Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inside the house daadi asks Om to begin eating. Dataram and Ranjit wait, Dadi tells Om the food is there on the table. Dataraam murmurs that dadi is much angry. They watch the simple vvegetarian food, Ranjit asks Dataraam to adjust with this, and they will have chicken later. Om says simple life is better, not the life in jail; they both must promise they won’t do any such work again that they have to go to jail. Both don’t agree. Dataraam asks Om what he does? Om says he is lawyer, Dataraam says they needs lawyers often. They appreciate dadi’s cooking, Dadi tells Om it is for him specially, its his birthday. Om gets a call and leaves the table. Dataraam tells Dadi that once they were having mutton when one of a friend left the table just the same way, I was so angry that I poured all the mutton over his head when he returned. Dadi feels disgusted. Om comes back to table, Ranjit asks Om whose call it was. Om says maa’s and begin to eat. Dattaram asks Ranjit through actions what happened, he nods that it is nothing.
Alka and Dadi do tilak of Esha, she notices all the elders whispering and asks what is going on there. Alka says nothing. Chachi does tilak on her turn, after it is all done, Esha inquires about what is going on between them. Dadi says to Esha that now she has grown up and is 25, she must get serious about marriage. Esha asks whose marriage? Dadi says hers, they didn’t dare asking her because she would cause trouble at home but if she has someone in life, she must tell them. Esha says thank you for being so honest, she wouldn’t have reacted that bad. They must all decide whom she must marry, she has some expectation and will take her time to get married. The family assures her not to pressurize her for anything. Alka asks everyone to serve food, the all mock her. Esha goes and hugs her as everyone was teasing her.
Ranjit comes to Om where he stood alone. Om wipes his tears and asks if he needs something. Ranjit asks what is it about, Om turns his face away and says nothing. Ranjit says he seems really disturbed. Om says he misses his maa, he has so many people from family but there is no one on his birthday. Ranjit asks him to call his maa here, he says she might not come here; he would go away from here if she is uncomfortable. Om says she doesn’t know he is even here, she had to catch Delhi flight, she is really busy. He doesn’t know if his father even remember his birthday. Ranjit says what his father did to her, what she could do. She cried a lot in front of me even, I must not say anything because he is my brother; he destroyed it all for one single lady. Om is frustrated why he? Ranjit says where they can find all these answers, he asks Om to take his case, his father never allowed him do what he wanted to. He left home one day due to strictness of father, he says he deliberately teased his elders then. He was given examples of his elder brother, only Om’s mother could understand him. Om goes to sit out on stairs, Ranjit says he has a lot of respect for his mother and he loves him for this reason. Om says she should have come here. Ranjit says she swear she won’t come to this home because his father married. Om says everyone has reason for their behavior, only he has been left alone. Rajit says he won’t let his be alone.
Om asks Ranjit that his last years film financing was also coming from South Africa. Ranjit says actually last year, the money got stuck on Dubai. But he has now found Dattaram and is going to make movie on his life. Dataraam comes there drunk, he says to Om that he came to celebrate his birthday. He joins hands at Om and says he fed him well, he is thankful for that. Dataraam sings he is homeless. Ranjit says he can’t leave him so soon, they both are there for each other. He tells Dataraam that this is also like his own home. Om also says he must consider this his own home. He takes Dataraam inside. Om smiles that this is mind-boggling.

PRECAP: Esha makes rotis for everyone. She and Aditi were playing hide and seek, Om comes there and Esha hits him. Esha removes her eye cover and both say together You!

Update Credit to: Sona

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