Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baby telling Yuvaan that Suhani is making Saiyyam leave, our game has this benefit. He asks do you know what I m going through. She says I know love, but if we get lifelong benefits for some pain, what’s wrong, you will get all property. He asks are you mad, I was dying here and you are thinking of property. He takes the glucose bottle along and goes out. Suhani says I will go with Saiyyam. Bhavna says no, Yuvaan will think he does not matter to you. Suhani asks what shall I do then. Yuvaan comes and asks her to talk to him, scold him and explain, but not avoid him.

Suhani asks are you mad to come out like this. He asks her to punish him, but not leave him. Suhani hugs him and says I will never leave you. He says I m big fool, sorry, forgive me. He says kidnapping taught me a big lesson, never leave me. Suhani says I won’t leave you. He says I have to tell you something. Bhavna says we can talk later. Baby apologizes to Suhani. Suhani asks her to forget everything, we will make a new start. Suhani says I will go with my children today.

They leave. They are on the way. Baby thinks if Yuvaan tells truth to Suhani, how will I cover up my lie. Yuvani sees crowd and goes to see what happened. The man says tiger has come here from the jungle. She says what nonsense. Yuvaan asks Yuvani to wait. She asks him to sit in car, I m fine. She asks how did you get energy now, you were weak. They hear tiger’s sound. The lady cries and asks them to save her child. Yuvaan says nothing will happen to him. Yuvani tells Suhani that Yuvaan went to tiger. Suhani asks what and shouts to Yuvaan. Baby thinks how did Yuvaan get so much energy that he went to fight with tiger. Yuvaan fights with the tiger, and gets the child safely. Everyone get relieved.

Suhani asks Yuvaan are you fine, are you mad to fight with tiger. The lady blesses Yuvaan for saving her child. Yuvaan says what’s there to be scared, when tiger is in front, one should see in his eyes, tiger gets away. Yuvani asks are you mad, come sit in the car. He gets bit injured. Baby thinks something is wrong, Yuvaan’s herogiri is not by injection, is this drugs affect.

Its night, Suhani makes Yuvaan rest. He asks is Papa annoyed with me, he did not come to meet me. She says he went to Shimla, you can ask anything, I m not lying, you know when Yuvraaj knew you left home, he found you first. He says children hurt parents, but parents always support. She says you will understand this when you have children. He apologizes. She asks him to sleep now. He promises to never disappoint Suhani.

Suhani hears the tiger roar and wakes up from sleep. She hears Yuvaan shouting tiger. Baby says calm down, there is no one. Suhani asks what happened. Yuvaan says I have seen tiger coming here, I heard the sound. Suhani makes him sit. He says I have heard the tiger roar. Suhani feeds him water. Baby says I will call Dadi. Suhani says I will call Sharad. They leave. He sits tensed.

Sharad and Bhavna ask what, tiger. Dadi asks how can tiger come home. They all knock the door and call out Yuvaan. A tiger is seen. Yuvaan shouts for help and falls down. They all get worried. Yuvaan shouts for help. Saiyyam and Krishna come. Saiyyam asks what happened, why are you all shouting. They hear tiger roaring and get shocked. Sharad and Saiyyam break the door and find Yuvaan unconscious on the bed.

Sharad asks Saiyyam to check if there is anyone. Saiyyam says there is no one. Dadi says who did this to Yuvaan. Yuvaan gets conscious and says tiger has come from there. Saiyyam checks. Suhani and Yuvaan stop Saiyyam. Yuvani asks did you fight with tiger again. Yuvaan says I was making tiger lose, but he has run away. Suhani asks when. Yuvaan says he attacked on me. Saiyyam stares at Yuvaan, feeling something wrong. Yuvaan says I don’t remember anything. Saiyyam says what do you mean, you got injured, you fought with tiger, how don’t you remember it. Dadi asks who are you to ask him. Saiyyam leaves. Dadi asks Saiyyam to leave from their house as well. Suhani asks Dadi to stop it, one son is already worried, don’t trouble my other son.

