Patiala Babes 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita Is Rattled Up

Patiala Babes 8th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Minnie stops Babita from signing property papers and says that house belongs to her also, but Pinku tried to grab whole property. Saroj says Minnie is misbehaving and Babita should control her before she gets completely out of control. Minnie warns to not change topic and says she will not let Babita sign papers. Babita says it is her wish and Minnie is no one to stop her. She signs papers and hands them over to Saroj. Saroj leaves taunting Minnie that Minnie doesn’t understand relationships and she her mother’s well wisher. Minnie calls HS and explaining him the whole incident asks him to explain Babita not to do this mistake. HS says Babita is very innocent and will not understand, so Minnie shouldn’t bother about property and live peacefully in his house. Minnie says already Babita is losing business, she can’t lose even house now. HS continues trying to explain her, and she disconnects call he has changed and just nods to Babita’s all wrong decisions.

Laala enters HS’ cabin singing and gives him a letter. HS is amazed to see his promotion letter and happily rushes home to inform Babita and Minnie. He calls them and inform them about his promotion. Minnie hugs him excitedly and congratulates him. Babita rushes to home temple. HS asks Minnie if her mother is not happy. Minnie says she as usual has gone to thank god. Babita returns. HS says with promotion he also got transfer as per protocol and will shift to Abohar. Babita asks if he will leave her alone. Minnie says she will be with her. Babita says Minnie was with her when Ashok left her alone to London, she doesn’t want to stay away from HS and will sell her loss making shop to Khatri. Minnie asks how can she say that as their shop is the result of their hard work, their pride, their independence which they fought for against the society. HS says Minnie is right. Babita says Minnie is a kid and doesn’t know what life is, she got a toy which wants to carry; shop was never her dream and she opened it as she didn’t have any other way. Minnie asks is it. Babita says she just wanted to prove Ashok and make him jealous, today she has HS and Minnie and she wants to show Ashok that she won and he lost.

HS shatters hearing that and asks if she used him like a trophy. Babita asks how can he think like this, doesn’t he know how much she loves him. Minnie says she is indeed using HS as trophy and what she wants to prove. Babita why don’t they understand her situation, she just doesn’t want to face the same situation which she face 17 years ago. Minnie says she is forcing herself into same situation by losing her identity and it is waste talking to her now. She walks away angrily and looking at Patiala Babes board reminiscing Babita’s struggle and confidence to win, etc.. NB sees her and asks if she came now, she called 2-3 new clients and will get order for sure by evening. Minnie hugs NB and cries. NB asks if she fought with Babita or HS told her something, she will scold HS. Minnie cries profusely, NB gets more concerned.

Babita asks HS if he saw how Minnie was misbehaving. HS says Minnie is right, she shouldn’t sell her hard earned business. Babita says she doesn’t want to fail in her marriage again. HS says he is just going to another city and is not leaving her like Ashok who went to another country and married someone else, he is loyal to her. Minnie says she just wants to be with her.

Precap: Minnie confronts HS for hiding Ashok’s letter. Babita snatches letter and burns it. Minnie asks what was written in it that she burnt it. Babita yells that she will be her father’s arrogant blood forever.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. They have destroyed Babita’s character…yuckkies…

    1. Seriously, where will Minnie go now. Babita was world to her, she was the one who took Babita out from that suffering.

  2. Verma4

    Baby-ta has really lost her marbles. She is getting more stupid day by day. She is really getting up my nerve.

  3. Even Paridhi Sharma doesn’t like the way how Babita is portrayed. However, HS and Babita will leave the show soon.

  4. Whats Iam listing…?
    This show is already destroyed…at the bigning of this story..according to me..its my point of viw…I don’t like tis showe’s story..Anyways… what’s happening with others..I mean this show’s fans..why now other are not liking this show suddenly???
    Oh my god!!This show is totally flopped…….at the bigning BCZ Paridhi sharma’s show I was watching the show but after 3 months of the show I was not able to understand this story line..for any reason…I got bored and suddenly I stopped seeing this series..I think this shows have not any story just time waste….!!!

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