Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani seeing Soumya’s pic and crying. She recalls Soumya and her moments. She hugs her pic and says Krishna and Yuvaan are going to get married, I will become a loving saas, not a bad saas, I will love your daughter more than you. Yuvraaj and Pratima come to Suhani. Suhani asks you think this decision is right. Pratima says yes. Yuvraaj says yes, I just met Yuvaan, I think its right decision. Krishna cries and looks at the stars. She says can you see me mumma, I miss you and I wish you were with me today.

Yuvani comes and suffocates Krishna. Krishna falls down and coughs. She turns and sees Saiyyam. Yuvraaj says what happened was because of Saiyyam. Suhani says but Krishna would have told us. Yuvraaj says I don’t have problem with Krishna and Yuvaan’s marriage, as they are saying yes. Suhani says if it was wrong this time, it would be big problem. Yuvaan hears them. Saiyyam asks what happened Krishna and goes to help her. She shouts on him and says you did all this. He says if you think so, fine, live with your lie, you deserve this maybe. He goes angrily.

Yuvaan thinks what to do, I can’t marry Krishna. Baby comes to him. Dadi slaps Yuvani for her big mistake. Yuvani says you also hate Krishna, why did you pull me. Dadi says Saiyyam would have known it and told everyone. Yuvani says they are forcing Yuvaan, he will not be happy with Krishna. Rags says you know why we were setting up Krishna and Saiyyam together. Dadi says I will tell you.

Baby goes to Yuvaan and says you are so weak, just refuse for marriage, if I can see you unhappy, why can’t Suhani see. He asks what after that, you know what I m asking, you are not able to decide and telling me. She says if I commit, if you get what you want then…. She goes thinking Yuvaan is important to Dadi, not Saiyyam, I have to control Yuvaan.

Yuvani says you are also against the marriage and want us to stop marriage silently. Rags says if you tell this to Suhani, will she allow you. Yuvani says no, never. Rags says that’s why we have to hide and do what we want, else she will not let us do anything. Yuvani agrees.

Bhavna shows jewelry sets. Yuvaan asks Pratima did you call me. Pratima says yes, choose rings for you and Krishna. He asks her to ask Krishna. Bhavna teases him. Yuvaan looks at Baby. Bhavna asks Yuvani to choose. Yuvani says sorry, I don’t know Krishna’s taste. Rags shows a ring. Yuvani says I hate this, it means Krishna will like this.

Suhani tells Krishna that I m very happy, are you happy, tell me if there is anything, why did you drink wine. Krishna says I did not like it, I have worn a western dress to impress Yuvaan. Suhani says beauty is by heart, not looks, Yuvaan likes you anyway, you got wine there. Krishna recalls Yuvaan’s words. Yuvraaj says pandit ji has come. Pandit ji gives mahurat.

Everyone smile. Pandit goes. Suhani asks Krishna to choose the ring with Yuvaan. Yuvraaj says these four rings got final. Suhani says this ring is not fit. Yuvraaj jokes. Sharad and Bhavna laugh. Saiyyam looks on. Suhani says no, I m eating many samosas these days and become like potato, happy now. Dadi wears gloves and says I have bear a lot till now, Yuvraaj married Suhani and I have bear all that, when Yuvraaj said he is in love with Suhani, then Suhani went away from his life by taking my grandson, I stayed silent, then she married Sambhav, I thought I got rid of her, but no, she got Yuvraaj arrested and then lived a peaceful life. She gets some chemical and says because of Suhani, Sambhav came in our life, and now Saiyyam, why will our family bear punished because of Suhani, no, I will not bear this now, this engagement won’t happen, where will Suhani wear ring if there are no hands.

