Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chanda orders Meera to divorce Dharam if she needs her children. Meera cries not to say that. Chanda warns to choose between Dhaam and children soon and leaves. Meera cries why Chanda is doing this to her.

Mona returns home from vacation. Pari gets happy seeing her and says she was misssing gopssip and only they both can do best gossip. Samar sees lots of gifts and asks why did she bring so many gifts. Mona says she had gone abroad, so gifts are obvious for everyone. She and Pari start their gossip.

Gopi informs Urmila and Urvashi that Kokila is not at home, she must have gone to chawl. Urmila asks why. Gopi says yesterday night she and Kokila had a fight, so Kokila must have gone to stay in chawl. Urmila says Kokila is not that weak emotionally and will return.

Meera decorates house for Dharam’s birthday. Dharam is surprised and praises Meera. Chanda wishes Dharam. He says ok and continues praising Meera. Vidya says Di has thrown a party and there are big surprises awaiting. She takes Shravan from there to speak. Chanda reminds Meera what to do and leaves. Meera looks at Dharam playing with Priyal and reminisces quality time spent with Dharam.

Parag plan further marriage arrangements with Urvashi. Jaggi comes and says without Gopi he will not marry, that is is his main condition. Radhika says Gopi will surely attend marriage. Urmila thinks

Gopi checks Kokila in chawal and walks back on street thinking where maaji must have gone. Radhika comes and says she has kidnapped her maaji and reminds that she heard Gopi and Kokila’s fight and planned to kidnap Kokila. Gopi says she willl not believe. Radhika shows CCTV footage of Kokila being tied to a chair with bomb and shows bomb remote, warns if she tries to trick, her maaji will burst ito pieces. She orders to steal idol for her now and if she tries to inform anyone, she will lose her maaji. Gopi shouts not to do anything to her maaji.

Dharam’s guests start coming in. Dharam greets them. His friend says bhabiji insisted to attend party and asks where is she, Dharam is very lucky to have such an intelligent and beautiful wife. Vidya says di is special. Dharam says he is really lucky. Meera comes down wearing anarkali dress. Chanda warns her to keep smiling.

Urmil and other family members get worried for Kokila and think why Gopi also did not yet return. Gopi returns with Radha with a sad face.

Precap: Radhika spreads her goons all around Modi bhavan and warns Gopi if she tries to be oversmart, she will lose all her family members.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Gaura is behind Chanda as reported in spoiler. Same thing happening with kokila when fake kokila came in via gaura.

  2. Chithu

    Jaggi is turning to b adamant and irritating. He only wants to force marry Gopi. He is emotionally blackmailing her y he Is acting so dump. U have to win over her hand not forcing her to marry instead.
    Gopi u r smart this is 21 century take help from sona n tolu fix some micro cameras and expose this Radhika. If she can do all this in Modi bhavan its ur house think how much u can do to teach them a lesson

  3. Chithu

    I just thought y cant vidya tell all this to Shravan and Dharam and give her a dose of her own medicine. Instead of divorcing they can discuss and act like they are fighting and going to get divorce. They can take this drama upto her delivery. I just don’t understand instead of so many other options to solve this issue, she is blindly following Chanda’s orders. I just hope Meera n dharam r acting n don’t get seperated. What’s say guys

    1. Isaaq

      That’s such a good plan lol… I agree I think you should replace Meera as you have better brains on how to deal with evil vamps

      1. Chithu

        Thank u Issaq. Meera is such a strong willed person. She always control other people and now she is blindly following chanda’s order. Where Is the Meera who made her own sister a servant in the house for 5 years.

  4. Boss(Siddarth)

    The upcoming episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show major drama in Modi bhavan.

    Radhika has started to show her true colors where she kidnaps Kokila to threaten Gopi.

    Radhika is planning a master trap where she also endangers Jaggi’s life giving electric wired shervani to Jaggi.

    Gopi is under pressure to save Kokila and Jaggi both, while Radhika didn’t stopped here.

    Gopi to choose amid Kokila and Jaggi

    Radhika also plants her goons in Modi bhavan who will attack over family if Gopi does anything against her.

    Almost all members of Modi family has found about Radhika’s evil plan but can’t do anything as Kokila is under her clutches.

