Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 9th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Twenty years leap

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The Episode starts with Krish asking do you love my dad. Saltanat says of course, I love him as a friend like I love you. Krish gets happy and goes. Madhav comes to Saltanat. He sits and smiles seeing her. He asks won’t you say anything. She asks is it imp to go. He says yes, actually I don’t want Krish to grow in such an atmosphere where there are no good memories. She asks really. He says you know it. She asks will you go and forget us. He asks do you think so, I will write a letter to you every day, even Krish can talk to you anytime. Nilam asks Zaroon won’t you bid bye to Madhav. Zaroon says I will, but now now, its Saltanat and Madhav’s moment, I don’t want to spoil it. Nilam says I m proud of you, I wish every girl gets a husband like you, if you have a daughter, will you be so understanding or strict.

He says strict and understanding too, I know my daughter will be more smart and beautiful than her mom. Krish hugs Zaroon and says we are going. Zaroon says come. Krish hugs Saltanat. Saltanat says try not to forget us. Madhav says of course, I will shall now. Madhav and Krish leave. Nilam gets sad. She packs her bags. Rubina asks where are you going. Nilam says I m going to start a new life. Nadim says it can happen here also. Nilam says yes but I want to become independent, you have always loved me and Saltanat equally and fulfilled my every wish, just bless me. Nadim says fine, we won’t stop you, we will pray you stay happy. They hug Nilam and bless her. Nilam goes.

Zaroon asks shall we go out somewhere. Saltanat says we can go, where. He says where we can have hot coffee in cool weather. She says let it be. He says tell me where shall we go. Nadim and Rubina come. Nadim says I have to choose the heir, I have decided you will have this throne. They smile. Zaroon says it was my dad’s dream, not mine, I got my Saltanat, I m not the righteous heir. Saltanat says Miyajaan would have taken Zaroon’s decision. Zaroon says yes, you deserve the heirship. He hugs Nadim. Saltanat hugs Rubina. They all hug. Saltanat says you are saying good dialogues these days, you didn’t let me feel this ever.

Zaroon says check this, you will feel everything. She smiles and hugs him. He says pack the bags, our honeymoon is waiting since long. She goes. Madhav writes his feelings in his diary. After twenty years, Krish is seen grown up, resembling Madhav in looks. He reads Madhav’s diary. The man says Madhav’s Tervi has happened, his last wish was to give this diary to Saltanat, Krish you have to go to Delhi. Krish says I m coming Dost Didi. Krish reads Madhav’s diary. Saltanat’s daughter is seen at the Dargah.

Madhav writes…I used to write letters every day but couldn’t post, I wanted you to read this diary after I left, I will be seeing you from far and smiling. Krish says dad used to truly love Saltanat, it was not just friend’s love. He recalls Madhav’s words…. its not imp that true love gets fulfilled, the love which stays the same despite distance is something special. He recalls Saltanat’s words and prays. His diary drops. The girl sits praying and picks the diary. She reads the diary. He hears her and turns to see. He gets shocked seeing the girl resembling Saltanat. Rubina comes and says Saira Shah Ghazi, come soon, your Miyajaan is waiting for you. Saira says coming Nanijaan. Krish smiles. Sufiyana….plays…. Saira goes with Rubina.

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  1. plz smone write the further updates….m dying to view it as it is not possible for me to maintain with the tv timings……plz I request u amena to write the updates….plz anyone jst write it plz???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Msg from Team: Show is not airing currently.

  2. If the show has ended forever pls tell

  3. The show ended on 9/11/2019.

  4. The show ended on 9/11/2019

  5. the show ended on 9/11/2019

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