Someone goes to temple and sees a ring. Dadi says I will burn Suhani’s hands. Rags says I know your anger is justified, please calm down. Saiyyam changes the ring and says this is not any ordinary ring. He reads the news of bomb watch, and says who is this man who did this with the little boy, anyways his idea works for me, now I have planted bomb in Yuvraaj’s ring, when he wears this ring, he will be shattered. Rags says we can’t reach anywhere after harming Suhani, its my dream that Suhani goes away. Dadi says shall we lose, what to do. Rags says no, we will burn Krishna’s hands and threaten her not to marry Yuvaan.

Saiyyam says its written that boy was saved, but Yuvraaj Birla, you are gonna be finished, your story will have the end.

Krishna says I don’t want to dance, can you encourage me. He says if your heart does not want to do anything, don’t do, its not right. Suhani warns Baby to stay as guest and not be around Yuvaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Krishna, yuvaan, Yuvaani was 8 yr old when Sambav entered their life’s, Siyyam is 9 yr younger thank Krishna, How could they show Siyyam and Krishna, Are they out of their mind. Disgusting

    Such a crap

    1. I too agree with u …. I don’t want saiyyam Krishna n I really don’t care about yuvan …. But 14 yrs child cannot marry…. But don’t know about worst story line

  2. I know some of you are going to hate me for saying this, but I am on dadi side. It would be far more better for Krishna to be with saiyyam.
    Yuvani and Yuvaan wants Krishna dead.
    Suhani is weak stupid, dumb and blind.
    She doses want suhani wants. Suhani doesn’t understand her children feeling.
    Bad suhani!
    I hope Dadi WINS. Dadi doesn’t know that she doing good for Krishna and saiyaam.
    That is why I am supporting dadi.

    1. I agree with you Krishna.
      Dadi doesn’t know that she doing a good thing for Krishna and Saiyyam.
      I don’t know why that Dadi wants to acid Krishna hand.
      There is another way. Baby and yuvaan can elope. Dadi rag and yuvani can be theirs witnesses.
      This could happen on yuvraj & suhani, yuvaan & Krishna wedding day.
      Every one well say where is dadi, rag, yuvani and yuvaan. Big shock yuvaan marry baby.
      pratima & suhani well say how could you. Dadi well say SHUT UP!
      Suhani cry!
      Krishna cry!
      saiyyam see all this, get on mandap and marry Krishna. Dadi thanks saiyyam. While suhani say how dare you. Slapped him.
      Saiyyam leave with Krishna, tell suhani, she can do what she wants and also she can go to hell.
      How about that. Then suhani being stupid, selfish, shameful woman, marry yuvraj
      People that want the sad couple back together. Well be happy.
      Every one well be happy!
      People there nothing wrong with age. Krishna is only 6 to 7 yrs different between saiyyam. Would you say no to a guy that is good looking, kind and 6,7,9 yrs older than you.
      Honey! I would not say no!
      If a man, can, why not woman’s, have that age differences. Men in their 50th marry a 18yrs old. Krishna is only 7 years older, that nothing.
      You have to get over this STUPID leaps. If you don’t like it, then don’t watch it.

    2. I agree with both of you.
      People need to calm down.
      It is goes to show, what my mother says. Good people can have bad kids. Bad people can have good kids. This is life itself!

      Suhani thought that yuvraj children are good.
      Sambhav son is bad.

      I think that this would be brilliant, what shanti has commented.

      After suhani married yuvraj, Dadi well say to suhani. I might not able you from stopping marrying yuvraj.
      Well guess what. Yuvaan and yuvani might come out of your rotten stomach. But they are my blood.

      In front of everyone of cause.

      I don’t care for suhani and yuvraj.
      I want to see saiyyam and Krishna love story.
      I want something funny, new to happen. Krishna needs to know that the birla family never wanted her. Yuvaan never wanted her. Saiyyam need someone to calm him down, and help move on with his life. This should have been suhani job, but suhani selfish and useless. Baby wasn’t a good influence. Suhani is not doing her job as a mother.
      Krishna has to do that for him
      Good people can help people like saiyyam and that what he really needs
      These two needs each other to move.