    Radhika had smartly executes her each plan and had full control over Gopi and other family members.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  5. Plz finish dis radika track soon
    N reveal ahem’s death mistry plz
    Now im 100% sure that gaura has been telling n giving chanda coz gaura alone wants meera n dhrams separation im dam sure
    N soon plz bring back rashi jounir n also usa track is cumng soon

  6. This the second time Kolika has been kidnapped since her first time was with prem lata.I hope they reveal the mystery behind ahem death.

  7. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends
    Raina,Priyanka SP,Mahi,Chanu,Rithika,
    Ashu,Arvind S,Ann simona ?.
    Friends today is great day for us bcoz 4 new friends joined our Sunshine group A grand welcome for four people Rani,Ashu,Aravind S,Ann simona ??. New sunshine friends plz comment regularly k .
    Uff Radhika is threatning whole Modi family and no one is able to do anything . I dont understand what happened to Jaggi as b4 some days he was a hero and now why he is sitting simply even after gopi told him everything why dont he deal with radhika&Mangesh . I think after leap meera&Dharam WL be seperated.

    1. Boss I hop sunshines friends be always friends and of course new sunshines welcome to SNS family.guys can help us to be 100 comments today ok?

  8. It’s Gaura or naiya that Chanda is following

  9. Hello to all sunshine friends radhika is evil but some one has to stop her and save kokila from her

  10. Hi sunshines friends,Kp,Rani,Boss,Edwin Davies,Chithu,Tuffy,Sowmya,Nandhini,Shakaib,Akshay,Aisha,Ramona,Rani,Ashu,Aravinds,Ann Simons!Mahi and al sunshines friends.Today episode is ok,I so sad because Chanda black mail Meera a lot.

  11. Chithu I glad to your Coment kip up .And all new sunshines Coment every day,today I hop 100 comments.Shakaib how your exams?

    1. Chithu

      Thank u Saba.

    2. Shakaib

      Really superb.

  12. Sowmya and Akshay I miss yours coments.have a nice day today all of u.

  13. Boss(Siddarth)

    Yes Saba we all are missing our bestum best sunshiners Akshay,Aisha,Nisha,Raven hope Akshay returns soon .And Aisha,Nisha,Raven comeback friends.

  14. Shakaib

    Hi Sunshine friends Akshay,Aisha,Nisha,Raven,Nandini,Soumya,Issaq,Sid,Gettu,
    Sheeba,Prathyusha,Ragini,Shreestee,Saba,Raina,Priyanka SP,Mahi,Chanu,Rithika,Ramona,Swastika,Chithu,Fiza,KP,Rani,
    Ashu,Arvind S,Ann simona. I do much well in exams sid. Thanks for your prayers guys. Now, I think they can make radhika’s track end by saving kokila and exposing radhika. Guys,I’m 100% sure when kokila will be saved, radhika will be slapped by kokila or gopi. Gaura is coming back. Wow! Cvs are doing really,well. Guys ive guess a name for Gopi and Jaswinder(Jaggi)=”GoWinder”. How the name is guys? Sowmya too guess name for them=Jago. More jodi’s name; Sahir and Sonakshi=”SaKshi”. One more jodi’s name; Jigar and Paridhi=”JiDhi”,I know this one don’t make any sense. So of someone have any other name then can tell. And guys! I think Makers have to introduce baa,chirag,hetal and jigar too in USA track.because they are in america and yes,rashi Jr too. well, where are Sakshi’s siblings/daughters ; Sita and Gita???? Does they have anywork,so they can not appear. Cvs have to focus on it too. OK! Good night and Have sweet dreams.

  15. Hi friends…hope chada is following naiya…..becoz naiya was one to make daram n meera away….in last episodes….n thank u friends for adding me in ur group…thank u boss( siddarth)

  16. This show should be called “dumb characters in one show”. Seriously, how can the writers even read the script without thinking to themselves that this is one stupid story. They have made all the main actors puppet to idiots from the village. Most parts, I just fast forward, sometimes almost the entire show, because I can’t stand to sit and watch it. I makes me feel stupid. Thank god for PVR.



  17. Shakaib

    And meera will dance on dial mera muft ka, can’t wait for that scene.

