Jaana Na Dil Se Door 22nd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 22nd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv getting shocked seeing Vividha wearing the mangalsutra. She stumbles and Ravish holds her in arms. Atharv looks on shocked. Everyone clap for Ravish and Vividha’s dance. The man compliments Ravish and his beautiful wife, and pushes Ravish to hug Vividha. Atharv gets shocked. Ravish says I m sorry. Vividha looks at him.

Vividha turns and sees Atharv. She gets shocked. She tries to hide her mangalsutra. Atharv leaves from the party. Vividha runs after Atharv. Atharv comes home. He goes to Vividha’s room and checks her jewelry, drawer….. sindoor box. He recalls Sujata’s words. He thinks of Vividha’s words. Vividha comes home and looks for him.

She runs to the room. Atharv checks the cupboard. He gets shocked seeing Ravish and Vividha’s marriage pic. He thinks of her words and promises. She checks Atharv in his room and does not find him. She hears Atharv screaming and runs out. She goes to her room and finds Atharv there.

She says whatever you have seen, I was going to tell you. Atharv says there was a pic hanging there, what was there. He sees her bangles and says bangles, earrings….. its yours, yes or no…… She says yes. He asks is this sindoor yours, yes or no. She says listen to me. He asks yes or no, you are finding it difficult to say, I will make it easy for you. He throws her and Ravish’s marriage pics on the bed, and says you got married Vividha Kashyap, Ravish is your husband. She cries and says atleast listen to me once. He asks what do you want to say.

He says you get ready sitting here and Ravish sees you sitting there, you both sit there and talk for hours, and that’s the bed where you…. She cries and says Atharv…. He shouts and says I gave you my life, I gave you my soul, we both promised each other that we are two bodies and one life, did we promise each other or not. She says yes. He says don’t touch me, I failed death to come to you, I fought with life. Vividha……. I came for you, I promised you that Atharv Sujata will come back and I have come after fighting with myself for three months, you could not wait for me for three months….. Atharv and Vividha cry. He says that day when I came, there was a mandap here, was it about your marriage…. no it can’t be. She says listen to me, I did not wish to marry, people asked me to take reverse rounds if I wanted to break marriage. He asks did Ravish agree to break marriage. She says no, but he agreed later. He says because he loves you, its seen in his eyes. She says but I love you Atharv.

He asks do you want freedom from this marriage, pack your bags and come. She says I will come with you but…. He asks what but, you just said you want to break this marriage, then come…. you won’t be able to do this once, this big house, lavish comfort, costly sarees, you can’t leave this, I will make it easy for you. He packs her sarees and takes the pics. He throws it downstairs. Everyone come home and get shocked seeing this.

Atharv gets shocked seeing Ramakant’s pic. Sujata sees Ramakant’s pic. Atharv recalls Ramakant. He thinks of Ravish’s words. Atharv and Vividha come downstairs. Atharv picks Ramakant’s pic. He sees Sujata. She recalls Atharv’s words. He asks Sujata did she get just this house in the big world, till you made me capable on stand on feet, you taught me to fight with problems, and today you lost and came to beg at this door, you know whose house is this, its house of that man who has burdened you with a child and left you on roads, its house of that man who married you, just to leave you.

He says that man who did not see you ever, he came to you when death was coming his way, why did you do this, where was this family when you were roaming on roads, when you made me friendly with hunger, when you taught me to compromise with problems, you wastes half life to feed me, you sold milk to everyone, you left this city and went to Ajmer, to come back to Vashisht house. Sujata holds him and cries. She says this was the only way to keep you alive. She says you kept me alive, but you killed me, you changed the meaning of cheat. He cries.

Suman asks where are you going. Atharv says our home. Ravish asks Atharv are you going without Vividha. Atharv says how can I take your wife along. Ravish says marriage is the problem of all this, fine I will end this problem right away. He wipes off Vividha’s sindoor. She cries. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fed up of this Vivida and this drama now..only because of Atharv im watching this .Vikram ur acting is tooo good without u jndsd is nothing..??

  2. @karan.if u see my comments u will observe it.iam never against to athrav character.athrav character is preferable than ravish character.becoz he always stood on his own feet never depended on anyone.but here vividha a married women and wife of ravish.some persons may fail in love due to some reasons.than they marry to respective partners.if every husband try to unite wife with her love.than what is the faith and value of marriage institution.vividha should realize that she is married women and wife of ravish.so she should moveon.iam not ravidha or vithrav fan.but in my opinion athrav deserves best.i support athrav than ravish.

