Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saiyyam crying and shouting. Sharad asks him to get lost. Saiyyam refuses to go. He says I did not come to talk about your family, my mum died here. Sharad says you want to know what I will do. They all get shocked seeing Suhani holding Sharad’s hand and stopping him. Suhani gets conscious. Everyone get glad. Doctor checks Suhani and treats. Yuvraaj smiles. Suhani forwards hand to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj recalls Yuvani’s words and cries. He signs no to Suhani. Yuvaan and Yuvani see Suhani and Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj goes to Suhani and holds her hand. He cries.

Pratima goes to temple. Bhavna too comes. They thank Lord for saving Suhani. Pratima wishes no mother goes through this pain to lose a child. Bhavna hugs her and says everything got fine now. Sharad comes to them. Pratima asks what happened. He says nothing, i m scared thinking of all this, Yuvaan is very angry on Saiyyam. Bhavna says yes, he should be, Saiyyam tried to kill Suhani. Sharad says I m not worried for Saiyyam, you all have seen Suhani has held Yuvraaj’s hand infront of children. Bhavna says we did not think of this, what will we do now. Sharad says we should tell them, hiding would be bad. Krishna comes and asks what are you hiding. She asks Pratima what truth are they hiding. They get tensed.

Yuvani goes to Suhani. She sees Yuvraaj sleeping holding Suhani’s hand. She pulls the curtains. They wake up by sunlight. Suhani stops Yuvani. Yuvani thinks to find truth. She says I did not think Suhani will leave us like this, when everything is fine, I want to know truth, why did mumma held Yuvraaj’s hand. Yuvraaj says its not like that. Yuvani asks him to stay out of this, I m asking my mum. She asks Suhani to say, and not lie, say truth, are rules different for you and me. She asks Yuvraaj to shut up and go out of the ward. Yuvaan and Krishna come. Suhani says we should not hide this now, I think we should tell Yuvani. She asks Yuvani can she bear truth. Yuvani says yes, I want to know truth. Yuvraaj says no, this is not right time.

Suhani says right time will never come, I m tired of hiding truth, I have to tell truth, I can’t bear their doubt. Yuvaan asks what are you saying. Everyone come. Yuvani says I want to tell you, this man is not a music teacher, he is mumma’s boyfriend. Yuvaan gets shocked. Suhani gets up. Yuvraaj holds her. Suhani says he is not my BF, he is your dad. Yuvani, Yuvaan and Krishna get shocked.

Suhani says Yuvraaj is your superhero, who played basketball with you, one you love, one who was your ideal, he is your Papa. Yuvaan asks what…… Yuvani says my Papa is not in this world, you are lying for this man. Pratima says Suhani is my lying, your Papa is alive, he is your Papa, thats why we listen to him, he is my son. Yuvaan angrily goes. Yuvani asks is this true. Pratima says yes. Yuvani leaves and goes to confront Saiyyam about hiding this matter.

Yuvaan sits crying and says Suhani did not tell before, I trusted her. Krishna says there would be some reason. He says I agree. But why did she say my Papa died. She consoles him. He says this is happening because of Saiyyam, he ruined everything, you don’t know anything, your Papa died and will not come back, you can’t understand my pain. He goes. She cries.

Saiyyam asks Yuvani to ask her parents. She asks why did you not tell me this big thing, I helped you. He says Yuvraaj is your dad, but he is not her husband, they have an affair, they are not husband and wife. She asks him to shut up and goes. Suhani wears normal clothes. Yuvraaj says its good, I will not see you in boring hospital gown. She says yes, I want to go home. He says give some time to children, its confusing for them, they have grown up now. She says they will have many questions seeing Saiyyam, why did you not get Saiyyam arrested. He asks did you wish me to do this, no, you did not want this, I did not wish you to see this when you get conscious. She says my courage increased after you returned, now no one can fail us. He says we have to go home and face children.

Yuvani says Suhani is not my mum, she has no relation with Yuvraaj, she was Sambhav’s wife. Pratima slaps Yuvani.

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  1. Thank God…. Truth revealed…. N precap superb acting by yuvani…. N pratima rock… In precap

    1. Yes …pratima rocks in precap…literally hate this word najaais…writers r busy writing cheap dialogues and making cheap story line

  2. Love you saiyyam

    Poor saiyyam suhani got saved bcz of him still not even one thankyou and hug to saiyyam
    Hate this women worst and shameless mother

