Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baby asking Yuvaan to agree to the goons. Yuvaan says no way, its drugs. She says they will kill me, please deliver the drugs, its not tough. The goon laughs and says its drugs, if police catches you, we are gone. Yuvaan asks how to carry the drugs then. Suhani and Yuvraaj check the accident site. She says its all blood here, Yuvaan maybe in problem, find his location. He tries to call friend. She shows the car tyre marks. He says its big jungle, my friend said Yuvaan’s location was inside the jungle area. He gets message and says Yuvaan’s phone’s last location is here. Suhani says there is something related to this mark.

The goons tie Yuvaan. Goon says we will hide the packets in your stomach, so that no one knows. Yuvaan says leave me, my Dadi is rich, she will give you anything. The goon says you have to do our work. Baby says we will not tell anyone, leave us. The man says we will get much money for this. The doctor gives injection to Yuvaan, while he shouts for help. Yuvaan faints. Baby scolds the goon and says we did not decide this.

Yuvraaj and Suhani check the jungle area. Suhani says there is no one around, did they run away. He says Yuvaan’s phone location was this when I called him. Suhani looks around. He says I m not getting network, strange you are getting network this way. Suhani says maybe they have gone that way. Baby asks the goon whats this, its dangerous. Goon says we are not taking money, we are giving you money for this, let surgery happen, nothing will happen to your husband, we will take the packet out after some days, think of the money. She gets quiet.

Suhani and Yuvraaj reach the place and do not find anyone. Suhani says it means they have run somewhere. Pratima and Dadi pray for Yuvaan. Dadi says if anything happens to Yuvaan, I will kick out Suhani and Saiyyam from house, I won’t listen even Yuvraaj. Suhani says I feel Yuvaan is around. She shows another house.

Dadi says I will not bear any problem because of Suhani. Bhavna calls Suhani and gets her phone off. Suhani then gets Bhavna’s call. Yuvraaj asks her to disconnect it. They go inside the house and see a weeping lady crying for her son. Baby sits crying and does drama. The man lies and says ur son left us forever. Suhani says sorry, we came to find someone. Yuvraaj says and he is not here. Cloth flies over Yuvaan’s face. Baby covers him. Yuvaan calls out Maa. Suhani stops.

She asks Yuvraaj did he hear anything. Baby gets tensed. Suhani says Yuvaan called me. Baby cries and says I want my son back. The man says sorry, we have to do his final rites. Yuvraaj asks can you handle alone, I can help you if you want. The man says my family is coming. Suhani says take care, I wish your son could come back. Suhani and Yuvraaj leave. Baby sees Yuvaan.

Dadi and Rags go to Krishna and ask for Saiyyam. Krishna says he went to doctor as he got hurt. Dadi and Rags argue with her. Krishna says I did not take Yuvaan’s name. Dadi says Yuvaan is missing, we are sure Saiyyam did this. Krishna says no, he will never do this. Rags says you used to hate him, and now you are taking his side. Krishna asks them to call doctor and talk. Dadi says fine, Yuvaan chose Baby instead you, you are taking revenge. Pratima says Krishna will never do this, I m saying truth, Yuvaan is her friend. Dadi says I don’t trust her. She warns Krishna. She asks Rags to keep an eye on Krishna and Saiyyam.

Rags says of course, I m sure they both did this. Dadi and Rags leave. Krishna hugs Pratima and says why are they blaming us, we did not do wrong with Yuvaan. Pratima wishes he is fine. Yuvaan gets conscious and says I will not deliver the drugs. Doctor says you have to deliver drugs, else you will die. Yuvaan worries. Goon asks him to decide, to do work or not. Doctor says he will do our work. Baby scolds him. Yuvaan says this is nonsense, they are saying this to scare us. Goon says no. Doctor says you will feel full energetic and then you will do what we tell you, you don’t think to refuse to us.

Suhani says I feel Yuvaan was there. She gets Yuvaan’s kerchief. Yuvraaj says Yuvaan is here. She says that house was strange, that ghunghat lady, we will go there and see once. They rush back. Yuvaan says I don’t trust you. He checks his stomach wound. Doctor asks do you trust me now, see this xray of stomach, see the packets inside it. Baby says Yuvaan don’t waste time, do their work. Suhani and Yuvraaj come there, and does not see anyone. Suhani says how did they disappear.

