Mere Angne Mein 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 17th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with doctor asking Shivam to walk without support. Shivam walks on his own. Doctor says you can go home now, we have to complete formalities. Everyone get glad. Shivam asks about Riya, I will not go home, tell me where is she, then we will go. Inspector comes to take Shivam’s statement. Shivam asks whats this paper. Inspector says it states you were trapped for this illegal fight, and you were not at fault. Shivam signs. Nimmi tells everyone that matter got closed. Shivam asks where is Riya. Shanti says she has run away seeing the problems. He gets shocked.

Shanti says Riya said she will not ruin her life with a handicapped man. He says no, I don’t believe this. Shanti asks did you see her here any time, where is she. She shows the mangalsutra and says she has returned this too. He says no, Riya can’t do this. Sarla says I knew you will not agree, so I have recorded whatever Riya said, its in Pari’s phone, Pari show it.

Shivam gets shocked seeing the video. Shivam cries. Shanti says she insulted family and went, its good thing that you can walk again, maybe Lord has pushed you towards death so that Riya’s truth comes out, we will do packing and head back home now.

Nimmi asks don’t you believe it now, call Riya and ask her, I want to tell one thing, the one who insulted family, I will not let her come back home. Shanti asks Shivam to stay with Riya if he wants, but we can’t stay. Shivam cries and says I can’t stay without you all, I promise Riya will never come back in my life. Shanti says I expected this from you. He says I don’t want Riya’s weak love, I promise you all that Riya is dead for me from now on, leave me alone for few days, I can forget her easily. Raghav says he is saying right, its not easy to forget some person, let me stay alone.

Raghav says I m proud of you Shivam, you have bear all this pain for family sake, I m sorry for all those scoldings. Shanti says Raghav is right, Shivam came back from death for family. Kaushalya says my son is best. Raghav says we will leave now. Shanti asks Shivam to take care. He cries. Kaushalya asks him to come soon.

Nandu says I m glad you asked something, I will take you out. Preeti says I m helpless to ask you. He says you know I will punish you if you don’t listen to me. They see Shanti Sadan locked. He asks why were you staring at your house. She says nothing. He asks do you miss them. She says they are not so great, I hate them, I can burn that house, I became an orphan when I left from there. He asks her to come.

Shanti is on the way. Riya calls her and asks about Shivam. Shanti says he got fine after you left. Riya smiles. Shanti says send divorce papers soon, we want to end this relation soon. Riya cries and ends call. Shivam goes to the beach and recalls the time spent with Riya. Shanti and family come back home. Ashok says you all came back safely. Sarla says we will go home and cook food. Shanti asks them to dine at home. Sarla agrees. Police comes. Shanti says we have exposed bad people, do you want to give us honor. Sarla says Amit gave inspiration to Shivam to fight, Pari supported Shanti and fought with goons. Inspector says enough, I have come to arrest you all for the crime of Riya’s murder. They all get shocked.

Police drags Shanti. Raghav tries to stop. Everyone is put up in the lockup.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Who will shanti and family turn to for help now? Perhaps now shivam will realise truth of shanti, sarla and pari.

  2. Riya’s murder strange how can she be murdered and for what reason.Riya just had a word with Shanti and Shanti requested Divorce Papers from her.Tuffy’s news from spoiler was right..Anyone has any news that why Riya got murdered and why wasn’t she aware that Pari is recording everything.Also one thing I dnt understand that why is Shivam not saying that it was he who made her sign the death contract and it was he who hidden the truth…Nonsense am supporting Riya here

  3. Wow. What a horrible show. I hate Sarla and pari when are they going to get exposed

  4. Very interesting episode ek dum correct turn liya hai director sahab ne riya ka murder wow

  5. the show’s becoming illogical. Shivam and his family is at fault. Shivam lets Riya sign the papers and doesn’t say anything, Sarla and Shanti blackmail Riya in leaving and the rest of the family is all to eager to believe Riya is behind this. I don’t think the writers will ever have Sarla and her children exposed and if they do get exposed for the treaterous backstabbing people they are they will be forgiven so they can fall back into their old routine, kind of rinse and repeat.

  6. So true,no matter how devious Sarla and family and Shanti can be,they always get away.then get royal treatment from Kaushalya and Raghav. Furthermore Shivam like a dummy believes any lies they say abt his wife. One of the most evilist shows. Blasphemy when Sarla thanks God wen he evil plan goes her way.

  7. @neha no new spoiler out for MAM and the last spoiler didn’t mention Riya’s death. Sarla’s got exposed once(getting Ashok married again) didn’t make any difference, Riya and co helped her get normal away, no difference made.
    Yes Shivam kept quiet and just accepted what shanti and co said. No one questioned him about contract etc. Wonder if Riya has proof of what shanti/sarla made her do, that would be a good slap for sarla, prove them wrong. Let’s see what happens now, is Riya really dead or is it someone’s plan against them for exposing the boxing. Just hope shanti opens her eyes, raghav should tell her what happened in SS behind her back and what sarla tried to do.

  8. Everything is getting crazier and crazier. Riya’s last speech was crazy, totally disavowing her love for Shivam. Nobody, including Shivam, wants to bear any responsibility for Shivam’s actions. And now, Riya is allegedly dead, murdered, or missing. The only way this crazy story can be a little more palatable is if Sarla and Pari are punished, really punished for their misdeeds.

  9. They will never get punishment for their misdeeds as we all know since the beginning now they will target to get rid of her .how stupid they can
    Ran I helped sarla a lot but as always forget anyone help and keeps on going wrong direction now sarla is selfish character as we know .A very boring show

  10. ,??EmOcTioN????

    It’s Shivam who filed the complaint the police might b fake………
    He doesn’t believe them all and wants to test Ria whether she saves the family or not

  11. really the writer now needs to think of new plots and weave them around the agarwal family , instead of harping on the same issue , leave the house , leave my son , divorce , the good bahu not opening her mouth the good son agreeing to what the elders say and trust them blindly too

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