Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saiyyam telling everyone about Suhani and Sambhav’s love story. He says the hero wanted to accept the fairy and her son, to give a new example to the world, he was mad in love and got mad, the beauty played a game with him. He shows Suhani and Sambhav’s pics. Dadi smiles. He goes to Suhani and taunts her, that he did not know when love completes, real lover mostly get cheated. Suhani says don’t give love name to friendship, don’t blame pure emotions, he has broken limits, I broke relation of friendship, he crossed the limits. He says if you held love’s hand by leaving friendship, he supported you even then. He shows her marriage pics with Sambhav.

He says if there was no love, why did you turn to friendship, was it justice to hold friendship’s hand in absence of love, for your motives, for your son, you ruined an innocent life. She says I agree I was selfish, I melted seeing son and friend’s love, so I gave a new meaning to friendship, I did not know the result will be so bad. Everyone look on. Saiyyam says its just excuses, which runs the world, cheaters, selfish and fraud exits in the world, you cheated being a friend, someone’s sindoor and emotions for the other, the lover tried to get love and got cheated in return. Yuvraaj and everyone look on.

Saiyyam shows Sambhav and Suhani’s pics. He makes Suhani see the pics. Suhani cries. He asks who will refuse to this truth, no one cared for me, left me mid way, that child was dying in some corner of the world, and Suhani was happy in her own small world. Yuvraaj shouts Saiyyam, stop the nonsense, go and find complete truth first, then blame others. He stops the video and fixes his phone to the projector. He says I feel good knowing truth matters to you, I regret you proved you are Sambhav’s son, you just now half truth, its true Suhani and Sambhav were good friends, its true Sambhav loved my son a lot and took good care of him. He asks Saiyyam to see the truth now. He plays the pics of Sambhav and Yuvaan. He says complete truth is that, I did not know about my son, Suhani did not know about her daughter, when Suhani told me, I wanted to give my son a father’s love and unite Suhani with her daughter, we decided to remarry, but no, your father kidnapped me on wedding day, he forced Suhani to marry him. Suhani cries. Yuvraaj says you are proud of your father, see this now.

He shows how Sambhav used to torture Suhani. Everyone get shocked. Yuvraaj asks Saiyyam can he see it, your dad forced Suhani and tortured Suhani, he pierced her nose to hurt her, can you see peace on his face, we will see it closely, come. Saiyyam gets shocked.

Yuvraaj says this happened with Suhani as she refused to Sambhav, she did not need his love, like many men, he could not bear her NO, so he has hurt her to get her love. Suhani is your mother, but she is a woman first, she has burnt Sambhav, but don’t you want to know why she did that. Dadi says Yuvraaj please…. Yuvraaj asks why Dadi, what happened, you know you will get ashamed if guests know this. Dadi says its house matter. Pratima says no one had objection when Saiyyam told all this. Dadi says I don’t want to lose respect. Yuvraaj says respect increasing by giving, why do we care for Sambhav’s respect. Suhani says Yuvraaj is right, now there is no use to hide truth, I will tell truth to my son, I will see what my son does then.

She cries and shows Saiyyam the truth by pics. She shows Draupad’s cheerharan illustration. She says your father did the same with me. Everyone get shocked. Suhani says you are sign of your father’s heinous crime. Saiyyam gets back in shock and cries.

Bhavna hugs Suhani. Yuvani says no, this can’t happen, I can’t believe this. Saiyyam, Yuvaan and Yuvani cry. Dadi says enough, stop all this. She asks the guests to please leave. Yuvraaj stops the guests and says no one will leave, what happened Dadi, when truth came out, let it come in open well, what’s the problem. He tells everyone that he helped Suhani in killing that devil and went to jail, I will do this with any man who does such crime, even if he is my son. Lady says but Sambhav is Suhani’s husband. Pratima asks so will he force Suhani, I have three sons, if they do such crime, I will send them to jail. The man says but Sambhav loved Suhani, maybe she did not give him love, so he did this. Sharad says do you have a daughter, would you say same if this happened with her. He says Bhavna is my wife, she loves me, if she refuses for anything, I will respect her, real man is one who understands difference between woman’s yes and no. Yuvraaj says exactly, you can’t blame any woman like that, is our mindset so small, I can’t change world’s thinking, every woman of my house gets respect. Saiyyam feels ashamed and bows down. Yuvraaj says if any man can’t respect the women of my house, there is no place for him, you are free to go Saiyyam. Saiyyam cries and leaves.

