EK TARFA PYAAR {one sided love} chapter 1

Khandelwal Mansion

Whole mention is decorated like a newly wedded bride after-all its their only son’s wedding…
We can see a lot of rustling bustling… Some are busy in work, some performing traditions , women’s gossiping, mens having their usual business talks with some champion, kids running around.., among all these we can see a girl doing preparations, ordering servants, having a smile plastered on her face…
According to all its her bestiezz wedding but for her its her childhood love getting away from her…
Occasionally tears make their way from her eyes but before anyone can see she hides them with her perfect acting skills….


We can see a boy tapping his feet in nervousness, excitement, anxiousness, feared of his decision of marriage all in one emotions…while his cousins are doing the job of adding oil in the fire with their inappropriate encounters and problematic life after a wife….
Soon a man enters and signals everyone to leave the room…(after all left)
Man: I know son what are you feeling, its all new for you but I have full confidence on my son he can do everything… Even on my wedding day i was same nervous ,excited and most probably feared about my life, my freedom.. Initially it was beautiful but after some months i started having doubt about my decision of marriage but when your mom left me after a fight when she was not their with me i realised that all this sacrifice of freedom and all was worth the care and love your mom gave me.. I hope you will also realise it

Boy: thanks dad for your encouragement… Waise dad where is shona i have not met my bestiee since the wedding preparations started i really need her right now
Man: she is downstairs seeing all the preparations.. She has taken all my work and tensions on her shoulder after-all its her bestieez wedding
Boy: dad can you plzz send her upstairs i really want her beside me
Man: ok i will send her…

(After some time)
Shona: (hiding tears) hey you called me
Boy: what the hell!!!! Where were you i have been calling you since last three days … Duffer,,
Shona: sorry sorry i was busy in wedding preparations.. Do you need anything?
Boy: yes…
Shona: what?
Boy: you… Shona:?
Boy:I need my bestiee beside me when i would be taking such an important step in my life

Shona: i am here only
Boy: no.. I want you with me all the time
Shona: i am busy yaar i have work.. ( Making excuse) Oh shit!!! I forgot i have to check the food items… Chal bbye i will be downstairs..
Boy: but wait… (She was gone) this girl na suddenly what happened to her… Maybe i am overthinking she might be busy in preparations
With these he starts getting ready

After two hours

Shona’s pov

I am standing outside the mansion crying for my love.. While inside i can hear the pandit chanting mantras asking for the bride and groom… I cant take this anymore….. So I ran and ran..
After some time i have reached our favourite place… From here we can see the whole city moving in their busy life but for me my life my heart everything has stopped.. My body is alive while my soul is dead… I was deeply thinking of our childhood moments… our mastii… our nokjhoks..our fight for dairy-milk.. Him teasing me… we playing around.. every little moment of 22 years of our life together and atlast his love for her his care.. how much he adore her…
I am happy that atleast one of us could get our love..

But its all too much for me i cant see him with someone else… I cant pretend to be happy when i am totally broken.. I cant live without my breath without him and thats why i have only one option now to end all the pain all the miseries of my life..
I was about to jump when a hand stopped me

I Turn around to see a man probably in his late 40s standing in a well fitted blue armani suit his mesmerizing eyes thick black hair pinky lips.. Erggg what am i thinking.. in short he was a greek god beside his age he had the apperance which can take any girls breath away.. But he looked familiar as if I have seen him somewhere… Oh shit!! He is the great SANSKAR MAHESHWARI yaa i have seen him in several business parties but what is he doing here….

(Want to know further what happens then keep reading)
Till then

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