      Suhani deserve all that she get.
      Suhani needs a daughter in law like baby. The whole birla family does.
      I hope yuvaan marry baby, then he can tell suhani that she can’t order his wife around.
      Then only then suhani well know who is good and bad.

  3. Who is Krishna speaking to in precap. Saiyyam is reading about his dad and he doesn’t know it. What the hell are dadi and rags doing, again no one overhears them. Will they succeed? What if they harm yuvani instead, will they be able to live with it and the same for that ring, what if yuvaan wears it, please don’t say saiyyam is doing exactly what Sambhav have did. Same thing going to be repeated?

    1. His cheap things telling us he is following his father foot step….. Really … I want yuvraj n suhani together

    2. yea…I too didn’t get it,,,,to whome Krishna is speaking in the precap

  4. Really such stupid storyline…..what a shit….???? Again same story bomb…… One sambhav was enough now again this stupidity………. Really wish this show must offair…… Hate this show….. Lost the charm of old ssel…….. This baby is really irritating. I don’t like her acting….. Nonsense…

    How many days, they r wearing same clothes ?????
    Production can’t afford them new clothes also…. Nonsense… Just stupidity…. Suhani kitna moti banegi….??????
    Her first days of ssel….. She was so thin….. N now fatty….. Aur stupid clothes….. Floor saaf karti bus

  5. Yuvani is more crazy than her dadi and rags, if she is against why not trying to convince her brother to tell the truth, why is she trying ti kill krishna? Suhani is just being blind in her dream of having krishna as her Daughter in law , she did not even discuss with him in private before taking decisions about his life.
    It is difficult to understand what baby wants money, power, revenge. I think just before this marriage yuvan and baby will be caught close and the family would have any other option than marriage , and on the other side krishna will be left alone in the mandap then maybe saiyaam have to marry her

  6. Again what rubbish – Dadi does a full recap – and surprise surprise she is innocent
    I’m fed up with this Bull Shit – why has no one done a Recap on Dadi – at put here straight that she is the cause of everything

    I will not be watching this idiotic unrealistic drama any more
    Writers and Producers go kill yourselves you bunch of wankers – spoilt the whole f**king show
    The show is totally backwards

    1. Agree…. Lost the old good days of ssel

  7. Yuvaan and yuvaani both are not good children of suhani.saiyaam is far better than them.

  8. Amalina

    guys whats wrong with yuvaan? what did he do to krishna?

    1. Yuvaan got Krishna drunk, didn’t tell Krishna that it was alcohol.
      Then dump Krishna on the floor.

      Saiyyam was drunk, saw Krishna on the floor, tried to help Krishna on to the bed. But because he was drunk, fall on top of Krishna and fell to sleep.
      Suhani blamed saiyyam for getting Krishna drunk..
      Yuvaan begged Krishna not to tell suhani the truth. So Krishna blame saiyyam.

      Dadi tried to force saiyyam into marrying Krishna.
      But suhani, yuvraj and pratima is forcing yuvaan into marrying Krishna.

      Now yuvani and yuvaan wants Krishna dead.

    2. Nice picture!

  9. Love you saiyyam

    Sorry I mean to say lust not list

  10. So many criminals in a single house,,,,,usually,,if such a situation comes in real lyf,,,normal ppl will talk and sort it out,,,if they are nt able to slve the prblm,they will argue with each other and will create a mess,,,,,,bt here no one is interested in talking,,,,, from Dadi to Yuvani ,all have criminal mindset,,,,first solution they think will be to harm/kill their enemy
    and if I was there in Yuvani’s place I will prefer talking to Suhani about Yuvan’s dislike rather than trying to kill Krishna,,,..they are making it worse by not opening up,,,,,

    1. The problem is #LuvSaiyyam. Is that suhani is not listening. Suhani is wants Krishna as her daughter in law.
      It is so bad that she is not listening to her favourite son feeling.