Saiyyam aims gun at Sambhav and scolds him. He says I have always misunderstood my mother because of your lie, I will end this story today. He aims gun at himself. Suhani shouts Saiyyam.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kriyyam lover

    “Asli mard wahi hai jise ek aurat ki haan or naa mein farak dikhe”sharads dialogue just made my day…wonderful acting by sahil,rajshri and karan…luved 2days epi..

  2. best part of this episode is saiyyam knws complete truth…

  3. nice episode….

  4. Nithu

    Happy that truth is out…ill watch the epi..on hotstar….

  5. What an episode!!! No words jus perfect episode… I was crying seeing it jus superb n eg of draupadi was mindblowing… Yuvaraj u were outstanding..
    Nt only him each n everyone n am eagerly looking forward to the further story…

  6. Kriyam ?❤️✨

    Finally, Saiyaam has found out the truth and he knows about his fathers evilness. Yuvraaj and Saiyaam were both mind blowing in today’s episode.
    Baby, Rags and Dadi plan backfired, they need to leave the Birla house.
    Let’s see what happens to sambhav in tomorrow’s episode. Does he die? Hope Kriyam love story starts.

    1. Yes.I totally agree with you.mind blowing episode after a long was really good to c dadi and rags face like this.yovaraj,sharad and pratima s dialog was superb.

  7. Everyone’s acting were fabulous n especially sahil sir rocked it n today was his day… Superb love him a lot…

  8. Finally the truth is out… yet to see the episode but reading the update feels like it would be wonderful! and action packed! everyone would have give a great performance….wicked dadi her plan backfired….ha ha ha …..she deserves it…. i do not feel so irritated with rags but that baby i cannot stand her! what wrong did suhani do to her…. and that stupid yuvan why does he care for kirshna after he refused to marry her…. because of him she is suffering now…. so what care is he showing now! if anything he can do is to keep baby in check! he is so dumb to forgive baby for supporting her????

    finally Yuvraj got some action track…else his role had become that of a passive support artist! its nice to see how the everyone supported suhani. when dadi supported suhani in finding yuvraj i thought there was some hope to revive their relation…but no dadi will remain that mean lady!

    Now it will be interesting to see how saiyyam’s character shapes up! excited for coming episodes!

    1. Aqsxxh

      this comment is so true

  9. This episode was more like it – direct to the point – no going around in circles
    Putting dadi in her place finally
    This is the stance hat needs to be taken more often

    You need to show that the actors have courage otherwise it gets boring

    I really enjoyed this episode after a very long time — start as you mean to go on in this drama

    Don’t take too long to get to the climax as we lose interest

    The story line need to be short – no more than 1 month long as then it really drags and in between we lose faith


  10. A.Tejaswi

    Today’s episode was a true blockbuster. After a long wait the truth is finally revealed.Should see what saiyyam will do ahead.Saiyyam is going to support suhani now.Glad that yuvraj is with her.

  11. Wahhh!! Wht a episod…finally d truth has reveald n am really happy ,super twist n waitng fr tmrw (i vsh to b lyk diz tmrw “saiyyam got injured n suhani n all save him n doctr want to say he totally want a bed rest so krishna will help him fr evrythng thn saiyyam slwly falls in her”if it happen i vl b really happy)

  12. I really appreciated Yuvraj’s role in the episode today…he added the perfect balance to things..the way the truth was revealed was pretty realistic…except I don’t know how draupadi’s pictures came on Yuvraj’s phone at the last minute…

    Sayyam’s reaction was heartbreaking…because he DOES respect women; even if he does act rude, he knows his limits…He has never touched Krishna at all and even told Yuvaani once (when they were drinking) that he respects women…he probably feels guilty about everything even though what happened with Suhani was not his fault.
    liked the message that the episode spread today *thumbs up

    Sayyam’s gonna shoot himself!! (though this time it’s for real)…poor kid…I know that this time Sambhav wont save him so it might be Suhani (I didn’t see Krishna anywhere). I want the bond between Sayyam and his mother to grow and I want to see Suhani show her son some love.