Dadi says this is my house, I can tell anything to anyone, whoever has problem can leave. Yuvani thinks did tiger really come in this room. Krishna makes haldi milk for Yuvaan. Saiyyam comes to kitchen. He asks did you make this for Yuvaan. She says yes, Suhani told me. He says I m leaving house in morning, come along if you want. Yuvani hears him and thinks Saiyyam is leaving the house. She asks Krishna did she make the milk for Yuvaan. Krishna says Suhani told me. Yuvani says I will give him, will you always leave. Krishna thinks.

Yuvaan tells Yuvani that he does not remember anything. She asks are you drinking. He says of course not. She goes. Baby comes and pacifies him. He says why don’t I remember anything, I remember tiger came inside the window and attacked on me. She asks him to relax and recall well.

Suhani asks Yuvaan to recall if tiger has really come. Dadi argues with Suhani.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Mystery

    I love KRIYYAM scene…..I love this epi……

  2. Rockstr

    Yeyy…sayyams back…i hope krishna leaves with him

    1. Aarti32

      Yuvaan will stop Saiyyam from going..No one will go..

  3. at last kriyam is back.i dont get one thing.In OLV yuwan stops sayyam leaving the brila house.he does it because he really wants his mother’s happiness or is it the effect of the OLV sayyam leaves the brila house alone.that means krishna doesn’t support means krishna’s hatred is still prevails.friends here is the OLV of it.they talk about krishna but it is not clear.can someone give me the English written updated of it.i am not from India.i watch SSEL with eng sub on tv or i read written updates and watch it online

    1. Rockstr

      Sayyams about to leave birla house and yuvan asks him if he is taking krishna with him…his reply is not clear…i think it might be that yuvan shouldnt care whether he takes his wife with him or not..its just a wild guess..cos that sounds good with yuvans reply..yuvan says “sahi kaha tumne”…and then all the other birlas enter…dadi nd baby try to convince yuvan to let sayyam he wants suhanis happiness so he asks sayyam to stay…suhani takes sayyam inside..nd baby does her usual drama…

    2. Thanks a lot

  4. Mystery

    Today all the kriyyam’s fan are happy I guess….karan is looking so good today…..n saiyyam actually don’t like when Krishna makes the haldi dudh for yuvaan

  5. Arshi123

    See this on location video

    In the video,Yuvan told Sayyam to take Krishna with him and Sayyam replied something which was very unclear to hear.If anyone understands it,plz reply.
    And,in today’s episode Sayyam told Krishna that he would leave then why isn’t Krishna seen anywhere in the video???

    1. there are two possibilities.Krishna wants to go with sayyam but sayyam refuses or krishna doesn’t want to go with sayyam.i hope the first shows krishna’s consern abt sayyam.where ever he goes she doesn’t leave him.she will support him.but i will be dissapionted if the second one shows krishna has not yet forgiven him or accepted him.She has no any feelings for him.she only thinks abt herself and stays in the brila house.Lets see tomrrow.fingers crossed.

    2. Esther

      last sentence was something lyk ‘Tum iska chintha math karo’

    3. Arshi123

      Thanks for the replies.Whatever happens,we want KRIYAM.
      Let’s wait and see what is gonna be.
      Missing mo in this prediction issues,but she left 🙁

    1. Arshi123

      Hi,Swetha.what a coincidence!!I I also posted the link..
      And I’m also not indian,frm Bangladesh.Wher r u frm?

    2. hi Arshi123, i’m from Sri Lanka.I watch SSEL on satellite TV.if i miss the episode i watch it online and read written updates.but without eng sub i dont understand what they say.i enjoy the serial.

  6. Esther

    I think Yuvan is not that much evil….glad he said sorry to Suhani…bt what’s this tiger thing….I’m totally confused…….’baat mein baath kare’….just hate this dialogue…whenever someone tries to speak in this serial,one or the other comes up with this dialogue… it was Bhavna’s turn…she shud hv allowed him to talk,the matter would have ended na… tmrw Dadi will stop Yuvan and Suhani from talking wid her usual stupid dialogues……
    what happened to Yuvraj now..Is he on another vacation….