      Some people saying it is unfair, it dark. Well I have dealt cases, of which people have made the wrong choice for themselves and other’s.

      Wrong choice doesn’t have to be, stealing, drinking, drug.

      Wrong choice can be the people, you choose to be with, and people you choose for other.

      Yuvaan doesn’t want Krishna, he CARE for Krishna as a sister.
      By doing this she creating an enemy of her son.

      What I mean by choosing the people that you choose to be with.
      If you are in a place, that no one respect you. Doesn’t want you to be there. Then again you have made enemies.
      Look what suhani is saying to Krishna. Yuvaan loves you,he choose you to be his wife. Without talking to her own son. So suhani is going to make enemy of Krishna.
      So take notes, this is the thing to do not in life.
      That is where cvs is going wrong. They are showing, but not showing of how to deal with it the right way.
      The right way to deal something like this, is to understand others feeling. Suhani as a character is not doing this. She is only thinking her own feelings.
      This is why she is making enemies.
      To success in life is to walk away from bad situation.

    2. Exactly!

      I have married a Yuvraj Birla!
      Yes ME!
      Do you want to know what the BEST thing for me. DIVORCE!
      Yes I divorced him. The best thing that I did for myself.

      You guys complaining, well what do you expect!

      The right thing for suhani, is to divorce. But it was you! Yes you people that didn’t want to happen.
      That why it is dark. Many people like me, leave their parents.. they don’t stay.
      Staying in a bad situation like I was. I was losing myself respect.
      I did try, oh my God, I did try.
      But anything that I did for them. I got nothing in return.

      We, as people like me, did say she is damaging her son yuvaan.
      By staying at the birla. Well guess what the writers agree with us.

      This is what happened to bad choice in life!

      You people wanted Yuvani!
      You got Yuvani, damage kids, still not getting any respect. Yuvraj still abusing suhani.
      Do want me to tell you what going to happen next.
      Yuvani & yuvaan is going to blame suhani. Don’t worry for yuvraj, Dadi is going to make sure he is going to stay on a good light.

      If you know that your husband family is bad. You have kids with him. The best thing to do is to keep them away from them.

      The writers did find a good character for suhani. They were trying to show what the best thing to do. It was some viewers that were upset about it.

      What else they could do, but to make him a rapist.

      If you Make a wrong choice for yourself. Then you well make enemies.

      I knew that I wasn’t wanted, not by my ex in laws. Not by my ex husband.
      I made the right choice for myself.
      This doesn’t make you bad, it make you more stronger.
      You hang around, in a bad situation. Well guy’s this what happens.

    3. yup I agree,,,,I really don’t think that Yuvan considers Krishna as her sis,bt agree to the remaining part,,,,Yuvan don’t want Krishna,,,,,,Suhani is doing the same thing which Prathima did years ago,,,,she was trying to repay all those favours Soumya did on her by treating Krishna lyk a princess and now she got this chance,,,,Krishna might be good,that doesn’t means Yuvan will be happy with her,,,,maybe they will get along well after few months lyk wat happened in Yuv-Ani’s case,,,,,bt forcing this decision on Yuvan and assuming that they both love each other and giving false hopes to Krishna abt Yuvan,,,the outcome will be vry bad (yp u r rite),,,,if their relation doesn’t workout well,Yuvan z gonna blame his mother for his entire lyf
      she wants a DIL just lyk her,so is happy with Krish-Yuvan mrg,,,,,Dadi wants a DIL just lyk her,bt Krishna is nt lyk that and so she z against the mrg,,,,
      Both of them have this habit to force their decision on others and both have different POV and they thinks that they are rite from their POV and is not ready to hear an other

