngest son??? Tell me plss.

  14. chotu is an orphan..he helps sooraj ..sandhya make choto to study..and he tends to be one of the family member….,

  15. I think sooraj is trying to protect Sandya by keeping her away from Rathi’s

  16. How could Suraj and his family keep blaming Sandya for his stupidity? First the passengers caught the terrorists, and it was Suraj and his mom who gave them opportunity to hijack the plane again. Secondly when Sandya and her fellow officer rescued Bhabho from the terrorists and took her and Suraj inside the plane it was Suraj who jeopardized her mom safety by getting out of the plane. The Scrript writter thinks we are stupid and we dont have mind of owns? The only person who need to apoligize for putting other people at risk is Suraj and his stupidity. Wakey wakey the show is becoming boring!

  17. I think sooraj is doing this purposefully to make bhabasa realize that it was not sandhya’s mistake that bhabho got hurt because he would have listened to bhabasa and sandhya’s conversation in hospital and how bhabasa was angry and blaming sandhya.

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