    I loved how the police officers in the police station were just standing Uselessly when Sayyam was pointng a gun at Sambhav, then at himself *like…seriously?

  13. Hiii…!! @bhargavi n @ssel fan….. Loved today’s episode…… Every character perform very well….. Specially yuvraj….. He nailed today’s episode…..?? the way he was acting was really appreciated…. Sharad u get little screen space n dat too he utilized very well…… Its funny but… How they carry all pics tortured by sambhav…
    Oh… Yuvraj n suhani I wish u both get new project…

    1. Hello somi dear….agree with u yuvraj nailed it today…seemed a perfect hero..this was his best…everyone acted well…dadi was screwed abt that pics its juz illogical…anyways i came here to wish u

    2. A.Tejaswi

      U both r correct @somi n @bhargavi.No one carries photos like that.It is hilarious.

    3. Aqsxxh

      I found the carrying pics illogical too, but maybe, just maybe, they were preparing to tell the truth to sayam after finally growing brains…idk maybe but this episode was amazing

  14. Weighting for tomorrow?

  15. Is the precap Sihani dreaming?

    1. No one know, except for one, and that is mo. I am afraid that looks like that, she is gone.
      She is amazing at these things.

      1. Thank You Krishna.
        No, I am not sure, but I believe it is not a dream.

        I know my son, saiyyam he is very hurt.

  16. Neethu

    A good episode after a long time!!
    Atleast they stopped dragging the track. I think saiyyam won’t shoot himself but will unite with Suhani.. If that happens then the story would be interesting and we will get to see more of kriyam scenes. But why are the shifting it to 5pm? Just for a new serial they are doing injustice to ssel. Again it’ll loosr trp.

    1. Aqsxxh

      Exactly, I think SSEL is finally going back on track… so moving the time-slot would be very inconvenient

  17. Aarti32

    Thank God!! Finally Saiyyam knows d truth..It’s a relief..
    N I don’t think Saiyyam will b able to shoot himself, bcz he’ll be saved by Suhani most probably..

  18. Dear all, (r), poppy, Krishna, and all the kriyam fans.

    I have brought this show, this far. Yes it was my idea for kriyam.

    Now it is up to you, to bring something to the show.

    After yesterday, I have decided to leave. There are bad people on this site that, lie and take things to far.

    So I had enough, to r, I well miss you, and I stop you once. Today I am not going to stop you.

    Take Care you all.

    1. Firstly it was Hanna, then shanti, now it you.

      If hanna and shanti was the light, you were the talent.
      Lucy where right these people are crazy!
      You know what they can have this website.
      One thing that I want to tell kriyam fans, remember their names. Their name are somi and bhargavi.
      Even if you have fun or don’t agree with them. They well do the same thing that they did to Hanna, shanti and now mo.
      So this good bye from me.

      1. Yeah life well be boring, with out you my friend.
        So let them have the website. They can keep it.

        It was you that made the different to this show, and I agree with poppy, you are the talent.

        So this is also good bye from me.

      2. See @poppy….. We never said to leave this site to hanna or shanti….. The only thing I said that day was stop bashing suhani to (r) but many came to protect (r)…. Oh….but what is ur problem I never said anything to u….. But yesterday it was u, r, hasaan, krishna…. Who were saying us liar, unhappy people, hypocrite….. Though we mentioned site like india forum…

        @mo…. This is not my site nor bhargavi….. So need to leave this site….. I never had any problem with u…..But we too were discussing about the person who posted suhani deserve rape……

        Lastly poppy, don’t highlight our name as we did something wrong….. @esther had a site of india forum in yesterday page…. Pls check it…. As @ I’m new said…. First see n then comment

    2. @mo ,no need to leave.plzzzz………………..
      I don’t know what happened before because I started watching SSEL for KRIYAM .
      But,whatever it was, don’t think about that.Let them say anything…..
      Please don’t stop commenting,I am very busy with my exam but still commented.u r a good predictor and it’s a talent.
      SO,PLZ DON’T LEAVE …????
      Keep enjoying the show and support✌✌✌

      1. @ Arshi, One last prediction.