  18. Okay if Vidya can tell Shravan about Chanda than why can’t Meera? Unless she already told him and they are acting. And Kokila is always getting kidnapped. Bet she’s near the house. Or else Gopi wouldn’t have found her that easily in the advertisement. Hope they don’t divorce and Dharam kicks out Chanda and ask her why she blackmailed Meera and who is she working for? I swear the Modi family have a lot of enemies who want to take revenge on them. Thank God I ain’t a part of their crazy family lol also what happened to the security of Modi bhavan? that the goons are surrounding every inch of the house. That is just f**ked up. Shit security if they can’t defend for themselves against the goons, like come on. Also hope this shit track finishes and happiness comes in the family. Chanda, go to hell, Dharam is only Meera’s husband, not yours, so stop dreaming. Trying to be a queen, when he gets bankrupt and homeless than you be back at square one, a servant and a beggar. Go find another rich husband if you can, like he would accept you.

    1. Chithu

      Kokila is either in Radhika’s room or In store room. I too agree with u as how someone dint notice 3-4 goons entering their house. Modi bhavans main door I always left open. They have a big house but zero security measures.

  19. Isaaq

    When will Gopi become cunning and manipulative like her enemies. Even I have a plan to expose Radhika- I would pretend to be on Radhika side- pretending to help her steal the money. I would learn Radhika weakness and use it against her. I would turn Magesh and Radhika against each other and they would fight with each other. I would record everything and show the Modis- My plans are always successful because my enemies always lose- I wish Gopi does the same.

    its the 21st century- I guess Rashi and Urmilla were right- Gopi will always be a gawar no matter how much she educates. I want the old Gopi back who killed her own sister Radha. This Gopi is too weak, when will she ever be able to defeat enemies on her own?

  20. Isaaq

    And Meera is stupid as well. Why doesn’t she just learn from the past? Radha also tried to kill her own baby but I remember the Modis trapped Radha when they told her that she would be arrested for harming the baby.

    Moreover, this is Dheera’s baby, not Chanda. Meera could easily backfire everything and blackmail Chanda.

    Or, Chanda is greedy for money… Why doesn’t Meera trick Chanda by telling her that she would give her a lot of money and jewellery. Meera would tell her the location and then the police would come there and arrest her so Chanda doesn’t get the chance to kill the baby.

    I honestly think that sometimes I have better intelligence than these tv heroines lol- I should be the main character in SNS LOOOOL. I should replace Rashi as the cunning bahu.

  21. Hi boss siddarth How are u I know U. big fan sathiya I am arvind.s I am fan of sathiya I not miss even single episode according to me sathiya is big and wonderfully serial in star plus and I likesathiya tittle song very much and background music well. @-}–

  22. Hi good morning all of u. Yesterday episode is good but radhika was to much. I wish to become gopi. And jagi mirrage and I wish to com mansi again And chanda is too much over y she gave more pain to merra

  23. Boss(Siddarth)

    Good morning sunshine Friends I am fine Arvind S . I hope atleast in todays episode this radhika’s track wl be finished.

    1. Chithu

      I think this track is going to end soon. Preview is been played of Jaggi n radhika’s phere at Gopi finds kokila and 2 persons are taking the Radha krishna idol. I think by Thursdaythis track will b finished.

  24. I just hate saathiya …the story is very boring and uninteresting so as the characters…they just love to overreact…very annoying!

    1. Chithu

      Then don’t watch it Tanya. No one is forcing u to watch. We r a bunch of ppl who love this show.

    2. Boss(Siddarth)

      Then why are u wasting ur time by posting ur foolish comment miss Tanya.

  25. siddarth when gopi expose the radhika and when mera oppses the chanda why gopi had fail to expose radhika day by day siddarath

  26. Ann simona gomez

    Thank u sid for adding me…. Im so curious daily to know what is going to happen… But I think its time to wind up radhikas story… So bad.. Chanda is tooooooo much.. I still wonder who is behind chanda…

  27. Boss(Siddarth)

    Sunshine friends our group members are increasing but our comments are decreasing day by day why is it?.
    Arvind s Gopi is failing bcoz she is not able to collect any proof’s against Radhika and Jaggi is not believing her or not taking any action against Radhika.

    1. Actually Siddarth, Jaggi does believe in Gopi and knows about Radhika’s intentions but can’t do anything as he promised her he would marry Radhika, not caring what her intentions are. He don’t break a promise. But Gopi will free Kokila as shown in the advert and would stop the wedding and get married to Jaggi as what the spoilers are claiming to say.

  28. Siddarth I one question u have to ans it or any body ans to my question my questions is”how many time gopi had slap to ahem in serial? Please ans any body but ans fast

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