    Sayyam leaving Birla house has become a regular sequence nowadays…..he’s always ready with his bags to leave….bt not without his wife,,,,,that’s the cute part….he’ll never leave her alone

    1. s dear, u r right abt saiym. he s such a cutie pie…

    2. Esther

      haaan yaaar 😀 😀

    3. I think he took leave coz of his wife bday…. But now I think he is on work…

      @Esther…. Actually this leaving part must b of suhani’s…. She many tym came out of bh… Now saiyaam who always leaves bh… Reminds me of suhani n ya suhani’s children have many qualities like her…. In yuvan n yuvani childhood they too tried to leave bh…. N @Esther u r rite…. Yuvan is not evil…. But he comes in others word…. Poor yuvan…. As yuvraj said, he can’t take correct decision…. This evil sambhav n soumya also manipulate small yuvan…. I really like small cutiepie yuvan…

    4. Esther

      Ohhh yea…..I’ve seen his pics wid his wife…it was her b’dayy rite….Sahil…he’s such a loving hubby <3 <3 <3
      haha that's sooo true……Suhani also did this before…about to leave BH and getting stopped by someone else…….
      N yea,,,,Yuvaan was toooooo cute when he was a kid…..he even looked exactly lyk Yuvi,,,,with same hairstyle and alll….but after the leap they showed him with a completely diff attitude……N he comes in others word just lyk Yuvi….when he was with Krishna he was totally good,,,coz Krishna's thoughts influenced him,,bt now he is with evil Baby,so he'll be influenced by her…he can't take his own decisions

    5. But in OLV he leaves without krishna.He says something but not clear.anyone has any guess or can someone interpret it.

    6. Esther

      yea…..I tried hard,,,,bt was not able to understand….coz he is facing the other side,,,so can’t hear or understand what he is saying….what i guessed is,,,it might be lyk,….”Wo meri beevi he…tum uska chintha math karo”

    7. The girl and him on insta is not his “WIFE” it’s his friend that just got married

  7. Laavanya

    Yaaayyyy, finally Saiyyam is back, I m so happy, I watched last 15 mins of show bcoz I know starting 15 mins will be Yuvaan n Suhani milan. Although, these days I m liking Yuvaan. Thank God CVs r not butchering Yuvaan just to glorify Saiyaam . I also like the part when dadi was scolding Saiyyam and Krishna was angry to it. And then chotu sa kriyam scene. Also Yuvani getting some part to play.

    1. Esther

      yea that’s true…I thougt that they’ll turn him completely negative,,,they can show Yuvan-Sayyam bond

    2. ya i agree with u. yuvaan is gud nowadays n actually all the three saiym yuvaan yuvani are too cute to watch. yuvani thinks abt both her brothers.. luv her…

    3. Arshi123

      Yes,now there should be some family happy moments.

    4. Laavanya

      Eagerly, waiting for that. 🙂
      But current track giving me hint that there will be love triangle. I want jealous Saiyaam. But I hate the idea of showing triangles b/w brothers or sisters.

  8. oh god, i was laughng a lot bcoz i was totally confused.. n wat s tis where s yuvraj suddenly? n really yuvan s so gud n loved suhani n his bondng.. am glad tat suhani supported saiym…

    1. Ya… I too like suvan bonding very much…. N yuvraj aka sahil was on leave…. Coz of his wife bday… But know he is on work

    2. Esther tooo….I’m totally confused…I think I shud better watch the epi to know what happened…..

  9. Love saiyam’s new looks! I just hate this baby! My god! She’s a pain in the neck…i would love to see a love triangle between saiyam krishna yuvaan…it will be interesting to watch…

    1. Mystery

      Agree with u

  10. Aarti32

    Hi everyone..Finally after 3 long days of waiting for Kriyyam n bearing d tortured of yuvaaby.. Kriyyam is back.. although Kriyyam scene was vry small, but it really superb..KJo has shaved..N I luv his halki halki beard??..It’s killer..I luvd his jealousy too..??
    But y does Saiyyam always come in d kitchen? Most of d Kriyyam scenes r in d kitchen..Does he come there to admire HIS WIFE KRISHNA ??
    Yuvaan fought wid d tiger in d morning, aankhon mein aankhein daalke..But at night, he cried like a kid
    .Mummy sher aa gya!!?? I think Yuvaan needs some treatment..Or it can be baby’s plan to not let him be confident..So dat he cannot judge wats right n wats wrong..May be!!

    1. Esther

      Yea….Sayyam is always in the kitchen….naughty boy

    2. Mystery

      Hahaha…..saiyyam was actually jealous today

    3. Arshi123

      Hi,Aarti.I agree.Most kriyam scenes r in kitchen
      Be it anywhere,we want more kriyam scenes.