        Yuvraj know it was Dadi doing, so I believe that he planned the photos.
        I believe yuvraj realised this since yesterday, when he saw the 3 women, smiling. That is why he stopped suhani hitting saiyyam.

        Remember yuvraj always knew what Dadi was up to. He just turned the blind eyes.

        But this time, he doing this, because he has, a hate list. The person, who is at the top of his hate list, is sambhav.

        I still believe that yuvraj, plan is saiyyam!

        Please, I had enough of these people. One day when it happened to you, I hope it doesn’t. You well understand.

      2. Areee,u r leaving really???
        I’m not going to stop u again,bcoz I’m also fed up seeing quarreling both in #JNDSD and #SSEL
        I just started commenting just few days ago but also feeling it’s better to leave the site???
        Well wishes to u mo ,from a bangali fan(বাঙালি ভক্তের থেকে শুভ কামনা রইল)


      3. Wow, I wonderful, liked TODAY episode.
        All this in put was done, by MO.
        She pushed for suhani to be more of a mother to saiyyam.
        She director the writers, on where they went wrong.
        MO made Kriyam happen.

        So the talent has left the building, now we stuck with the talentless.

        Yeah, like r said put your money where your mouth is. I would like to see, on how you guy’s can improve this show.
        Oh don’t worry I won’t comment. But I well laugh.

        So good luck, because you well need it!

    3. @mo… U r saying I’m leaving this…. But before u leave…. Kindly see ur friends comments…. Yesterday also they said put ur money where your mouth n now also….. Some comments we r just ignoring…. But it over.. I want end this… Argument….

      We were not saying about u n further also we’ll not say ….

  19. Nice episode today yuvraj stood for suhani mind blowing acting by sahil and rajshri

  20. Superb epi today.. yuvi, suhani, sharad all rocked..
    Its good that truth is out..

    But i feel it was unrealystic.. cause who captured those pics when sambhav tortured suhani.. nd i think those pics were d main proof to convince saiyyam abt truth…

    Anyways, now they r not going to dragg this sambhav track..
    I m happy now.. loved sahil’s acting today

  21. Awesooooommmmeee performance – dialog, emotions and tone!!! everyone rocked it!!! power packed performance! Apt for today’s situation…respect for Yuvraj’s character has increased! Suhani did not fear to bring the truth out….and all the questions!!! Sharad and Pratima and everyone stood together for Suhani…what an episode!!! Love Yuvani! Saiyyam was teriffic too!!!

    Sahil, Rajshri and Karan stole the show!!!!

    Yeah but unrealistic a bit as who got the pics of the piercing but everything is ok…..the final picture was perfect!

  22. So now saiyyam knows the truth about his evil father sambhav I think suhani n saiyyam will end up killing him for good this time

  23. Aqsxxh

    May I just mention the messages throughout this episode throughout this episode where amazing!