    4. And Yuvraj,,,,he z lyk this from the begining,,,I used to enjoy all those Yuv-Ani moments (before the 1st leap),,they were such a cute couple and Yuvraj supported Suhani at bad times,when Pankaj was blamed of misbehaving with Gauri e.t.c(miss old SSEL),,,,,,He loves his family and gets selfish for them,,,,he was a flawed character frm the begining,,,bt after the first leap onwards cvs made his character worse,,,,,All are saying that Sambav was sweet in the begining and cvs made him worse…’s the same cvs that made Yuvraj’s character worse,,,,,He was not that much sweet in the begining,bt was an understanding person,,,,,,Sahil-Rajashri used to hv a good chemistry,that’s y I started watching this drama and most of the fans used to love them as a pair and that’s y they kept demanding Yuv-Ani even after such worse twists,
      above all ,this is a daily soap,we can’t expect such bold decisions from the lead

      And Divorce,,I was against divorce before,bt then I understood ,,,,,what else can a person do when he/she tried all ways to make the relation strong and it’s still not working,,,bt most of the ppl are not bold enough to take such brave decisions,,,,,,and If this was a real lyf situation and if it was me in Suhan’s place,I will definitely choose divorce,evenif my luv for my hus stops me from that,I will prefer to stay away from that family,,,,,bt here Suhani forgave dadi and she even trusted her so that she left Yuvani with dadi and went to Goa and all of dadi’s deeds including bringing Barbie and trying to kill Suhani are still not exposed

  11. Dadi was listing out Suhani’s deeds,,,,Suhani married Yuvraj,well that was nt by Yuvi’s wish,so dadi tried to separate them,that can be considered as her love for her grandson(not actly,bt still),,,,,bt she tried to separate them even after knowing that Yuvi loves Suhani,that was her selfishness
    well dadi’s next dialogue
    ‘She took my grandchild and I stayed silent’,,,well u could hv stopped Suhani when she was leaving the hospital,,bt naa u didn’t do that and lied to evryone,,,U didn’t hv any other option than staying silent coz u lied to ur family,,,,,,,,,,,,,Suhani left with little Yuvan and u knw that it was bcoz of uu,,,,U brought Barbie and created all those prblms ,tried to kill Suhani e.t.c….Created so many prblms just bcoz u hate Suhani & her color

    I’m not saying that whatever Yuvraj-Suhani did till now are perfect and they are mahaan couple,,,,,bt the way Dadi blaming Suhani as if she z the only one who created all these prblms,,,that’s really stupid,,,,Really wish if Dadi was killed by that fake dadi

  12. How come nobody is seeing dadi and Rags for what they are. They both made Yuvani shallow like themselves. With the time leap the story has become worse and getting worse by the day.

  13. Aqsxxh

    Some episodes are amazing, the rest are bs. Get a grip writers, you are losing followers- FAST.

  14. Really bad storyline. why don’t the just end the show. I don’t think people will miss it.

  15. krishna ?Sayyam

    Omfg what’s the heck is ? I seriously don’t want Krishna to marry yuvan. I am going to love this show of Krishna married sayyam

  16. I seriously don’t wanna see all these mrg drama,,either Krishna marrying Yuvan/Krishna marrying Sayyam,,,,,,,I wanna see Sayyam getting love from his siblings and his maa,,,,,they all misunderstood him alot ,,wanna see all the misunderstandings getting cleared and all truth abt Sambav revealed to children

    1. then they can bring mrg drama

  17. I’d love to see saiyam and krishna together..The only reason I’m watching ssel is krishna and saiyam..suhani and yuvraaj are very boring…I’ve no interest in them..

  18. hk&jh k drama fan

    i read in spoilier that saiyam and krishna going to marry and yuvaan and baby

    1. hk&jh k drama fan

      sorry i mean the marrage done between saiyam and krishna

  19. Why the fixation on marrying off people in this show? Marriage is shown again and again as the solution to every problem. Or kidnap and even attempted murder! This show has no redeeming virtue. It seems dark and depressing. How sad for a serial that started off sweet and beautiful.

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