Love changes life(part 8)

[1/18, 12:18 PM] neha: Love changes life(chapter8)

Swara was laughing nd sanskar was mesmerised to watch swara ansh nd ishveer joined them nd asked d reason for her laughing
Ishveeransh- yar y r u laughing so much? Tel us so tat we can also laugh with u
S(controlling her laugh) wo aj mall me (told them everything nd again startd to laugh)
Ish(laughing)oh go…..d u r impossibl…e u made sanskar beat up by people ????
RV-we just missed the fun yar????
A-guys we should leave nw lets go to restarent i m hungry.(all agreed nd sanskar was started to enjoy their company)

In hotel all sit at corner table nd ordered
S-paneer i just lov it(eat)yummy lucking her lips (sm was watching her every action nd curve apeard in his lips)mr kadus tm v lo na its so yummy (just then john sm p.a cme nd stopd her)
John-mam sir has serious elergy to paneer if he tak a bit also it may lead to death
S(shockd) wt? Oye kadus tum muje pagal kahte ho ab kud pagal wale harkat ki bataya qu ni tat u hav alergic to paneer?
SM-sme1 dnt give any chance to say me??
S(sad) sorry
SM-its ok. (all leftg
At evng all were roaming at road suddenly swara’s wheelchair stuck nd couldn’t move all moved ahead. Suddenly ansh realised swara is nt with them
A-princess kaha hai?avi to yahi ti.(all turnd behind nd freeze to c the seen swara was triying to move wc frm her back a truck was cming in ful speed nd about to hit her)
All(shocked nd scared) swaraaaa(bt happy to c her safe)truck was abt to hit her sanskar pulled her to himself in ful energy holding her hand nd her soft body hit his hard chest both fal on road swara was top of sm(she was clossed her eye tightly due to fear of truck nd slowly opend her eyes nd both had a cute eyelock bt there was a cut on her ankle due to sudden pull blood was oozing frm tat sanky helpd her to sit in near by bench)
A-princess(hug her) r u alright (c d cut) oh god tumhe to chot lagi h
Ish-i wil bring 1st aid box frm car(she ran nd bought)

A-carefully cleaned her wound nd bandaged it.(to sm huggd him) thank u dude tq so much for saving her agar use kuch ho jata to i could nt forgived myself.
SM-its k it was my duty(in mind) when i saw truck abt to hit her aisa laga jaise meri jaan ja rhi ho bt y?
S-are guys stop panicing i m alryt luk i m in 1 peice oly bcoz of mr.kadus (to sm)tq kadus???
A-we should leave nw swara u should take rest (al lft)

In hotel
S-mr kadus dnt u want to knw tat u r forgiven or not?
SM(curiously)wt ur ans?
S-(forward her hand) wil u b my frnd? Dnt worry i wil not trouble u.
SM(serious face) hmm k bt i hav 1 condition
A-dnt u knw frndship me conditions nai hote???
S-bf chup raho ha suno to wo kya kahna chata h?
SM-so my condition is u should trouble me lyk u do wit ur frnds (smiles)
S?? sure ye v koi puchne ki bat hai. I wil surely trouble u a lot. And wl cm to our crack gang
All laughed

SM(smiles) k gnt
S-gnt have a gosty dreams???
Ansh tuk her to room nd made her sleep.
Nxt day all were dng break fast sanskar joind them.
S-gud mrng mr kadus.
SM-gud mrng guys k i hav sme imp work meet u later.(he left)swara was dng her fashion related work in her room her phone ring
Phn conversion
S-k i m cming maya (swara’s pa)

Maya-should i inform ansh sir?
S-no need to disturb ansh i said i m cming.(swara left)
Abc place
Swara was talking with her clint
Clint-SG its my daughter’s marriage so i want bestest designer lahanga
S-sure y not i wil give my best.
Clint-i knw ms sg afterall u r my best frnd shekar’s daughter. Nd its ur frnds shaadi. She wil kil u if dress is nt best

S-?? uncle ap v na….u r ryt she wil surely kil me nd i dnt want to die so soon…
Uncle-ok beta i should leave now take care beta(blessed her nd left)
S(to herself)i should leave now. She abt to go bt dashed with a girl.
S-oops sorry
Girl(with attitude)-u cheapo keep ur sry wit u chal to nai sakti to gar se bahar ku nikalti ho?bcoz of u my dres get spoiled tum jaise logon ko yaha ane hi ku dete hai u cheapo
Voice(frm back) just shut ur mouth.(swara saw source of voice nd get shocked to c sanskar wit red eye)
SM-just shut up one more word u wil face worst consiquenses.
Girl get scared to watch him

[1/18, 12:18 PM] neha: SM-what u said abt her repeat it again(shouted at tat girl even swara got fretend for moment)
S-mr. Ka…(lukd around)mr maheshwari calm down (tried 2 cool down him)
SM-(angryly)dnt swara (to girl) kya kaha tumne she should b in her house nd cheapo ryt then listen u r cheapo wit so low mentality. (pointing towards swa) she becme successful and hav her own identity by her hardwork unlike u all who spend ur fathers earning she fight wit her weaknes nd becme strong unlike us who get sme scrach also we would get scare. She is role model for all she provd tat weaknes is in our mind not physical. So dnt dare to say anything abt her.
(Swara was overwhelm by his concern no body supported her lyk dis accept her bhaiyu nd bf she was touchd by his gesture)
S-tq sanskar.

SM-kadus (swara confusd) u oly cl me mr kadus ms pagal. Sanskar it doesn’t suit in ur mouth
S(smiled a little) u knw mr kadus i was nt lyk dis by birth(sm confused)i could walk til my 10th b’day bt all changed next day everything shatterd(teary eyed) my mamma papa loved us a lot. I was papa’s doll nd bhaiyu’s gudia(teary smiled)we were coming from school when a truck hit us wit ful force nd snached our parents wit us when i woke up i got to knw tat i cnt walk bhaiyu tuk my nd bussiness all responsibility i was shattered bhaiyu gave me strengh nd admitd in school where i got a frnd lyk ansh nd ishveer. Ansh nd rv was our 2year senior 1day sme girl was teasing nd bulling me for my weakness when ansh stood for me nd befrnd me along wit rv nd ish after tat they trio become my strenght nd my bf make me understand tat i m a strong girl nd i cn achieve whatever i want nd ishveer also gave me strenght nd v become unseperable frnds. And 2day u stood by me just lyk a true frnd tq so much.

SM-u r really a strong girl swara. Har koi kisi apne ko kone k bad has ni sakta mano zindagi katm ho jati hai(teary eyed).
S-if lyk tat then u r dng bad with u nd wit tat person 2 for whom u forget to live.
(SM shocked nd saw towards swara)
She continued sanskar is dunia me ana, marna hamare hatho me ni hai. Bas ye zindagi hai jo hamara hai. Its up do us we want to make beautiful or dertroy it wit our hand. Agar ham kisi k jane k bad jina chod de to kya wo insan kush rah payega? If i would becme sad nd cry all day for my parends does their soul rest in peace? No na? Like tat hamara apna jo v ho jaha v ho yahi chahta hai ki ham kush rhe hamara muskan hamare hoton pe rahe Bas nd i m giving them happiness by keeping myself happy. (just then they reachd hotel swasan got down frm car)
S- k mr kadus gnt bye

SM- gud nyt tc nd went to his room thinking deeply abt smething.

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