Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani slapping Saiyyam angrily. She asks Baby to shut up or leave. Suhani scolds Saiyyam. He says before knowing anything, you think I m culprit, I did not do anything, I was finding Yuvaan. Yuvraaj says in Krishna’s room? Suhani says that’s why I slapped him. Saiyyam says I respect women, as I have a girlfriend and sister too, I can’t see anyone disrespecting girls, I have seen Krishna in her room fallen. Rags says fine, and signs Dadi. She says I will ask Krishna and makes a book fall down. She sees Krishna’s pics. Suhani asks Saiyyam how did the pics come in his room. Saiyyam says I don’t know. Rags says we have to check his room, then we will know. Rags checks his cupboard and says I m seeing if he is innocent. She says maybe we can get anything else. He says there is nothing and shows his clothes down.

Suhani sees Krishna’s dupatta and picks it. Saiyyam gets shocked. Suhani says how did this dupatta come here. Yuvraaj says I need to talk to Krishna. He goes. Saiyyam gets thinking. Dadi thinks to start last part of the acting now. Yuvraaj asks Krishna will she not tell him what happened. Krishna thinks of Yuvaan’s words. Suhani asks Krishna to tell. Krishna runs from there and takes a phenyl bottle to drink. They all shout. Suhani and Bhavna stop her and scold her.

Dadi suggests them to get Krishna and Saiyyam married. They all get shocked. Suhani says we will decide later, don’t force decisions on krishna. Rags says you do that, truth is that, Krishna and Saiyyam should get married. Saiyyam shouts stop it, why should I marry anyone, who are you to take decisions for me. Dadi says we got krishna’s pics from your room. He says I don’t know how it came in my room. Rags asks what about Krishna’s dupatta.

Saiyyam says why shall I give explanation to you all. Dadi says what did you think after ruining Krishna’s life, who will hold her hand. Yuvraaj asks Dadi to stop it. Saiyyam says why shall I marry if I did not do anything, you all talk of values, then why don’t you get Yuvaan married to Krishna. They all get shocked. Dadi scolds Saiyyam and says why shall anyone bear your mistake. Suhani says Krishna is not burden or mistake, Yuvaan will be lucky to get Krishna, they will be happy. Pratima says Suhani is right, Yuvaan you will marry Krishna, she is your friend, she will become your life partner.

Yuvaan says Maa is giving example. Suhani asks Krishna does she have any objection with this proposal. Dadi asks Suhani what is she trying to do. Yuvraaj asks Yuvaan to answer yes or no.

Pratima says you know Yuvaan, how Soumya died while saving Suhani’s life. Dadi asks Yuvaan will you agree for that, you can’t say yes, no. Suhani asks Dadi what is your problem, he did not say no, you were worried for Krishna’s future, Yuvaan has held her hand. Krishna runs and hugs Yuvaan. Suhani, Yuvraaj and Pratima smile.

Pratima says see, its their yes. Krishna cries. Yuvraaj says its good they are happy. Pratima suggests they should get Yuvaan and Krishna married, along with Yuvraaj and Suhani. They all smile. Yuvraaj goes to Yuvaan and talks to him about the marriage. Yuvaan says its sudden for me, Yuvraaj says I can understand, my and Suhani’s marriage story is very interesting, Maa cheated me. Yuvaan says I also feel I got cheated.

Yuvraaj asks don’t you like Krishna, don’t you like to marry, marriage is not a joke, you can refuse even now, since I came back, I observed you and Krishna are best friends. Yuvaan says yes, she is my friend but…. Yuvraaj says like me and Suhani, there is nothing good than friendship, if you have anything in heart to share, tell me. Krishna comes. She says your decision made our friendship more special. Yuvraaj asks them to talk, and goes. Krishna hugs Yuvaan and thanks him. Yuvaan thinks to talk to Suhani.

Rags and Dadi are angry. Dadi says I will not let Krishna marry Yuvaan, I can kill her, but I will not let her ruin Yuvaan’s life. Yuvani hears them.

Dadi gets a chemical and says why will our family bear Suhani’s crimes punishment, this engagement will happen, if there are no hands, where will they wear rings.

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  1. This episode actually made me laugh.. Now dadi will stop who’s wedding.. Krishna n Uvan’s OR Suhani n Uvraj’s wedding…
    Bdw I didnt like this decision … Krishna n Sayyam would be better couple….anyway..

