Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani smiling. Soumya comes to her and asks the reason. Suhani says sorry for whatever happened. Soumya says I should be sorry, I married Krishna and you are bearing the troubles. She gifts Suhani a dress and recalls Dadi’s words to make Suhani do something to please Yuvraaj. Soumya is checking whether things are normal between Suhani and Yuvraaj. She says I m thinking to renovate the room too. Suhani says no, Yuvraaj does not like it. Soumya asks is everything fine between you both. Suhani says our relation is different. Soumya asks what do you mean, any problem. Suhani thinks about Yuvraaj and says no problem, don’t worry, we are fine. Soumya asks will you wear this. Suhani looks at the dress.

Soumya makes Suhani ready and asks is it sure not to decorate room. Suhani says yes. Soumya says this white shirt, I got it for Yuvraaj. Suhani says no need for this. Soumya says for me. Suhani says I m feeling very tired. Soumya says but this fear also has happiness, don’t worry, just wait for the coming moments, everything will be fine. She says I will go and leaves thinking this night will decide about my coming life, don’t know what will happen.

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Suhani says is this all right, Yuvraaj said everything is true. She rings the bell and says does he love me. Yuvraaj comes to her and is stunned seeing her. He says even I m thinking his since many days and its true, when I see you, I can’t stop myself, I feel our relation is very strong. Saawre……………… plays…………. He holds her and asks did she not feel anything for him. Haan mujhe bhi hogaya ye pyaar hai…………… She says she feels its dream and rings the bell. Yuvraaj asks is she dreaming. He says till when will you ring, I m here. He looks at her.
She says Soumya did this, I was refusing and she insisted. He holds her hand and asks her to ring bell. Saawre…………..plays………………….. They smile. Its morning, Soumya comes to Suhani and asks how did you sleep so early. Suhani says I wake up early daily. Soumya sees Suhani giving juice to Yuvraaj. Soumya stops Yuvraaj and says there is something in glass. She tries smelling perfume from his clothes, which she has applied to Suhani. (Total cheapo Soumya. Yuvraaj leaves. She asks Suhani what happened at night, did he wear that shirt. Suhani says yes, he wore it, and leaves.

She comes to the room and sees the bed. She asks whats all this, I don’t know. Suhani thinks what happened yesterday night. She talks to Yuvraaj and says she wore this dress on Soumya’s saying. She gives him explanation. He says this makeup does not suit you, I like you dusty face. He asks her to sleep, and he has some work. Soumya asks Suhani why did she lie to her, I m sorry to interfere but I m asking as your friend’s right, what are you hiding. Suhani says nothing. Soumya asks why did you lie that Yuvraaj wore this shirt, its packed and why are these pillows in between, does Yuvraaj not love you. Suhani says no, he loves me a lot, he needs time to come close to me, I m giving him the time, everything will be fine. Soumya smiles.

Soumya shows the packed shirt to Dadi. Dadi says I told you they don’t have husband and wife relation. We need a bahu like you. Soumya and Dadi smile. Suhani makes halwa for everyone. Dadi asks whats special today. Suhani says I made it to make Pratima happy. Dadi says fine, make her eat it, where are my fruits. Suhani says its ready, but I made sugar free halwa, you can have it. Saurabh asks for it and likes it a lot. Suhani asks Yuvraaj, and he does not eat it. Pratima asks Yuvraaj to have it for her sake. He says fine, bring it. Soumya comes and greets them. Anuj says he has to go for shopping and asks Saurabh to come. Saurabh says I m going for Christmas party. Anu says I m shopping for it.

Yuvraaj says Saurabh gets bored with us. Saurabh says he does not have passes. Rags says I will go with you. They all smile. Rags asks them to make their own plans. Suhani says if everyone want to party together, lets keep party at home. Pratima says its good idea and asks them. Yuvraaj says done. Saurabh thinks its good way to get rid of Rags and agrees. Rags gets upset and gets angry on Suhani.

Dadi shows the divorce papers of Soumya and Krishna. Soumya is shocked. Dadi asks her to start her new relation with Yuvraaj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Lol I cnt believe it was that loser who made suhani look soo nice lol what a miracle we should be thankful to her yuvraj will fall for suhani coz of her let her carry on with her tricks

  2. ayeeee chi bad soumya

  3. Suhani looks very pretty in white dress

  4. I hope no one has childhood bff’s like Soumya!

    1. she is good but the devils are making her jealous and evil to do wrong such as stealing someone’s husband

  5. soumya is liable 2 get d punishmnt…she deserves no goodness…bt al d mistake is of dat pig daadi’s team….she shld get dumped first n dn comes d soumya turn..!!
    what if soumya will b back of daadi husband…dn dat daadi dnk

  6. soumya is liable 2 get d punishmnt…she deserves no goodness…bt al d mistake is of dat pig daadi’s team….she shld get dumped first n dn comes d soumya turn..!!
    what if soumya will b back of daadi husband…dn dat daadi dnky would d pain of loosing dear ones…

  7. oops wrong press so d comment came double time..

  8. stupid soumya!!!!!!!!!! hate YUE!!!!!!!!!!

  9. next episode they play secret santa
    and suhani and soumya both get yuvraaj and shunai will give one to sharad . soumya says that her present would be better precap: suhani kisses yuvraj on the cheek and soumya gets upset and yuvraj looks one

  10. Wer is todays episode …27th december 2014…

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