Yuvaan and Baby are on the way. Yuvaan asks why did you not tell this to mum and dad, they would have saved us. She says they would have killed me. He says you ruined everything, you should have taken help from them. She asks did you know what they would feel knowing this, they will feel Saiyyam is better. He says I don’t want to think this.

Yuvaan runs on the road. Suhani and Yuvraaj are on the way. Yuvaan comes in front of the car and falls. Suhani cries seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Yuvaan pls understand your stupid wife. I don’t know why on earth he left Krishna and married this Baby. I guess now he is being punished for it. I hate this Baby. She will do anything for money. Such a disgrace.

  2. Another episode without Kriyam scenes.Dadi and rags have once again started their drama of pointing finger at kriayam. To day it was love to see how krishna defend was not much.but she did it in her own way.we cannot expect krishna fight against dadi and rags for sayyam in the first place.i think kriyam need some time to patch up.if baby’s bad intention is revealed to yuvan there is a possibility of a love triangle of sayyam-krishna-yuwan.again poor suhani will be in a dilemma.Lets be patent for another two or three days to see some kriyam scenes.actually i am not interested to see suhani and yuwan bonding.

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  5. I wonder why unlike the other serials we dont get any news,spolers or OLV of SSEL these days.

    1. Mystery

      Hmm….on star plus there is no promo of SSEL…no repeat telecast

    2. Aarti32

      Ek repeat telecast dete h wo bhi 3:30 am..Kaun uthega 3:30 pe!! Atleast mujh jaisi kumbh karan to bilkul nhi uth sakti

  6. kill tat baby… a selfish woman. yuvaan shud listen to their parents y is he doing like tis? wicked dadi always blaming suhani for everythng n nw the addition is saiyyam. love u YuVani…

    1. Yes, Baby is evil, but so is yuvaan. Yuvaan just hide his badness from his mother.

      That is the problem with life, itself. When son get married, it always well be the wife faults. Not the son.

      The question that everyone should ask is, where did, suhani go wrong with Yuvaan.

    2. I do agree with both, but I have to agree with x.

      That is the problem, mother in law’s, always blame Bahu’s for son behaviour.

      I have to agree with x, suhani loved, and educated, yuvaan. But yuvaan still, does do bad thing’s, like trying to kill saiyyam, and what he did what Krishna. The alcohol, yuvaan made sure saiyyam got the blame.

  7. Wow…even though they are on a small cottage, the goons managed to operate on Yuvaan…insert drugs in him and take his x-rays…LOL…I wonder how he’s able to RUN in the precap after being operated on…but leave…this is SSEL…forget basic LOGIC

    Loved Krishna’s one dialogue today “Sayyam aisa kari nahi sakti”…she stood up for Sayyam…way to go girl…I hate this Dadi and Rags….when yuvaan finds out Baby’s truth , ditches her, and then goes to Krishna…and when Krishna rejects him…I’m gonna laugh on dadi’s face (only wishful thinking – ROFL)

    1. *in a small cottage

    2. RIP Logic ??

    3. Mystery

      I too expect a love triangle ….n then Krishna will choose saiyyam over yuvaan…then I want u see dadi’s face….

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  9. Another track started. Dadi blaming everyone but baby. What she going to do when she knows the truth.

    1. Laavanya

      Simple, she will kick baby and taunt Suhani only that she make Yuvaan marry Baby.
      This old lady will never accept her own mistakes.

  10. When yuvan is missing suhani is feeling so much guilt then what about yuvan who spent his whole life in orphanage
    such a partial mother suhani

    1. I mean saiyyam

    2. Mystery

      Yah….suhani just love yuvaan..huh…but my mom was saying that one day will come when saiyyam will support suhani….n not this yuvaan

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    Today’s episode was better, atleast we got to see Shrish..But missing Shrish n KJo’s togetherness..

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      It’d bcz he is on leave……I really hope they will show their scene soon

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      And Esther may be busy with exam

      I’m also having exam but next one on 28th January,quite gaps and that’s why I’m getting time for commenting.But I have tight schedule of exams on February.So,I may miss the show then….???
      And ya, missing kjo and shrish ??
      Don’t forget to vote kriyam.???