    1. Tell me, something I don’t know. It was Yuvraj fault that suhani is in hospital, she thanks Yuvraj, but not her son, saiyyam. I hate suhani sister bavhna, she agrees with that family.
      Suhani is a shameless woman, this is what happened when you lose your heart to the wrong man.
      Krishna is acting like suhani, the whole Birla Family DON’T CARE ABOUT Krishna. They treat her like a DOG. What do anyone expect, since Krishna was7, she as be brought up by suhani.
      Suhani made Krishna like her image, remember when yuvani went thank god for her Dadi and Rags.
      I know is soumay was a live, she wouldn’t wanted Krishna to be with Yuvaan. Remember what soumay did to yuvaan. She didn’t like him that much.
      Not even a hug, from suhani, what type of woman is she. Saiyyam prayers for her, he called out his mother. Suhani calls for yuvraj, after all that he done to her. I hate suhani and yuvraj. I hope yuvani give them both hell.
      That stupid girl Krishna, got to accept, that yuvaan see her as a sister. Because if she forces herself on yuvaan, like suhani did to yuvraj. History well repeat itself.
      If yuvaan want Baby, then he should be with Baby.
      I hope that it well be saiyyam and Krishna love story. Both of them deserves to be together. Age doesn’t matter. Cvs made them adults.

    2. Pratima slap me, I well slapped Pratima!
      I am not yuvani fan, but Yuvani is right. Suhani is such hypocrite, it is unbelievable.
      Suhani has so many opportunity, if she could lie about Yuvraj, being dead. Then suhani could lie to saiyyam, about Yuvraj being his dad.
      What suhani did is BAD, so many opportunities. It was her choice, no one forced her.

      What kind of mother is Suhani.

      You are absolutely RIGHT Krishna !
      You are right about Krishna, soumay, would have never let her daughter, to lose herself respect, for a BOY, like Yuvaan. Soumya didn’t like Yuvaan.

      We all might hate Dadi and Rags. But because of them Yuvani is not as stupid as Krishna is now.

      Yes when soumya and suhani were pregnant, they said to each other, if soumya had a daughter and suhani had a son. How about put them together.
      You can’t take it seriously, it up to the kids if that what they want.
      If Krishna parents were a live, knowing her father, he would have told her that the Birla Family is cruel and cursed. Soumya would have agreed.

      I still remember that dialog, what she said to saiyyam. You can’t make someone to force love you.

      I forgot someone said that every child has the rights, to their mother love. Which I agreed.

      But suhani is a hypocrite, she forced herself on yuvraj, when he didn’t want her.
      Now Krishna is doing the same to yuvaan.
      Yuvani needs to point that out to suhani.
      I also hope that Yuvani give both of her parents hell.
      Sometimes in life, children have to point out to their parents on were they have gone wrong.
      If Suhani, had the abortion, then saiyyam wouldn’t have been abandoned!
      If Suhani wasn’t so heartless, then she would have not abandoned saiyyam.
      So pratima you have no right to slap Yuvani, you were there when saiyyam was born. Pratima could have told suhani. This:
      You suhani decided to give birth to this boy. If you don’t want him, then I well raise him.
      Then of cause why would pratima say this. After all She is a Birla.

    3. Exactly! I agree with all 3 of you.
      Pratima should have tried her hardest, to stop Suhani from abandoning Saiyyam.
      It is shameful that pratima didn’t stop Yuvraj, when he was swearing in front of god, that he cut all ties with Suhani.
      It is shameful that pratima didn’t slap Yuvraj, when he should have gone looking for suhani. After Yuvaan and Yuvani was born.
      Why is it so easily for pratima to slap Yuvani.
      It is because it was her stupid son yuvraj idea.
      As for Krishna I just hope that she wake up, and STOP this rubbish, going after Yuvaan.
      Please writers stop this so called love track. No girls should go after boys, that do not, want to know them.
      We women should learn to keep our SELF RESPECT. Women shouldn’t go after men, that is not interested in us.

    4. I don’t agree on abortion, but suhani, should NOT HAD abandoned saiyyam.
      This is a personal opinion, I do not want to judge people. About their life choice.

  3. Yuvan donkey same as his father yuvraj also insulting poor Krishna….

    1. Yea,,,,,he always does this with Krishna,,,stupid

  4. Nice finally truth out. bt why could these children accept the truth? yuvaraj face has not even changed. i think yuvani deserves that slap she always believe outsiders bt nt her own mom n dad.

  5. I hate the Birla Family!
    As always it is everyone else fault, except for them.

    What did Suhani expected, yuvaan and yuvani to be all happy.
    Lies after lies, yuvani is right, what kind of mother is she. She abandoned saiyyam, suhani didn’t rise her children properly. If yuvani give suhani hell, she must give yuvraj hell. Her.parents wasn’t fair on saiyyam. Someone has to stand up for him.

  6. I happy the truth came out finally now they don’t have to hide anymore but now yuaraaj can finally put yuavani in place I’m tired of mouth I also love the precap finally pratima took her stand and slapped the taste out yuvani she has be such an nuisance for the past few episodes can’t wait for tomorrow episode. ?