    Now, let us just look at each individual…
    Suhani; Waah, the way she finally explained the truth to sayyam, a way to hit the heart strings! And the close up of her and sayyam was absolutely mesmerising- when she blinked and the tears fell down and Sayyam’s eyes widened at the picture. It was about time she finally told the truth, the only thing I was kinda upset about was when she did say ‘you were a son of rape’, it was a bit insensitive- but I do understand in the spur of the moment…
    But overall, what a way to let the truth out.
    Now Yuvrani and Yuvaan and Krishna, they rocked their roles with their expressions of being shocked and surprised and they showed their true emotions- it seemed so real! Really improving in their acting from right at the beginning of the leap- hats off to them!
    (shout out to Yuvani for that dramatic cry of disbelief- loved it!)
    Now the three devils *Dadi, Rags, Baby*
    ugh, Dadi just annoyed me this episode, and Rags and baby were just statues- except for baby finally realising the truth and looking at Dadi in disbelief- she must’ve been thinking ‘Oh God, I helped a rapist! Imagine who I am helping now!’ and Rags, I felt something different apart from that look of ‘oh god, plan back-fired’ I saw some sympathy and some sort of feeling of finally giving up and I feel sometime soon she might go help Suhani and turn on Dadi… Maybe I am wrong… But Dadi- HA, maybe evil doesn’t always prevail after all, like here is me expecting Dadi to stop Yuvraaj and put on her fake puppy eyes and crocodile tears, but no. every time she tried to retaliate she was stopped! Finally.
    Now, Pratima;
    God, her finally speaking up to Dadi as well, her speaking up to the guests! That is why I love her, she speaks when it is most important- and she doesn’t ‘just’ speak- oh no she speaks with wisdom! *like I didn’t expect her to say much this epi, but she came up with an amazing line to shock most ssel fans who knew Pratima as a numpty who is always quiet, “If my sons did the same, I would send them to jail myself”, and Pratima’s love for her sons is conditional!*
    Now the final blockbuster trio; Sharad, Yuvraaj and Sayyam…
    Hats off to them, their emotion, their passion, their everything.
    They leave me speechless. Literally, they gave life to this episode.
    Yuvraaj finally speaking against Dadi, taking charge against everything, Sharad, standing up next to his Guru against that guest and Sayyam the guy who was so confident reduced to a guilty person…
    God, everything was clear their feelings in their voice and expressions their body language was flawless- they made this episode ROCK!
    God, loved this episode.
    Loved it.

    1. Aqsxxh

      pratima’s love is unconditional I mean

    2. Esther

      you analyzed the epi verywell Aqsaah….. 😀 😀 …agree with each and every word you said….
      Rags…she z confusing….I’ve felt this before too…..and I too thought the same about Baby

      1. Aqsxxh

        i still baby would gold-dig after this epi, but rags… hmmm

  24. if my comments are useless then why the hell are you reading them [that is if you are referring to me] if you are not then i stand corrected you know who you are i do not have to write a name and if it is me then girlfriend you do not know who you are messing with my god at least i work and i do not put up stupid comments i have a life and it certainly do not revolves around this serial i have better things to do with my time we do indulge sometimes life is not all about work though when i think i will be appreciated here i suddenly realise i am not that is why i said the persons are selfish on this site and i love today’s episode saiyyam should not leave suhani is his mother she should be the one to be with her son he needs her now more than ever and i do not think i will comment on this forum anymore too much back biting for my own good

  25. Syedul

    Now hopefully Krishna and Sayyam love is gonna start

  26. Kya bolum no words.I want this episode

  27. sarita sharma

    hi somi &bhargavi sterday epi was blockboster each and every dialouge was superb karan rajshri and sahil naild it specially sahil after many days laga pahle wala yuvraaj dekhne ko milá ya i agree somi m v sahil rajshri ko new show m dekhna chahati hu new story or new character ke saath

    1. Hmm…. This is site become boring… Always taking our name in wrong way…. Like liar n all…. Leave it…. God may help them….. Ya it’s true… Sahil n rajshri must get new show

  28. hi somi bhargavi superb epi bhut dino se intjaar tha kal sabka performance accha tha yuvraaj ki dialouge delivery acchi thi may b kal yuvraaj ka din tha

  29. Pls don’t change the timing only now serial is in track

  30. this site is not becoming boring IT IS BORING and i did nor recall anyone calling persons here liars and god only help those who help themselves and writing garbage has become a norm here i never said i wanted to be friends with anyone on this site i comment and then leave it is up to anyone who wants to read i do not ask persons to read my comments i know it is me you are referring to i said i would have stop commenting here but what the heck I WILL CONTINUE TO COMMENT i love sarcasm i can deal with that and if the cap fits YOU then wear it love the way this serial is heading where is Menka?

    1. Are u talking to Somi…maybe you misunderstood…the fight is b/w Somi/Bhargavi and Krishna…

      1. *Somi/Bhargavi…..and Krishna/mo/…….

  31. The comments in this page are really confusing…..why Krishna is asking others to give ideas for the serial…..!!!! are the cvs reading comments in this page !!!!!!

  32. superb episode

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