    1. Agree with you.

    2. I totally agree ..i would love to see saiyam and krishna as a couple…

  2. What is this ya total crap watching only for suhani n yuvaraj bt stupid storyline and sorry for sayyam he s caught in every matters

  3. This is bad, STUPID DUMB Krishna. Yuvaan doesn’t want you, it all happening again. Yuvaan must speak up.

    1. Isn’t funny, that none of the brothers, wants Krishna.
      It’s like, oh god, please GOD, NOT KRISHNA!

      Yuvaan goes to Saiyyam, you have her little bro, l pray that you should be happy.

      Saiyyam goes to Yuvaan, excuse me! her mother saved your life. You should have her Bro.

      Yuvaan saying to Saiyyam, you ass hole!

      Well done suhani for making Krishna weak, STUPID & DUMB, like you.
      You have abandoned your son, wow you are sure a wonderful woman.
      Well done cvs.

    2. We are used to see 2 brothers fighting to death to GET the girl but it is the first time i am seeing in a indian serial 2 brothers fighting to NOT GET the girl. Krishna should slap both of them and find a better guy

    3. Ha ha ha!
      That funny, isn’t my friend. You are so right!

  4. How many generations will they allow dadi ruin?
    Can I ask people here? Is the person playing the character of dadi in any way related to the writers, production team or even the channel?
    Also, are there no TV critics in India to highlight the negative messages that ssel is promoting?
    I read the updates and really find the tracks disgusting and the characters lack depth and their actions lack logic.
    A lot can be done with the story but the writers seem to be stuck on negativity or have no idea how to progress with the show.

  5. What kind of mother is suhani. How can she put her favourite son, on the spot, like that. Yes Yuvaan is bad, he shouldn’t have done that. But he has choice and feeling too.

    If suhani was my mother, I well tell her, Krishna is my friend. Just because she is my friend, it doesn’t mean that I want to marry her.
    But how can he says that, suhani is not a good mother. She well do whatever’s suhani wants.
    I am glad that Saiyyam, said get Yuvaan and Krishna married. I am not going to marry her.
    That is how you speak up, even if it sounds like you are being rude to your mother.
    It is all happening again, forced marriage. Yuvaan like Krishna as a friend and a sister. No one should force marrying to someone, that they don’t want to marry.

    1. Yes I agree with you, but Krishna is more suited for Saiyyam.
      The way Krishna can stand up to saiyyam, she won’t able to do that to Yuvaan. Yuvaan and Baby should get together. Because he love baby.
      Look I am married to someone that is 8 years younger then me. I wasn’t happy at first. But the way I could talk to my husband, I don’t think I would able to talk to someone that was either 8 years older or the same age as me.

      I people are saying, that he should be a teenager. But cvs made that choice for saiyyam to be an adult. And I wouldn’t wanted for them to change the actor. WE ALL HAVE TO GET OVER THIS!

      I told my father in law, to take my younger sister for his son. Now husband.

      My father in law, told me, that he is 8 years older than my mother in law. So what is the different between men and women. He would be old enough to be her big brother. Like I would be enough to be his old sister.

      You once agreed Lucy, that you wanted Krishna and saiyyam together..

      Like poppy said yesterday, love and war, is a perfect couple.
      My marriage was arranged marriage. To me it could be forced. But the difference between me, my husband and yuvaan. Is that Yuvaan loves baby. Me and my husband, there wasn’t anyone else there that for us to love. What I mean I didn’t have a boy that I liked. He didn’t have a girl the he liked.
      Then you could say what about Krishna, she like yuvaan. But thing is yuvaan like Krishna as a sister. For Krishna the best thing for her is saiyyam. I want to see that love and war.

    2. No Mo.
      You have got me wrong, I still want Krishna and saiyyam together.
      It all because that suhani was blaming him for something that he didn’t do.
      I am just glad that he stands up for himself.
      I have read poppy yesterday comments. She is right!
      It would be nice to see, how Love clam down War.
      But I am still on yuvaan side, suhani can’t force him to marry Krishna. For me it doesn’t matter WHAT he does. No one, not even his mother should make him marry Krishna.
      I didn’t like when pratima blackmailed yuvraj to marry suhani.
      Your marriage to your husband, is different. It might be arranged, but not forced.
      Your family and in law, gave you that choice. If you kept on saying no, then my dear, I believe that they would have accepted.

      The blackmailing, it that I hate, the way pratima and yuvraj used soumya death.
      But I hope that the writers put Krishna and saiyyam together.
      You are right to say we all have to get over, the actual age of saiyyam. This actor is very good at his job.
      Let’s put love and war together!