      And,why isn’t all responding regarding the VOTE.
      Please vote for them,very small difference and great chance for kriyam being in Top 5.But if u all vote,only then.
      I’m continuously saying Top 5 coz this production announces Top 5 winners and shares it via Twitter/instagram.This way,writers may get our message that we want KRIYAM.

    4. Aarti32

      Kal raat ko 20 baar vote kiya h maine..Actually not 20..10 baar..??

  11. Aarti32

    But yaar..Krishna n Saiyyam ko aankhon mein aankhein daalke dekhna tha..Na ki Yuvaan.aur wo sher..Unko pyaar ho gya to!!??

    1. Esther

      hahaha yaaaar,,,,,,ROFL ….omg …can’t stop laughing

  12. Gosh! Karan’s looking different…more clean-shaven like before…but I’m happy that he’s back…

    I loved today’s Kriyam scene;

    1. It DID bother Sayyam that Krishna was making turmeric milk for Yuvaan
    2.Krishna justified TWO times (first to Sayyam then to Yuvaani) that she was making the milk because Suhani told her to
    3.Sayyam said “koi sabardasti nahi hai”

    Didn’t like Dadi at all today…but when DO we like that woman?
    I want Krishan to consider leaving the house with Sayyam…but it might not happen…sigh

  13. Arshi123

    Did u all stopped voting?????
    Please VOTE,we r @ 7th now,and the 2 couples before Kriyam has 7.67% and 7.41%,Kriyam got 6.74% till now.plz vote bcoz just 2 days left.I won’t be able to tolerate if kriyam fails to be in Top 5 for this small difference.???
    So,the link again….

    Kriyam deserves to be in Top 5, plz everyone vote ………
    Love #kriyam????

    1. Laavanya

      Hey, I voted today also. If it reaches 6.74% that means people r voting. Don’t worry dear. 🙂

    2. Arshi… I’m dancing in happiness, now we have to make KriYam win ?

      If I’m not wrong then I can see KriYam in the top 3??? Tell if I’m imagining but seeing that I am on cloud nine ?

    3. Arshi123

      No, u r not wrong. They r in top 3☺☺☺☺☺☺
      But don’t stop voting.

  14. u r ri8 somi .haa maine v sahil n his wife’s birthday video dekha h.sahil n apne instagram a/c pár post kiya h.jisme ssel ke team member v h.

  15. ya esther u r ri8. sahil is a good hubby and gud news ssel 7:30 a.m. repeat hoga.maine rajjo aka suhani ki fb par dekha

  16. Saiyyam’s backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yayyyyyy!! ?????????????

    Finally, I read the comments before watching the episode to see if KriYam scenes come or not I was so glad, even tho KriYam scene was itta sa but it was awesome ??

    Finally feels good to see Karan aka Saiyyam back and amazing to see KriYam back and ready to show us their love story ?

    I hope Yuvaan’s character doesn’t get ruin and hope that Baby reforms but KriYam matters more ?

    We love KriYam and want to see more ?

    Enjoyed today’s episode because of KriYam and the others expect Daadi, why can’t Daadi go on a holiday ?

    Hi KriYam Fans, happy seeing KriYam?


    1. Aarti32

      Happy!! We r dhinchak wala happy????

    2. Arshi123

      Of course,happy seeing Kriyam back ???
      And plz vote for Kriyam.????

    3. I’m damn happy, I opened the voting thing today to vote as many time as I can and I’m dancing in happiness ???

  17. sarita sharma

    ssel ke maker sahil se kuch jyada hi khush h kitne long leave le leta h.or cvs uske bina track ko aage nhi badate h drag karte rahenge track ko tabhi end karenge jab sahil shoot par hoga sochkar accha lagta h other side hamari rajjo h jo ek din ki v leave nhi leti.makers rajjo mám ki wajah se on air kar paate h bcs pure epi m to suhani raaj karti h har scéně m suhani rahti h.

  18. I think saiyyam should leave n take Krishna with him n it the drug working on yuvani n it a hallucination

  19. Okay, so where exactly did this tiger story came into show and where exactly are they planning to go with it…not sure but it seems so random with no reason lol

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