Million Dollar Girl 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti drinks alchohol and tells that they are many problems in her life..Avanti tells that till late night she is here,,Avanti sees a boy and goes near Avanti sees its Virat,,Virat is too drunk Avanti asks what he is doing here Virat tells he will not.. Virat tells Avanti to go away.. Avnati tells that Virat may be reach at his house but here at ghat all are equal.. Avanti tells Virat that one day she will be rich..Virat tells Avanti to go and cry somewhere else..Avanti tells that Virat is ultra rich..have huge car..may be have a big house..
Avanti tells that her great mother never understand her..Avanit tells if she tell pasta her mother will tel khaadi chawal..If she tell car then her mother will tel Scoter Virat tells atleast someone cares for Avanti..and she have mother Avanti asks what does it mean Virat tells that he doent came here to discuss his personal life..Avanti tells she have to go…Avanti tells Virat to stay here..Virat says no..Virat says he will also come,,Avanti sees Virat car and tells it is very beautiful,,Avanti tells Virat to drop her home as she cannot go alone at night,,Virat agrees..
Avanti gets up..Avanti’s mother shouts tells that she will give Rs 11 to god,,If Avanti gets up early..Avanti tells if she gave the money to her..then she will get up early daily..Avanti’s mother says that she is not Stupid If she give money also Avanti not get up early..
Door bell rings Avanti opens the door..Avanti asks whom they have to meet..They tells her father but they he have dead,,They tell that her father have to give money..Avanti tells they will not be running from here..He tell’s to talk properly..Avanti’s mother come and pleases tells that she is Selling the shop and as soon as she gets the Money will get the money she will pay the..Mishra tells what is the guarantee..Avanti’s mother tells that they are honest people and will..Mr Mishra goes..

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Avanti’s mother tells her to sell Saree’s of her father’s shop..Avanti refuses Avanti’s mother tells that they will get some money as it is only few sarees left by his father..Avanti’s mother tells that her father growed Avanti and kavya by selling Saree’s..and it was famous saree shop..Avanti refuses kavya comes..kavya tells Avanti to do as she will get profit..Avanti tells if her mother would not have burn that underwear she would have get profit..kavya tells dont worry they will get profit..Avanti comes into the shop and cleans the shop..Avanti cleans her father picture…Avanti tells she have to do something intresting,,,Avanti stops a women and tells that yellow saree is available but women goes..A tailor comments says that he have in this profession since 20 years but didnt see anyone selling like this..Everyone laughs…Avanti tells to see more than,,Avanti tells to mind his own buisness and sit..
Virat’s mother calls her and tells to come as investigator officer has arrived,,She tells that she will message her the home adress..Virat tells that he cannot forget his home adress tells that he is coming in a minute..Virat goes to his house,,Police officer asks Virat did he got any information about his father ..Virat tells no,,Police officer tells that he heard that Virat has started his father’s buisness..Virat tells that his father was a honest worker and he is also honest..while Rajat laughs..Police officer tells that he is keeping an eye on him..Police officer goes..Virat’s father call Virat’s step-mother..She cries and asks where is he??He tells to say Virat stay at home..Not at hotel..Virat is about to leave..Virat’s mother stop him and tells to stay here as this is also his house..Virat smiles..Rajat tells Virat not be happy as it is his father’s order..Virat goes to his room and goes to flashback..Thinks when he was Small how his father sent to boarding school..and Rajat is loved..Virat feels Sad..

Precap:Avanti’s mother is about to sign the paper’s..Avanti goes and tear the papers..tells that she will start the shop again..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. thnkz for the update ,,Will happy to see Virat and Avanti together

  2. Hope fr d same

  3. Poor epi

  4. Lets see if they have somethng gud to show

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