Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi scolding Suhani for blaming Saxena. Suhani asks her to do things her way in these 24 hours. She takes Pratima’s blessings. Dadi asks Yuvraaj to help her in bank works. She says fine, let it be, you won’t see anyone infront of Suhani. Suhani says she does not need Yuvraaj’s help and goes. Sharad comes somewhere and talks to Suhani. He rings the door bell and is stunned seeing some old man. He recalls he is the one whom Saxena slapped and fired, then how did he receive all court orders.

Suhani comes office and talks to guard. The guard says Saxena does not come to office regularly and she asks about godown. The man runs and Sharad catches him. The man apologizes and says its not his mistake. Suhani comes to godown and sees some items crates going. She gets Sharad’s call, who tells everything to her. She says I knew this, he is behind all this. He asks where is she. She says I came to godown, I will talk later. He says stay there, I m coming.

She says how is someone else’s items coming from our godown and asks a man. He says I don’t know. She thinks she will click pic to show Dadi to make her believe. She clicks some pics. She hides seeing Saxena there. Saxena turns and sees her, while she clicks his pics. She thinks to leave and bumps into some men. Her phone falls and the man picks it. The man gives her phone and asks her to check if its fine. She says yes, thanks. Sharad comes and she says she has got the proof.

Dadi stops her from entering the house. Suhani and Sharad want to expose Saxena. Sharad tells Saurabh about the Abhilasha’s matter, and Saxena did not fire that man, Saxena lied to us. Dadi asks him not to blame the Saxena. Suhani says she got all proof against Saxena. She says she will show them now. She gets her laptop and connects her phone. Menka laughs and everyone sit thinking. Rags says now she will kick out Suhani. Dadi says yes. Suhani gets puzzled and sees monkey’s pics.

She says she went godown and saw their items unloading by some other name. Dadi scolds her. Suhani says she is saying truth. Rags asks her to stop it, and she failed in proving herself. She asks her to leave. She gives her phone back. Saxena comes there and says he is resigning, he has served all life to Birla company, and they are doubting on him. He gives his resignation. Dadi tears it and says she can’t accept it. He starts acting. She says she will promote him once this gets sorted. Saxena says fine, but I will not stay next time if they doubt on me. He smiles seeing Suhani and leaves. She recalls about her phone falling and the man changing the memory card. She says Saxena did this.

Dadi says stop it, you can leave now, your time is up. Pratima says its still time left for 24 hours to be over, maybe Suhani can prove herself right. Dadi leaves. Suhani tells Yuvraaj that she is saying truth. He says I know, I trust you, what to do next. She says we can talk to any other Birla company employee. She sees Saxena leaving and thinks how did he know I m going godown, it means Dadi told him, so he was prepared.

She says this time I will not tell anyone. She bumps into Ramesh and leaves. Yuvraaj also hurries and bumps into Ramesh. He asks about Suhani. Ramesh says she just went in auto. Pankaj shows the helping plan to Lata. She asks is there no other way. He says no, if you say yes, I will go there. Murali calls Saxena says he has his file. Suhani writes Gupta Pvt Ltd and Murali says he can check and say whats in it. Saxena says no need, I will come and take.

Murali says come to Birla house, I m there. Saxena says I will come to your home. Murali asks him to come to Birla house, he has work there. Suhani says what should we do to call him home. Yuvraaj comes and asks why is she calling Saxena to Birla house. Suhani asks him what is she doing home. Menka tells Rags that they have give salary to Ramesh. Rags says you have to do all the work if Dadi fires him. They see Ramesh and worry.

Yuvraaj says I was following you. Suhani says I m not alone. Soumya asks why did she come without saying. Suhani says Dadi told about my plan to Saxena. Yuvraaj says he has a plan. He calls Saxena and asks him to come Birla house, Suhani is timepassing, come soon, you have to do something. Saxena says fine. Soumya asks Suhani to calm down, he is acting. Murali says I got message from Saxena, he called me to Birla house with file.

Yuvraaj and Krishna get to know all the truth about Saxena. a

Update Credit to: Amena

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  5. Omg what is this!! Suhani is really dumb for not checking the evidence before showing it and spoilers say that suhani has decided to stay with yuvraj after he confesses love to her and suhani confesses her love to yuvraj too!! So happy and also suhani puts her nose in every matter not related to yuvraj but for the family and she gets determined to find the truth! If she can find the truth for everyone using her head then why doesn’t she understand yuvrajs feelings she pokes her nose in other matters a dgets to the bottom of it so why can’t she Usenet Bradford yuvrajs feelings sometimes she’s really dumb and writers are stupid for making her intelligent it all she uses her head for is other matters and not for yuvrajs feelings so stupid suhani!!

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  9. Lol…Angel…its not head…its called brain….think b4 calling others dumb….

  10. Nice episode.

  11. Well queen in my language we call it head don’t know about yours

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