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      I also hv exams in March..So no tv in March I guess..My Holi will also get spoiled coz I hv exam d next day..?? these ppl always do like dis, they always hv to conduct some or d other test in d next day of some festival..Vry bad

    6. What a coincidence!! Even i have my board exams in march?

  13. Common logic… when baby prentended to be the dead boy’s mother(yuvaan) she took a designer ghungat… which mother wears a designer saree on her son’s death???

    1. ??well said

    2. RIP Logic

    3. Aarti32

      Itta hi dimag hota CVS mein to aaj show ka ye haal nhi hota

    4. Arshi123

      Ya.. ,good observation. But CVS seems to be a fool???

  14. OMG!! Did Krishna take a stand for Saiyyam? ? That was cute ?

    But no Saiyyam? *pout

    No KriYam? *pout

    At least Krishna was shown defending Saiyyam but oh god Daadi *sigh.

    And what is this Baby doing? Is she mad? Baby and Daadi’s drama is never ending.

    I haven’t watched it today, I only read it cause I’m waiting for KriYam… without KriYam I’m not watching.

    But how can Daadi blame KriYam? It’s all her fault, I hate how Daadi only like to point fingers at others when it’s her fault, like she never admits that it was her fault.

    Whatever happened to Yuvaan was all her fault, Yuvaan is so stupid, come on Yuvaan… she what Baby is doing, understand her game and what’s on with the packets in his stomach?

    Now new drama about drugs, soon gangsters, robberies, Daakus and murder drama will open, hope not *sigh and fingers crossed.

    Are the drugs actually inside Yuvaan? Oh god, this is too much now, how is he perfectly walking if he got operated…

    And Baby, to be honest has no rights to be called a wife, she literally sold her husband. Who lets her husband be operated and why didn’t she stop them? She’s a selfish cunning woman, often wives cross their limits to protect their husbands. Often “Yamraj se bhi ladh jati hai” but Baby? Oh god this baby makes me angry. She’s showing a wrong messages of being a wife and what they do to men’s especially.

    Urghhh, We WANT KRIYAM!!

    No SSEL until KRIYAM are BACK!! ?

    I agree with you @Kriyam Rocks

    KriYam rocks ❤️


    1. Hi Arshi

    2. Laavanya

      KJ was on vacation, so I think there will be no kriyam scenes for next 2 days.
      Well it’s ok if they will show drugs, robberies etc. But think how it will look like if they show naagins, dayan, chudails n all.

    3. Aarti32

      There r already 3 chudails..Dadi, rags n dat Baby..Each one for every generation ??
      Dadi started wid pratima, rags wid Suhani n Baby wid Krishna..

    4. Aarti32

      U know I’m missing Kriyyam soo much dat I was watching d episodes of Kriyyam’s marriage track n dat scene where Saiyyam lifts Krishna in d kitchen..All dis since morning..N I hv a test tomorrow of d most difficult lesson’s most difficult chapter?? I’ll fail??

  15. sarita sharma

    hiiii.we r chatting in yuvaani ff.i m also support yuvaani.for m no ssel without yuvaani ( sahil rajshri)

  16. hello. welcome yuvaani lover i m always support yuvaani.ek yuvaani hi to he jinki wajah se 20 years ke leap ke baad ssel ko dekh rhe he jis din yuvaani nhi honge us din se hamare liye ssel v nhi hoga

  17. Just wish yuvaan would speak up against baby when dadi blames saiyyam and suhani. Only he will be able to answer how the drugs ended up in his stomach. If he doesn’t speak up about baby then that’ll give dadi more chance to taunt suhani.

  18. Krishna & Sayyam


  19. Friends is ssel going off air???

  20. Gosh what happened to this show all of a sudden. It was making such great progress with Saiyyam and the truth coming out and then all of sudden it’s all about Baby and Yuvaan and stomach drugs Lmao. Seriously what crap writers. I understand Karan is not available due to a personal wedding but that doesn’t mean you go totally off rails with the story. I really hope this track doesn’t continue on when Karan returns. Cause they really need to start the Kriyam story already. This show has been on Rader and they can cancel it anytime so please start Kriyam story properly.

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