Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 8th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Ayub meets Nilam

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Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 8th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kainat and Hamza coming home. Miyajaan stops her and asks her don’t you like Hamza. Zaroon thinks did Saltanat make Kainat refuse, don’t lie today, I have heard everything, why did you get engaged if this is true, why did you do this, I have taught you to be true. Kainat says you have given me a dream and asked me to make it my reality, but couldn’t fill colors in it, so what’s my mistake in this. Everyone gets shocked.

Miyajaan says yes, that was my mistake, but counting other’s mistakes won’t lessen your mistake. Kainat says I don’t wish to keep an eye on elders’ mistake, I was rejected, I accepted that, you wanted me and Hamza to get married, I accepted that, I need time to accept Hamza, I have no objection, I accept my engagement and marriage with Hamza. Saltanat asks why did you refuse in restaurant then.

Kainat asks why were Hamza and I sent on Iftaar, so that we can talk personal things and understand each other, so that we have no misunderstanding between us, should any third person have any right to hear their personal talk, even if its Saltanat or you? Whatever talks happen between Hamza and me, I don’t think anyone should care for it, ask Hamza if he wants to marry me. Hamza agrees. She says my answer is also yes, if anyone has any misunderstanding, then I can’t help. She goes. Miyajaan says Kainat has cleared the matter, there won’t be any talks about this alliance, prepare for the marriage. Saltanat says I can’t help Kainat this way. Kainat says I m not mad Zaroon, they are mad to think that I will marry Hamza, not at any cost, I will just marry you. She talks to his gift.

Nadim and everyone manage the Iftaar party arrangements. Ayub comes there and looks on. He asks the man about Nadim and others. The man tells about Nadim, Zaroon and Hamza. Ayub smiles. Nilam says we can make few poor people have Iftaar. Jaan praises her good thinking. He says Lord sees intentions. Hamza asks Ayub what does he want, prepare for Iftaar. Ayub says sure. He sees Nilam and collides with her. Nadim asks Ayub to go and clean clothes. He asks Nilam to take Iftaari inside. Ayub smiles seeing her.

Nilam comes to Saltanat and feeds her food. She asks her to get ready for sighting moon. Saltanat says Kainat spoiled my mood. Nilam says stop thinking of Kainat, think of Zaroon, who is restless to see you. Zaroon comes to Miyajaan to talk of Kainat. He says I thought a lot, I think Kainat is saying right, its tough for her, she needs time. Miyajaan asks what do you mean to say. Zaroon says she can’t be of Hamza, until her hope to get me ends. Miyajaan asks how can her hope end. Zaroon says you may find me selfish, I m not saying this for Saltanat and my love, but for Kainat’s betterment, the only way is, you get Saltanat and Zaheer’s marriage done, her hope will end, this is the only way. Miyajaan asks how is this related to Saltanat’s marriage, how can Zaheer marry Saltanat, Zaheer’s dad refused for alliance, you were there and would have heard it. Zaroon says you didn’t understand. Miyajaan says explain me. Zaroon says the situation is complicated. He tells his plan.

Kainat says I sacrificed my love, I will get Saltanat and Zaroon married, trust me once Ammi. Zainab and Saltanat look at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Well, i dont watch this show but I saw Kunal Khosla (??❤️??) on the episode thumbnail on hotstar so I clicked. I really don’t understand what happened but Helly was nailing her act. She showed both the side of protection as Sultanat and jealousy as Kainat. As far as to speak about Kunal Khosla, he is been showed in kind of “tharki” and evil shade, which I didn’t like. Lets see what happens next. Can somebody tell what happened after Zaroon was rejected in the nikah and what is all this madness of Kainat? Please tell, please.

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