    3. Aqsxxh

      Exactly mo my mum and dad have 10 years difference!
      It is love that brought them together- I love your comments

    4. My apologies, you are right, I can’t compare to yuvaan. I did have a choice

  6. Uff,,,that was lyk,,,totally unexpected,,,,(not for us bt for Yuvan and all)…I felt lyk… they were playing shuttle with Krishna as the cork,,,,First Sayyam then Yuvan,,,,suggestions came so soon and mrg was fixed within a second,,,,,,N I never knw that Krishna loved Yuvan,,,,
    ,Yuvan ko saas lene ke liye bhi samay nahi diya ta,,,,,

    Suhani always forces her decisions on others…she said that Yuvan didn’t say no,,he didn’t say yes tooo,,,,He z totally trapped

  7. Ssel now became a shit show.yes somany watch only of saraj.plsss bring yuvi n suhani together.just want to see their krishna saiyyam or krishan yuvaan create that.and yes karan rocks as saiyyam.all the best

  8. I only watched this show 4 yuvraj n suhani….. N now this saiyyam will manipulate yuvan against yuvraj n suhani marriage as per the new spoiler …….

    This show lead is yuvraj n suhani…. Pls remarry them without any nonsense……

    I think yuvani will get 2 know abt dadi n rags plan…. And she will help her mother …

    I don’t want saiyyam with Krishna…. He is kid of 14 yr ….. Y making her n saiyyam pair …. When Krishna will somewhat 22….. I want new girl for saiyyam. ….. N pls baby is just irritating. .. she will try 2 kill Krishna as she want yuvan n saiyyam both

    1. Sorry to disagree with you, but I think it a good idea, because both brother’s well come together.
      It was yuvraj fault to poison suhani against Saiyyam. Then you could say he is only a step father.

      This Yuvaan, his own blood, yuvaan is bad, but he does, to his own right, to have a choice.
      If anyone that has made Yuvaan against his parents, it is yuvraj and suhani!
      No one else!
      Yes saiyyam did say, I don’t want to marry Krishna. Get yuvaan to marry Krishna.

      But it was suhani to put yuvaan on the spot. Then she get his father and pratima involved.with that comes Some blackmailing.

      Sorry to say this has well! But I am on saiyyam side, saiyyam is not going to force or make yuvaan to go against his parents.
      Yuvaan is going to join his brother, because he doesn’t want to MARRY KRISHNA!

      If this is the only way to make, his parents to, listen to his feelings. Well I would also support him.
      I think, I hope, it well bring the brothers and sister together. Even if it means that suhani and yuvraj, NOT getting back together.

      For me suhani has been selfish, not once did she thought about her children happiness, or put them first.

      You Guys know that I don’t like yuvraj.
      But if yuvraj and suhani wants to get married. Then they have to make sure that, ALL SUHANI CHILDREN ARE HAPPY. Yes that include Saiyyam. Also none of the blackmail marriage or force marriage.
      If suhani really love her children she well sacrifice her marriage to yuvraj.

    2. @ r
      I think a misunderstanding on your part.
      If you read somi put spoiler, underneath, about saiyyam & yuvaan.
      But apart from the misunderstanding, I absolutely 100% agree with you.
      It would be yuvraj and suhani fault, if yuvaan go against them. Not saiyyam!
      You think that someone like suhani. Won’t do that to her kids.
      It might be her dream to have Krishna as a daughter in law. It doesn’t mean it is her son.

  9. what the heck that stupid yuvaan cant marry krishna, he doesnt deserve krishna, he is good with that baby .i hope he doesnt get married to krishna.

    what the hell is wrong with suhani how can she just blame saiyyam, frist i didnt like him but now he is the best of all characters and why are they so eager to get her married.

    firstly i kept quiet these days but now no more, saiyyam and krishna both should get justice, nd i hate thims yuvaan, he is just good for nothing, he knows only to become good in front of everybody. nd if he dnt want the marriage why the hell did he say yes.

    Nd hats off to rags nd dadi ,what the hell is thier problem ,why are they behind this innocent souls? when somya was alive they pampered and uesd her against suhani nd now they hate krishna! great.

    i dnt want yuvaan to marry krishna, he is a two faced man nd i hate those people, whiel krishna is gentle , her life will be destroyed, ya if it was saiyyam i wouldnt have any problem rather i want it to be him, he is hard but good at heart , he can protect her from all cruelty be it dadi, rags or yuvaan.