  7. I don’t want anything??except this ke plz start the romantic scenes b/w krishna and sayyam ???

    1. Yes I agree with youuuuuuuu!
      I also want Yuvaan and Baby together!
      Because the Birla Family deserves her.

  8. Yuvani’s reaction is quite natural…but i think if everything reveals then only children will be able to understand suhani…right from suhani leaving house with yuvaan…fed up of everyone questioning suhani’s character in the family…but ofcourse even if everything comes out yuvani will blame suhani…and hate her for her father’s jail life…she will b easily manipulated

    1. I agree…. but cvs always do half things…. but naturally rags n dadi will corrupt yuvani mind against suhani

  9. Suprb.Pratima suhani ke liye haath udaya.suprb.give one more slap to her .she deserves it.

  10. please stop dragging the prog and for heavensake reveal the whole truth to everyone even saiyyam…everything starting from how sambhav raped her.
    only then saiyyam n rest children will understand. stop creating stupid storyline and come to the point. expose baby also.
    since few months this serial has become such a crap one. only negative and negative u guys are showing.

  11. Finally she tell them the truth but I think dadi will have to make it clear to all of them that he is yuvraaj n Suhani was force to marry sambhav

  12. krishna ?Sayyam=?

    I mean can’t u just start sayyam Krishna love story . And yuvan and baby love story. I like the scenes where sayyam and Krishna r together

  13. Agree wid Bhargavi and Ridz….why can’t they reveal the whole truth in one go,,,,then only Yuvani-Krishna-Yuvan will be able to understand the whole thing,they don’t have super power to understand everything their own,,,,,even Sayyam has the right to know everything,,,,,they are dragging this long by revealing truth part by part lyk ,today they revealed Yuvi is their dad,next week they will reveal Soumya died to save Yuvaan,,after that they will releive Sambav’s truth,,,,by that tym whoever is behind Sayyam would be able to manipulate the kids and make them against family ,,,,unwanted drama

  14. Agree with Yuvani,rules are same for all,,,,last tym Suhani scolded her for lying about her habits and all,,n now she herself lied to her kids,,,what was the need,,!!! they wanted their kids to knw the truth,,,bt they were waiting for the right tym 😛 ,,,,what’s this right tym nw,,,so today they revealed the truth after this attack and next truth will be revealed after another attack by Sayyam or anyother prsn

  15. These ppl considers Sayyam as a drum or what,,,always beating him lyk a dog,,,
    last tym Lata was consoling Suhani by saying that Sayyam bcm bad and it’s not Suhani’s fault bla bla,,,okay,nw that’s true in some cases lyk Yuvan-,Suhani brought up Krishna and Yuvan alike and see the diff b/w both,,,,,,
    bt Sayyam’s case is not lyk that,, hw this stupid Lata could say that he z lyk this bcoz he wanted to bcm bad,,,,he z lyk this bcoz he dnt knw the truth abt his papa and u ppl are nt even bothered abt revealing the truth to him,,,,what uu ppl expect him to do with Yuvraj whome he considers as his papa’s murderor and mumma’s secret lover,,,Use some commonsense and reveal the truth soon

    1. *murderer

  16. Suhani is confused whether she ws rite/wrng to abandon Sayyam,,,I dnt knw,coz she went thru alot and we can’t say anythng as we dnt knw abt her state that tym,,,bt hiding all these frm kids even nw is a bad idea,,,Yuvraj will act lyk this only,coz he z lyk this frm the begining of the shw,we can’t expect him to care for Sayyam bt what abt all others who acts lyk sensible ppl of the house,,lyk Prathima ,Sharad and Bhavna,,,,Bhavna is really irritating nowadays….can’t they think wisely and take a suitable decision

  17. The writers do not know how to move the plot forward after all truths are revealed. Goes to show the lack of creativity! They can reveal the truth and make plots about how each geneydeals with them. There is huge story in how Krishna deals with sambhav as her mither’s killer, how saiyam sees himself as a result of rape- does he seek to make amends, win the love of his mother and family, and show that kids born out of rape are victims not culprits. Another plot is unravelling the ruin created by dado and rags. Or even Yuvani proving to be Sihanouk and yuvraj’s daughter at heart not a nurtured creation of dadi and rags. Or even baby’ s actions aimed at Sihanouk could be shown to bring the siblings together to fight against and protect their mother. So many plots within this serial but the writers are focused on heaping all life’s challenges on suhani and yuvraj.
    Finally I think the entire truth should be revealed in an angry outburst by pratima and she should tell dadi to shut the hell up when she tries to stop her. I know that the writers will help dadi is revealing selective parts of the truth that does no favours for the character of suhani. Enough already!

  18. Errors- generation deals with
    Error- mother’s killer
    Error- suhani and yuvraj’s daughter

  19. Nice pic suhaani

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