    1. Sheela,think and don’t reply to my questions.-

      U feel Vividha should honour her marriage to Ravish? Y ? Is it because he loves her and will be a good husband or it is because she is now married and should stay committed even though she doesn’t love him? In both the circumstances Ravish and Vividha will suffer. ( live eg: Suman – repeat telecast of triangle love story of Sujata – Ramakanth- Suman )

      Here it is more complicated as Atharva and Ravish r step brothers. As a girl can u get physically involved with one and then with the other? Humanly if ur love is true it is never possible. So this is to all the ppl who want Ravidha as the end result ……u r asking for Vividha to live a life of compromise ( Yeh nahi to wih types) and Ravish to take on misery. Be practical is what I saying and not immature.

      Atharva will leave and may not be able to ever love again with the same faith. So it is end of three lives.

  3. @ Sudheer ,
    How can you compare Atharva with Kk.
    Kk and Atharv are totally opposite.
    Atharva has had his biggest heartbreak.
    He is seeing his worst fears coming true, how can you expect him to be Normal.
    People blaming atharva and saying something to him , I am saying if you can’t stop ur words you will have a fight with me.

    What people? He is a guy who has completely loved Vividha
    His love is beyond the world.
    YOUR RAVISH doesn’t bother for Vividha.
    As soon as she saw Atharv in the party, she ran after him without bothering about the world.

    And people pointing Vividha let me tell you, Vividha is going to do something big to end this fake and forced marriage.
    So she is being hesitant to go with Atharv.
    She just want to end that shitty marriage once completely.
    She is Atharv’s.

    Guys Don’t you remember what Vividha said “tumhe thik hona hoga ,…….ye Vividha Atharv Sujata ka wajood hai “.

    1. Neemu.. Sudheer was a great fan of Kk…what ever he(Kk) does..he is his(Sudheer’s) Hero and His friend.
      So don’t bother abt sudheer comments..He should be given a “great Human Award” for Being Kk fan.

      And. there is no need to explain abt Atharv Sujatha and Vividha. and Vitharv love.
      half knowledge and half mind people…should go through Episode.

      1. ??????

  4. Sweetuishkara

    ravidha fans please stop showing greatness of ravish one of them compared with atharva ‘s anger with kailash ,if ravish was in atharva place then he would have definitely slapped her ,but he just showed his anger he didn’ raised hand on her while kailash raised hand on uma many times cvs please make another serial for ravish and vividha ,bring new lead for atharva and begin new love story fed up of this vividha drama she neither loves atharva nor ravish she just love that ms and sindoor

    1. How can u say vividha not loving atharv. Plz understand as a girl she is under social n society pressures. As a Gd soul she is under immerse guilt for ravish. Don’t doubt atharvs love for vividha n vice versa. Misunderstandings r common but temporary. Wait let vividha come up with her explanation. After dat only u can judge vividha.

    2. Just a second….do u watch d show are just..want act like watching. stop nonsense and plz do watch d show and get info..
      Stop Blind comments.
      fed up means..get up and get lost.. do that.

      1. Sweetuishkara

        hey who r u to say me get lost what I felt I said you yourself will start bashing vividha just read my comments properly this site is public what wrong did I said I just said in sarcasm ,here people don’t understand sarcasm also

      2. Sweetuishkara

        I love atharva and vividha but cvs are confusing usi can’t tolerate ravish and vividha ‘s eyelock so I vented out my anger

      3. Hey @Sweetuishkara. i’m really very sorry…my reply was misplaced..That comment was not for u.
        Really sorry.

  5. Director ji plz unite ravish and vivida this is the correct. It’s my humble request plz unite them.some peoples talking about before marriage vachans then after marriage vachans u think waste guys who supported atarvv really shame on u.atarv u talking about husband and wife bed relation very bad.guys if u love is in trouble then u spoil any others life.that’s not good. Really love always see others happiness here no.director ji plz stop this useless serial u encourage illegal relationship this is spoil to our culture.director u give to bad meg to society. Here vivida past lover atarv.so plz unite ravida give good meg to society. Atarv why u r enter the others life’s that not good ok.ravish character is good as a husband and brother. Ravish no fault here.so plz enter the new girl for atarv.and unite ravida ravida plz.

    1. @Latha,there is a famous malayalam proverb.Poththinodu Vedham Oadheettu Karyam illa! It means that it is pointless to read scriptures to buffalo.

      Generally I have to tell you that to give advice to you who cannot understand or befit from it,is useless.