    1. I agree!
      Yuvaan dumped Krishna on the floor. It was saiyyam try to put Krishna on the bed.
      I blame suhani, she only want to see saiyyam in a bad light.
      Now she is forcing yuvaan to marry Krishna. I don’t like yuvaan no more than you do.
      But you have to admit, it is unfair on yuvaan. Somi said something about a spoiler. It said saiyyam is going to manipulate yuvaan. To stop yuvraj and suhani wedding. I believe it is yuvaan going to manipulate saiyyam. Because this is the only way to stop him marrying Krishna.
      I hope Dadi does get her way. And put saiyyam and Krishna together

  10. What the hell have they done to this serial? So, they kill Sambhav but when they think it’s Saiyyam, they try to get him married to Krishna?
    They’re not even bothered to take Krishna to a doctor. And for heaven’s sake someone just kill Dadi n Rags. Can’t tolerate them anymore. And up until Yuvraj came, Yuvaan was the nicest guy but suddenly he likes his brother’s GF and he turned into an a*sh*le. Wth is going on? None of the characters have any spine to talk about anything.

  11. 1St of all sayyam is very much younger dan krishna yuvaan n yuvaani den y dis serial showing dis crap of sayyam also of der age. From the tym dis sayyam story started am thinking dat only. And krishna is lyk his didi only na. Age is not a matter but when sayyam born i think all dos three kids were big enuf more dan 6 i guess.

    1. U r rite…. Nd too don’t want Saiyaam krishna yuvan….. I just want yuvraj n suhani….. Stop this nonsense of trio….. Worst storyline….. Yuvan was a good person…… How suddenly he is falling for kali baby…. She is just irritating….??? I don’t have problem with her colour but her character seem dark only… Pls yuvan ko acha hi rako…..

      Saiyaam n yuvani r doing negative against suhani..
      Atleast yuvan n krishna were good bestie n think yuvan too fall 4 her…. N they r support for the suhani…..

      Lastly…. I want remarriage of yuvraj n suhani

  12. krishna ?Sayyam=?

    What the heck is this ? I’m a stop watching this show if Krishna gets married to yuvaan instead of sayyam.

  13. Why are the Screenwriters still getting to paid for? Sayyiam is only 15 since the leap was 15years’ the Writers are Stupid, for this Line of Yuvaan and Krishna’s Marriage, let’s see how Krishna f up Yuvsan’s Life, After all yuvaan black mailed her…

  14. Isn’t sayam verymuch younger than Krishna yuvani n yuvan

  15. Hope writers gone mad serial toh bakwaas hogayi ab,……

  16. No NAYI SOCH in this serial. No story, everyone believes what they see, there’s that many people in the house but no one sees rags/dadi going into saiyyams room and putting the pics and scarf. How? WHY always evil win – rags and dadi? No question of checkup or doctors, just think the worst. Is this what happens in real life?

  17. Good one dadi and rags plan not only flopped but had the total inverse effect. I don’t think yuvan is villain but he is too much afraid to stand against his mother, he doesn’t want to loose the good boy image this is why he stopped krishna from telling truth and accepted this marriage but he is human, he should speak openly with his mother.
    Hope now yuvani knows to what extend her god mothers can go, she doesn’t join them and do whatever is right

  18. Saiyaam is 6yrs junior to Yuvraj, Krishna and Yuvani voh a Bhi bacha hai he must be 18 yrs old woh Kaisay bool gaiya he is a lot smaller than others how can he marry someone 6 yrs older than him? Bakwas

  19. Crap crap…that what’s its all about.Firstly how can they decide on a marriage without a full medical check up and suddenly all are compalled to get Krishna married…tell me is this the nayi soch..does it happen in real life.It seems that Krishna is a burden on everyone especially Yuvraj whose responsibilies was from the beginning as he bought Soumya and daughter into the house..why is Dadi is forgetting that.Again Dadi and Rags have maniputed the whole thing and The so called Birla family have become deaf and blind but were quick to judge a rape had taken place.Have any one heard of a mother father and son getting married in one mandap on the same day.. is this how our society is today.. how cheap is this family ethics…Come on writers are you
    dummy and stop insulting our intelligence .

  20. I wish Suhani didn’t agree right away to her marriage to Yuvraaj before settling all the issues with her kids and coming in terms with her past and moving on with her past. This also means her decision about Saiyyam and also making everyone understand why are outcomes the way they are. But no she still has to be a lovesick puppy for Yuvraaj and can’t for once play hard to get.

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