Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani hurrying to change her dress. Yuvraaj thinks about him and Soumya’sold moments, and he looks at Soumya. Rags sees Suhani leaving and says she can’t go so soon, round 2 starts now. She says Yuvraaj should talk to Soumya for sometime. Suhani goes to talk to Dadi. Rags says the juice is kept here, Pratima will come to take her now. She cooks something. Yuvraaj says he has to make a call to his wife Suhani. Rags says mum has allergy with this, lets see what she does now. Rags starts crying and Pratima sees her. She asks Rags what happened. Rags says nothing, I came here to cry so that no one sees me. She says I told sorry to Dadi and she is still annoyed. Pratima says everything will be fine, as you regret for your mistake, stop crying now.

Rags puts the green chillis in oil and the flame makes Pratima unwell. She starts coughing as she is allergic to spicy smoke. Rags asks what happened, are you fine. Suhani says she came to say sorry, and she will talk to her later, as she has to go now. She sees Pratima unwell and asks what happened. Dadi comes there and Suhani gives water to Pratima. Dadi also coughs by the smoke. Suhani asks Ramesh to open all windows. Suhani gives water to Dadi. Rags also brings water for Dadi and Dadi takes the glass from her. Menka looks on.

Krishna’s dad sees paneer dish and asks how did this happen. Krishna’s mum says Spumya got it so I made. Krishna comes and his mum asks him to freshen up to have food. She asks how was his interview. He says like always, recommendation is needed. His dad asks him to keep trying and his job can manage finance. Krishna says I will have food after Soumya comes. Rakhi says Soumya went on lunch in rich hotel with her best friend. Krishna gets angry. His mum scolds Rakhi for speaking against Soumya. She says she took permission from me, have food now. She thinks Soumya can benefit us being linked to Birla family.

Dadi asks Suhani how did she come back leaving Yuvraaj alone on lunch date. Suhani says its not her mistake, her Kurti got torn and she had to come home to change. Dadi says I know you did not lose weight, and gained more, so this happened. Dadi asks her to go as Yuvraaj is alone. Suhani says no, he is with Soumya. She says she made plan with Soumya too, but cancelled it, but she was mistaken and came, so I left her there. Pratima asks Suhani to go as she is fine now. Suhani sees Yuvraaj come home. Rags says Yuvraaj you here, we heard you went on lunch, did any fight happen.

Yuvraaj asks about Pratima. Suhani says she was coughing a lot and Rags was cooking in kitchen. She asks how did she go in kitchen today and what tadka was she doing. Rags makes excuse. They ask him about his wound. He says its fine. Rags says its good that Soumya was with you. He says he is fine. Suhani says she will apply ointment. He says Soumya has applied ice, I m fine, don’t get after me now. Rags and Dadi smile. Suhani talks to herself and says what problems came today. She says she will talk to Soumya for some time.

Yuvraaj comes and asks is she upset, and says Maa told me about Kurti getting torn, why did you not tell me. She acts rude to him, the way he talks to her. She says sorry, but you also talk like this. He says yes and asks her to apply ointment on his wound. She says fine, sit, I will apply it. She talks in Bachchan’s style and asks how did he get hurt. He says he got cake for her and candle fell on his hand. She smiles and says surprise, but Soumya got it. She cares for his hand and he smiles. Sharad comes to Yuvraaj and asks should I always teach you whats right and wrong, don’t confuse Suhani. Yuvraaj says I did not call Soumya there, you know me, she came by herself, I did not spend time with her after Suhani left.

Sharad asks about cake matter. Yuvraaj says leave it, you won’t understand. Rags says everything wen on as I planned, I wish I was there to see all that. She hears Yuvraaj’s phone ringing and sees Soumya’s call. She says wow, Soumya’s call on Yuvraaj’s phone. She takes the call and says she is Rags, as Yuvraaj is busy. Soumya asks about Yuvraaj and says Suhani was not taking call, so she called on his number. Rags says he is fine, you healed his wound by ice. She says thanks, I felt good knowing you worry for Yuvraaj. Rags says its fin in this love triangle.

Suhani sees the same white car outside her house and thinks its same in which Soumya came to meet her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Stupid serial. Ragini you are a stupid b*t*h. I hate you and yuvraaj you should start loving suhani instead of making soumya jalous every time. Dont waste your time behind that girl soumya.

  2. Ragini you are such a stupid b*t*h.. b*t*h..b*t*h…. i hate you in this tv show.

  3. fall in love with suhani………………….pls

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