    2. @latha., i don’t understand..y people like u can’t dream in sleep. u guys dreaming in the shadow of sun…silly guys.
      There is no need to explain or prove.About Athrav Sujatha.. and After watching today epi also ..what u said abt…Ra………..vidha. means. u r deaf. so no need any explination…that what vividha said…she love’s (Atharv)

      Anyways..don’t waste ur time in dreaming.. Today.. u will get ur Answer for Ra…vidha..And Ok!!!!
      And plz stop making us fear of So called Society. u can carry-on with so called Society.

  6. 1) people saying k ravish ka chidhood b painfull tha use uske papa ka pyar nhi Mila bt agr compare kre toh Atharv ko toh na papa ka pyar na family na naam na financial support much b nhi Mila toh Kiska pain jada hai ………..2)sujata ramkant k first wife the Jo sbkuch ravish ND suman ko Mila vosb actually tha Kiska agr haq manga na jaye toh kya Vo haq nhi hta …suman aur ravish ne 3 शmnth Jo unhe ghr par rhne dene ka eshan kiya Vo oh sujata nd Atharv k eshan k samne bht chota pd jata hai jihne sare jindahi his par unka adhikar tha unhe vha thne Diya……….3)ravish vivdha KO apne bhai k lye sacrifice nhi Kr tha es Ly Kr tha hai kyoki vivdha atharv se payar krte hai toh ye sacrifice atharv k lye nhi vivdha k lye hai ; agr vivdha atharv se pyar na krte nd surf Atharv usse pyat krta toh ravish b sacrifice nhi krta bt fortunately abi tk esme atharv ka good luck hai k vivdha abi tk usse pyar krte hai……..4) suman k pain k vjh kbi b sujata nhi thi dady g the bt still usne unki hmesa respect l nd sujata ko hmesa blame eske opposite sujata hmesa calm the ….5) sujata always think about happiness of ravish bt suman kbi Atharv k bare m nhi sochte unfact bjb usse that nd vidha k bare Mein pta chla uska gussa vidha de jada atharv nd sujata par tha ….6)bht bol the hai es family ne atharv k lyebht much kiya nd Atharv b ese beave Kr Rh hai toh sayad ye bhul Gaye hai 3 mnth k time Mein sirf ravish e family ka unka support tha bki sb uske nd uski mom k insult he krte the 7) vashist family m bs ravish he esa hai Jo apne bhai se pyar krta hai ns jisne uska khyal apne bhai jasa rkha es maml Mein no complain from ravish he is very good brother …..bt es male Mein Atharv b km nhi rhega when time will cme u will see Atharv also care for ravish. 8) nd as u can see atharv ko lga k vidha uskr saat nhi Ana chate toh Vo akele he Janu. Jo tayar ho Gaya usne bs ek bar pucha na he force kra vivdha KO………..so plz plz don’t blame Atharv

    1. I also think same as u..?

  7. I’m messed up totally today.
    Brain is half dead.
    Atharva and Vividha .What’s this Ravish mahanta.
    I’m unable to do anything .
    I need peace .
    Also all the people here supporting Vitharv need peace.
    Mentally it’s too much .
    There will be no more separations I think.

    And guys who want Vividha to move on with R.
    Why you want to repeat the same story of Ramakant Sujata Suman.
    And I don’t understand the point of Suman Sujata (behen hogaye ye log to) . They have suffered much and want to push Vividha again.

    J need peace .
    Vitharvians L.I.P ( live in peace ). Vividha and Atharv gonna be one again.?????

  8. @karan i think u r getting to involved and serious about this serial.we are talking about serial right.than why are you asking stupid questions to me?horrible.in this platform all are expressing their views about this serial.right.why are u involved in this serial so much?and asking me such indecent questions.it is very bad.i hope u will never do it.i think u r so immature.that is y u r so involved in this serial.anyhow leave this topic.

    1. I asked u to think for urself and read m comment again …..I have asked u not to reply. That itself proves my maturity lady and my decency.

      I do not take fiction so seriously. Y did u feel so offended. I haven’t said anything to make u feel uncomfortable. In fact u reply now proves that u now r thinking from the point of view that I wanted u to reason out with.

      Glad I nailed it.

      Ps if any lady/ girl here has been offended, pls forgive me…….it was not directed to u’ll. I just asked u to imagine vividha’s plight when u guys are expecting her to continue the marriage with Ravish.

    2. @Sheela.
      **These are lines from your previous comment comment::
      i am not ravidha or vithrav fan.but in my opinion athrav deserves best.i support athrav than ravish

      if every husband try to unite wife with her love.than what is the faith and value of marriage institution. vividha should realize that she is married women and wife of ravish.so she should moveon.**
      That’s Ok.!!!! But..wait

      Just Give one answer.. what was real mean of marriage for you??

    3. Sheela when did Karan ask you indecent questions?????

      There is nothing indecent about what karan asked.
      It shows that your thinking is indecent!
      It shows that you understand what you’re insinuating and find it repulsive!
      So if there is anyone here with a warped sense of reality, then it’s you my dear.

      1. Let’s just let bygones b bygones…..Bro! !!

  9. @Nikh.. Hai dear…
    That was really great comment… U said we are normal people.. We like normal people only… Simply super…??????????????☺????

    1. ha ha ha..
      but what to do yaar..
      these people are really…
      we know ravish is grtt we never oppose him right..
      then why these people are talking too much about our atharv..
      everyone do mistakes..
      ravish also stares at vivida then did we comment anything against him??
      b’coz everyone has their weakness and everyone has their own personality..
      if they like ravish they can comment what ever they want but they are using our atharv to show ravish so much high that’s why i commented like that..
      of course we are normal people we like that type of personalities only.. who are straight forward, strongly stick to his decisions and don’t have any confusion in his decisions and he is so lovable..
      ravish also didn’t trust vivida when suman fell on steps why they don’t consider this??
      atharv is baring only betrayals so he is feeling like that but no one is understanding of course it’s their decision and all people can’t be calm all the time like that great people..

      1. Yeah…well said…
        And that suman incident….ravish almost treated vividha too rude…
        Misunderstandings happens.. But y need to point over.it..these guys..really??????????

  10. Guys chill maro… Vitharv will be united….. Dis ra… vidha fans won’t understand our point of view….. So chill…. @karan… U haven’t said anything wrong… so chill…

    1. Nikhat, thank u,,did make me feel relieved. I am a brother to 5 sister’s and of course a bf to a girl so there’s no way I want a woman to feel disgraced by comment.

  11. hip hip hurray ! vitharva gonna spent some romance after few days as per a spoiler!

    1. Wow.. So glad.. I am sure the romance scenes are in ajmer right

  12. I have been watching this show since day one and truly belivebin the power of love.Atharva fought everything and came back for Vividha..but this girl is so confused.She is just strong by her words and not actions.Why is she hesitating so much.She is spoiling both the boy’s lives.Take a decision and fulfill your promises of love when u never wanted this marriage.But somehow it looks she wont leave Ravish.Poor Atharv he feels so betrayed n cheated.Vikram acted so well.Being a man of principles I doubt he would accept Vividha when she is so hesitant in taking a call.Ravish is too good and naive as well.Now a new girl should be introduced.

  13. Guys go to jndsd instagram… Vivi is back in her old aktar… Vitharv… Ye????????!!

  14. logics are applied to maths and science not to human emotions..b’coz everyone has their own way of thinking and everyone is different..
    ravish and his family have pain but here atharva and sujata have not only pain but also humiliations in society and they don’t have basic needs also… sujata done mistake by loving ramakanth so she silently bared everything but atharv what is his mistake??
    with out a single mistake he had o bare pain and humiliations and everything..
    so atharv bared so much when compared to ravish..
    ravish know atleast his dad’s name but atharv don’t know his dad’s name also..
    if anyone come and ask what is your dad’s name then he can’t answer to them what is his position just imagine you can understand his pain..
    we are not saying atharv is right in yesterday’s episode we just saying he has a solid reason behind it.. your thinking stopped at his words but we thought up to the reason..
    if we are judgmental we can see faults only in every person..
    some people are using this chance to show atharv low.. without knowing his pain..
    we are not saying ravish is a bad guy right then why some people can’t digest atharv character may be they are insecure about their ravish that’s why they are using this chance …
    ravish is a great personality everyone know it but atharv also great they both are different and they both are great in a different way..
    so plss don’t be judgmental and try to understand …
    we have to understand the people not to judge..

  15. Ravish is now her husband…. I hope they end up together

  16. @naveen.i know u never respect a women.that is y u r talking in indecent way.anyhow its waste of time to discuss with u.u always draw some indecentthings about women .leave it.first learn to respect women especially elder women like me.

  17. @naveen, i mean always draw conclusions earlyabout women.i dont want hurt anybody here.first learn to respect.

  18. Thank you 143.I was wondering how can someone compare A with Kk.Kk fans can .

    Karan , you aren’t wrong.
    Sheela in the starting itself he asked you to just think and not bother about replying

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